Kids Room Design Ideas

Published On: Sep 17, 2021

childrens bedroom

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and is the best hope for the future.” - John. F. Kennedy

A kid’s bedroom is a blank canvas, just like their minds, filled with myriad possibilities and sincerity. Children’s bedroom is not just a room but a place where these young minds are put to use, they have a very specific set of ideas for their bedroom which is why their individual style should be reflected in their space. In this blog, we will talk about various kids bedroom ideas for for small space, paint ideas, bunk beds, kids’ bedroom interior design, minimalist kids’ room concepts, and activity areas.

Decorating children’s bedroom can be a fun activity for the entire family as they get to live and enter a child’s mind for a while and it is always interesting to see how things eventually pan out. Check out awesome ideas for children’s bedroom designs.

Age group: 6 months to 2 years

nursery preferably full view

The sooner you make good design and aesthetics a part of your child’s life, the earlier they’ll start appreciating it. Till the time the children reach the age of 3 you get to veto on the design ideas in his/her room, the theme, colours, furniture, pretty much everything. So let us look at 5 unique nursery ideas for your little and help you ease out this process.

1. Invest in timeless furniture

nursery with a day bed

Be sustainable when it comes to furniture, always pick out furniture that your child doesn’t outgrow in as quickly as a year. Investing in a day-bed is a real win as you might be spending a lot of nights in the nursery so instead of lying on the floor a comfortable day bed can come to your rescue.

2. Changing table, your best buddy

changing table with a gallery or photo wall behind

A changing table need not be the typical brown and white table but it can be a cheerful and practical one by adding a colourful gallery wall, animal mount and floating shelves. Always opt for drawers instead of open boxes so that you can put the personal and slightly unattractive essentials away.

3. Be bold with colour

nursery with bold wallpaper

Kids start identifying colours as early as 18 months so make sure that they have some colours in their space to identify. Whimsical pattens, bold armchair and a dresser with ombre colour effect, all pairs up with a quirky carpet can transform the nursery to a landscape painting, one that your child can comfortably live in.

4. A floating library

nursery with floating shelves and books

Step up your bedtime story telling game by adding all the books onto the floating shelves. Paint the wall behind it in white so that the colours of the story books, which are a lot in themselves, highlight.

5. Inspired by nature

safari themed nursery

To design a unique nursery, forget the blues and pinks and bring nature in. With trees and animals are wallpaper and natural tone colours for the furniture, this one-of-a-kind nursery can be a soothing delight for you and your children.

3 years to 10 years

Now that we’ve covered a few unique ideas for nursery, let us move the next age group and talk about toddlers who enter the threenager bracket and think that they know what they want. At this age, they start becoming quite specific with what they want, often inspired by the cartoons that they watch on the television or a favourite toy that becomes their whole world, this age is tricky but really fun to work with.

So let us look at 8 thrilling ideas for kids room design for toddlers and cool kids bedroom theme and decorating ideas.

1. The universe is at your feet

universe themed kids bedroom

This kind of theme is always a winner amongst new parents. Kids are usually dreamy and curious about different aspects of the world, with a few of them, the space or universe theme is extremely popular. Add glow in the dark starts and moon on a navy blue paint wall, preferably over the ceiling, paired up with a balanced two-tone neutral shade wallpaper on the walls. Astronaut sheets, solar system carpet and the lights inspired by the planets in our solar system and you get your toddler or even a growing child a perfectly themed room.

2. A barn-farm style

farm themed kids’ bedroom

The first rule of giving a rustic barn or farm style ambience to a room is to work on the materials. Use reclaimed wood without any laminate or colour, exposed beams always does wonder for this kind of theme. Wooden flooring, beige carpet, yellow warm lighting (preferably Edison light), these are few of the ideas for a farm themed children’s bedroom. Different kinds of animals and birds for the bedding set and curtains can go a long way in educating the kids about them as well.

3. Right out of a fairytale

princess-themed kids bedroom

If your little girl is a fan of Disney princesses and their stories, then this theme is apt for you. It is not a cliche for a girl to love pink, soft and glittery things in her room. Add a twist to that and build a castle or a carriage bed with ample of space in the room for all the stuff toys and doll houses. Use pastel tones for the carpets and walls which will enhance the fairytale experience and to add a little zing, paint the ceiling like clouds on a bright sunny day, all of this is the perfect package for a girl’s room.

4. A traveler’s delight

travel-theme kids’ bedroom

If you are a traveler and want your children to share the same passion then we suggest that you instil this habit early on. Design a travel theme bedroom with a world map wall paper or stencil-paint and make that as the accent wall. A statement light inspired by the globe and carpet in the colour of the ocean can act as accents to spark imagination. Multiple flags as bedding and curtains can add an informational and colourful factor into the room.

