Stunning And Stylish Kids’ Room Decor Ideas For Your Stylish Kid

Published On: Oct 20, 2021

Designing for a kid's bed room needs a lot of preparation as your kids’ requirements, and desires change as they keep growing up. Designing a kids room interior design for your children, which they can feel on their own, doesn’t need too much of your time and money. With modest creative thinking, you can renovate any space into a wonderful place for your young ones.

Separate space for children is today’s trend. This is the room where your kids do all their actions, and therefore while planning children room design, you should plan carefully.

Open Room For Kids

A significant thing one should keep in mind while building a space for kids is to keep the room accessible all the time. Unlike adults, privacy is not a matter of concern for kids. Keeping the room private for your kid makes it tricky for you to check your children’s activities.

Soundproof: Ensure that your kid's room should not be noisy if not soundproof. By installing plain glass window panes, it can be achieved, as it filters out the outside noise and also provides only required privacy to the children.

Open Floor Space

Make certain that you offer enough space to manage future furniture needs. By giving enough floor space, your kid can go around and play freely.

Calm environment: Calm environment is essential for a peaceful study. A peaceful atmosphere will persuade children to concentrate and study.

Design of Study Table For Kids Room

This is all-important for your child’s room. Creating a writing desk will persuade your kids to keep books and study materials in order. They will learn to organize things at an early age.

Painting Walls in Kids Bed Room

For painting your children's room, use non-toxic paints. Coloring your kid's room blue, pink, green, yellow, etc., makes them feel active all the time.

Lights for Kid's Room

Ensure there is ample natural light in your kid's room. It is advisable that lights should be vivid and less colorful. There must be a study light present.

Furniture for Kids Room

Don’t clutter your kid’s room with a lot of unnecessary furniture. A small table and a chair according to their height will be the best.

Storage Space

Having plenty of storage space in your kid's room is a boon for you as well as your kid, where you can keep their toys, clothes, books, etc. at one place.


Make sure that you don’t place electrical switchboards at a low level. Children tend to poke into electrical sockets with needles, pins, etc. This could be very risky.

Decorating and designing rooms for the Apple of your eyes is fun as well as tiring because you want to choose the best for them. We have some amazing ideas to rekindle your imagination. The design might vary as per the child’s age as a toddler would love a fun play zone, whereas an older kid would like to have their favorite cartoon characters on their wall. For an infant, nurseries should be kept cozy and safe with a baby monitoring device. The teenage room should have a comfortable study desk and a lot of storage space to keep books and other stuff of their interest organized. An artistic child would prefer their room more to be like an art room. A sporty might like their room like a car racing track. The preferences and options are numerous. 

With a little time and minimal cost, you can create the perfect space for your kids!

Take A Glance at These 50+ Mesmerizing Ideas for Kids Bed Room Design!

  1. Starting with the infant’s room, this room is cozy and has neutral color to give a soothing effect to both child and nursing mother. The lighting in the room is kept dim for easy sleep. A couch is placed at the right place for the person taking care of the child. 

design baby room

  1. This design baby room has some colors and an ocean theme to add a fun element for the baby. A child can enjoy looking at the cute dolphin.

  1. This room with light pink curtains and sofa cover is perfect for your little princess. The royal touch and warmth in the room are noteworthy. 

  1. This room design is dreamy as well as playful because of the beautiful tent and animal wall decor. It has a beautiful tent as well as a study desk. It also has ample storage space with a loft bed. A loft bed with a desk is an ideal choice to save space and provide kids with a more organized room. 

Kids Bedroom

  1.  A city view-themed backlit wall decor for your children bed design will take them to fantasy land in a snap!

  1. Bright green color and fun play zones make for beautiful childhood memories! This room has a smartly designed bunk bed with cabinets on both the lower and upper beds. The wall is decorated with an colourful theme, and it also has a study desk. Perfect kids bed room design for two kids for your children.

  1. For the growing teenager at home, you need a reasonable room like this.

  1. A navy blue wall works flawlessly well for children of all age groups. This room has a classic touch. With a simple and elegant bed and cupboard, this room flaunts a graceful taste.

children bed design

  1. Let your child’s room blaze bright with yellow walls. The right mix of yellow and white looks apt. The wallpaper with handprints gives a warm touch to the room. 

  1. This dual-decor room design is apt if you have both girls and boys. These children bedroom design will provide perfect synchronization. Both the child will have their favorite side and wall decor. The best idea when you have one kid's room, that provides about but you want to decorate it as per both the kids.

children bedroom design

  1. If you have twins, this room will surely excite your imagination. A cute pink bunk bed design for girls is perfect for your princesses. There is a tent as well for some fun elements.

  1. This room design is perfect for your grown-up kids. The green color wallpaper matches perfectly with the outside view.

  1. Child bedroom false ceiling design: This room decor is out of a world thing. Any kid will feel blessed with such amazing sky-themed decor. The beautiful car bed with a starry ceiling will take anyone’s breath away. Anyone would like to be a kid again to have this room. Experience cloud nine in a room.

  1. This kids room design for girls is absolutely fun to be in. There is ample storage space for grown up kids. The pink and purple colour is any girl's favourite.

  1. This room has a cloud chandelier with gives the illusion of sky in the room. The room is also designed in a hut shape to give a countryside home look.

  1. Love all things neutral and wood? This room decor is perfect for all age groups.

children bedroom design

  1. This pink and teal blue space is all about gliding into a warm and comfortable zone.

children bedroom design

  1. When in a calm, warm and bright colors for the children are all the time a good option.

  1. It’s all about whites and greys for this graceful kids’ room. The earthy color gives a mature look to the room. The beautiful wall decor adds to the beauty of the room.

children bedroom design

  1. Get stylish and go geometric for your child’s room! The simple geometric decor has an illusion effect.

children room design ideas

  1. How about a classic world atlas as wall decor. What an intelligent and quirky idea. World Map gives the whole room a new dimension.

children bedroom design

  1. A shiny and glossy wardrobe and acute study corner complete this kids’ room design. This room is perfect for your teenage girl.

children bedroom design

  1. A flowery wallpaper and cushioned headboard. Ideal design for the creative and calm child! With a ceiling lamp on the side to have those relaxed reading sessions.

  1. Educate the kid to dream and stay focused! This trendy wallpaper has many hidden dreams for young minds to think. This is perfect for a 12 year old kids room design.

children bedroom design

  1. Keeping the room simple but functional, this space has added a fun element with a basketball hoop and lively colors. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. If your child is a basketball lover, this room gives inspiration and space for the sport.

  1. Get calming textures for playful minds. This room is for those animal lovers. It has all the basic soothing colors. 

children room design

  1. Keeping it homey and balanced, both your children will get pleasure from this room equally. A simple wooden bed with decorative framed pictures gives a warm look to the room.

  1. Spread in cheerful blues for a spacious, gender-neutral, pleasant vibe. The huge wardrobe gives ample storage space to keep all the belongings in one place. The ample space with a single bed adds a fun element to an otherwise simple room. 

  1. Playing with colors to instigate creativity in the little ones. A wardrobe with a loft gives good storage space.

  1. This rainbow