5. Expecto Bedronum

Harry Potter themed kids’ bedroom

If you are a Harry Potter fan and your kids share the same love for the franchise, then what’s better than that? Bunk beds inspired by the dorm room in Hogwarts, magical false ceiling inspired by the cloud ceiling in the Great Hall, Marauder’s map or Platform Nine and Three Quarters brick wall as the wall paper and tasteful Harry Potter wall art spread across the room. Quirky bedding set and curtains, snitch inspired lamps or lanterns in the corner, the choices are endless and the room will end up being a talk of the town!

6. A Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style kids bedroom

This has been the trend in interior design for the past five years and with multiple additions and modifications it still takes up the number one spot. White walls, subtle colours palettes, minimalistic furniture in a natural finish, all these things usually don’t come to one’s mind when thinking of a kids’ bedroom or interior but it is also proven that a blank canvas provokes a child’s ability to think out of the box. So try to keep things simple with neutral coloured carpets, furniture, walls but one accent piece whether it is the lights, the bed or the study.

7. Milestone’s unlocked

If your kid is an achiever, a collector of medals or badges, display them all in an orderly fashion and spread the child’s achievements across the room. Keep the paint tones fairly light so that the accolades speak their own language. The bedding set and curtains should be neat and tidy because an overachiever usually prefers his/her space spic and span.

8. Ahoy there

sailor-themed kids’ bedroom

A water sign child is always fascinated towards rivers, oceans, lakes and other water bodies, to keep that spirit wide awake, add a sailor theme across the room. Add wooden planks to the backdrop, paint them with a distressed finish and add a fishnet to spruce up the decoration, design the bookcase in the shape of a boat or surfboard. Use the anchor printed bedspread and double layered sheer and thick plaint white curtain paired up with boat cleats as tie-back.

 Moving on, now the kids learn to understand their liking and disliking towards materials, colours and various other elements in their lives. So let us look at 5 smart kids bedroom designs and ideas.

11 years to 14 years

1. Multi-purpose bedroom

A room that has everything, a study, a dresser, a hammock, a library, and ample of space. Well, don’t go for this room if you want your soon to be teenager to never visit the family in the common room (*wink*). But on a serious note, a multi-purpose room never goes out of style as it contains all things necessary packaged in a beautiful layout, with a raised bed, neutral colours and natural finish materials, a room like this is actually an escape from the rest of the world.

Image of a kids’ bedroom with a dresser, library, hammock, bed and study


Description: A multi-purpose delight

2. Blank it, Flaunt it

A bedroom that has ample space to flaunt their current favourite activity or favourite singer posters on the wall, such a room can act as a medium for your child to express their true emotions, keep the room raw and basic and let their imagination run wild. A blank canvas, if you may, to support their whims and wishes, a bedroom with neutral tones, whites and beige, can fill up their minds which knows no bounds in this precarious age.

Image of a kids’ bedroom that just has white or neutral walls with a bed, side table and study table


Description: A blank canvas

3. Repurpose, reuse, recycle

You need not spend a fortune on custom furniture and decor as kids at this age tend to outgrow trends, clothes and sometimes their fondness towards a particular material. Cut your cost in half by reusing as much as you can in a kid-friendly way. Vintage rugs, armchair or hammock, repurposing an old dresser as a book library and spots to hide away secrets, pairing it all up with one accent piece of furniture or lighting that spruce up the entire space.

Image of a kids’ bedroom with a recycled armchair


Description: The three R’s

4. Bold and Bohemian

A mix of aesthetics, materials, colours, metals, and fabric and there you have a bohemian theme. A pattern on pattern on the bed makes things look cozy, multi-layered curtains add a depth to the room and fully carpeted flooring in multiple colours give the vibe of a grander space. Jute side and ceiling lamp, a distressed finished dresser and mix of cushions on the bed, these all speak the design language of a bohemian bedroom.

Image of a kids’ bedroom with a bohemian theme


Description: An assorted space

5. Gallery galore

A gallery wall is a fun and playful way to display your children’s favourite things, whether they are cars, science, cartoons, flowers, nature or the world itself. One of the most beautiful things about displaying artwork like a gallery is displaying all their creativity on to the wall, this encourages and reinforces positivity within them.

Image of a kids’ bedroom with framed artwork done by them


Description: Display of artwork

Teenage years and onward

This is the time where individual choices keep on changing and evolving with time and sticking to one particular theme becomes difficult plus kids this age are more adamant and aware with what they want in their personal space and what is that will just not do.

Now that we have talked about various themes, designs, age groups and more, let us dive into specifics. Let us talk about space saving ideas for small kids rooms. Whether you live in a bungalow or an apartment, as kids grow their need for more and more space grows exponentially as well. So let us see various strategies to maximise the space available and how to optimally put each inch to use.

1. Vertical victory

Vertical storage is a smart idea for a small space. Storing out of reach toys and something as important as the bed vertically can have its benefits. Such kind of placement of things helps in giving more space for recreational activities.

Image of a small kids’ bedroom with vertical storage and bunk beds


Description: Bunk it, store it

2. Store systematically

We use and abuse the under-the-bed storage space, built-in storage to keep clutter off the flooring or out of sight. Storage beds are a win-win to put clothes, toys, books and all away.

Image of a kids’ bed with storage box storing woollen clothes


Description: System in place

3. Closet door off

One of the ways to ensure cleanliness, avoid hoarding and stuffing of things into the deep side of the closet is to take the closet door off and put all things in sight. This way you can avoid putting up drawers inside the closet and put wicker baskets and organisers with labels instead.

Image of a wardrobe kids’ bedroom without the door


Description: Door off, clean room on

4. Keep the layout simple

The best way to maximise space is minimise the clutter in the room. Visualise your children’s room from their perspective, keep everything on their eye-level, for eg., the wardrobe hangers at their height, study and bed not high enough and accessible, all of this can teach them to be more tidy and cautious.

Image of a kids’ bedroom with simple layout


Description: Keep it simple, silly

Kids wardrobes are very common and it is important to design wardrobes designated to each individual. So let us see different kinds of kids bedroom wardrobe design ideas.

1. Cartoon character wardrobe

The first one on the list is a beautiful and colourful looking two-door wooden wardrobe with your kids’ favourite cartoon character on it. Made with high material quality, four shelves and no doors, this is ideal to create a cheerful vibe in the kid’s bedroom.

Image of a kids’ bedroom with ‘Finding nemo’ on the wardrobe


Description: Quirky and colourful

2. Alphabet wardrobe

If your child has recently started learning about the English language and you want him or her to know the alphabets faster then get the whole front panel of the wardrobe filled with all the alphabets from A to Z and add a colourful vibe in the entire room instantly.

Image of a wardrobe in a kids’ bedroom with alphabets on the wardrobe shutter


Description: A, B, C, D… 1, 2, 3

3. Sunshines and daisies

A wardrobe design that is bright, cheerful and full of life. This kind of wardrobe can be paired up with a purposeful mix of open and closed storage boxes, where the open shelves can be used as a library and a display of toys and the closed case can store the more essential items like clothes, backpacks, etc.

Image of a kids’ wardrobe with bright and yellow shutter


Description: Yellow yellow… bright fellow

4. A mix-match delight

This kind of wardrobe comes with a bed right next to it. It is a major space saver as everything comes together on one wall and the remaining portion can be a fun-filled activity area for you little ones.

Image of a kids’ bed with attached wardrobe


Description: A real space saver

5. Storage accessibility

A sliding door wardrobe is a space saver plus a loft on top of it to store the winter clothing and other essentials. To make sure that most of the space in the room is entitled to purposeful activities one must always remember that sliding doors help create an illusion that is good in the longer run.

Image of a kids’ wardrobe with sliding doors


Description: Storage… check!

6. Invisibility cloak

Designing a wardrobe without the handles with dividers along with pull-out racks put together with baskets for small objects gives it the title of an invisible wardrobe. A clean finished look with glossy laminate adds to its advantage as it acts as a reflector and helps in giving the room a more enhanced look.

Image of a kids’ wardrobe without handles on it and pull-out baskets


Description: Is it there.. is it not?

Since we have covered the wardrobe now we must have a look at kids bedroom furniture ideas for small rooms.

1. Bed Loft

Utilising vertical space is a tried and tested formula in the kids’ bedroom. You can theme the bed to either look like a treehouse, a deck of a ship or add a slide coming off the bed to start their day in a fun and cheerful way. The space underneath the bed can be utilised to either add a study or create a storage/ wardrobe and this way you can have your very own customised and unique furniture piece that will have other parents eyeing on your kids’ room for ideas.


Image of a kids’ bedroom with a bed that looks like the deck of a ship


Description: Rise above



2. Floating study

Homework, something almost all kids dread, so make it interesting by adding a floating desk in the room which folds down when in need and back up when the job is done. To spruce it up, paint the bottom side, the one that faces the floor when open with chalk paint so that your kids can draw or learn while writing on the board while it is up.

Image of a floating study table in kids’ bedroom


Description: Read and float

3. Canopy, canopy

Hanging something from the ceiling to drape over the bed can give the room a more taller look. Create a personalised fort for your child using linen canopy and add fairy lights to light it up. It also acts as a cozy protect surrounding your child’s bed.

Image of a bed with a linen canopy


Description: Hang it in style

4. Colour and shapes

One element that is always under rated is the rug, adding a big colourful rug with geometric patterns can be just one single item that can instantly create a playtime look for your children’s bedroom.

 Image of a rug in kids’ bedroom with big and bold colours and shapes on the carpet


Description: Geometrical delight

We have tried our best to provide all the possible solutions to designing a beautiful, practical, whimsical room for your children but if there are questions that pop up in your mind or if we missed out on anything, head to the list of FAQ’s below and seek the answers for all those questions.

Q1: What are the best ways to decorate a kids' room?

The best ways to decorate your kids’ room is to keep it organised and at their height. Keeping furniture aligned vertically so that there is ample of space for the kids to walk and play around. An important factor that is usually missed out on is the flooring, it is recommended that the flooring should be either carpeted or wooden so that there is a sense of coziness that resides in the bedroom.

Q2: What colours are suitable for kids room? Why?

The suitable colours for kids’ room are cerulean blue, this is the kind of blue that a child doesn’t outgrow quite easily, it is deep and dark and still adds a bright element in the room. Yellow, this colour is a fool-proof colour as it is bright, cheerful and vibrant and it adds no fuss to the space rather makes it look more neutral. Another popular colour is eggshell, as pure white can look too sharp, this colour helps in creating a warm feeling and you can pair up any accent piece and add a contrasting element in the room. Pale green or olive green, this colour is bright enough to make the room look bigger and attract the sunlight in abundance create a positive aura in your child’s room. Lilac, a colour which when paired up with dolls looks cute and bubbly and once those dolls are stocked away can add a certain grace and elegance once paired with the right accessories.

Q3: What should the kids room look like?

Kids’ room should be a representation of their personality, their likes and dislikes, what soothes them as opposing to what aggravates them. Kids’ room should be accessible, practical, functional yet have a certain air of dreamy, positive and motivating vibe complementing it.

Q4: What is a good size bedroom for a kid?

For a single child a room the size of 8ft X 10ft is ideal where with proper furniture, wallpaper and theme, a lot can be placed together. For a room shared by two kids, a slightly bigger space might be of importance so that there are no fights erupting every now and then. The ideal size for a bedroom for two kids would be 10ft X 12ft.

Q5: How can I make my kids room look nice?

The easiest way to make your kids room look nice is just adding two or three cheerful elements that your kids like. The change can come by simply changing the bedspread or curtains, carpets or wall art. It is simply important that whatever change you make in your kids’ room should appeal to them.

Q6: How can I make my child's room beautiful without spending money?

Update old furniture into new by painting over it in a different colour. Use everyday objects into making something interesting like fittings, hangers or light. Frame your children’s artwork and put them to display to brighten up the room. Use washi tape to create a unique geometric artwork on the walls.

Q7: How can I make my kids room interesting?

Pick out a theme, spread the theme across the room, use it in little things like pencil stands, chairs, baskets, etc. The themes can be like Wizard of oz, Disney movies, cartoon characters, cars, the sky is the limit, anything and everything under the sun, whatever your kid likes, use it and put it to display, remember, the devil is in the details.

Q8: How do you make a modern kids bedroom?

The best way to make your kids bedroom modern is by adding handless wardrobe, vertical furniture, a lot of space for recreational activities and using multi-functional furniture like loft beds and wardrobe mix.

Q9: How do I decorate my kids small bedroom?

A small bedroom is a challenge to decorate, especially if it belongs to a kid but the key is to keep things minimal and clutter free, so ensure that storage is optimal and hidden, hoarding is out of picture, use neutral shade for the walls to give a more visually appealing look. Make a display of books on the wall in the for of floating shelves and remember do not overcrowd the room.

Q10: How do I furnish my kids room?

Keep it simple and design a kid-friendly room by adding tents in one corner, story books on the wall. Remember to keep it playful, whether it is with the help of fabric, material, colour or furniture. Add a little zing to the space by floating fairy lights across the room.

Hope we have covered all our bases and helped you get a clearer picture as to what all goes into designing kids’ bedroom. So put your thinking caps on and visit our website to book an appointment with our design expert today and see your kids’ bedroom or nursery come to life!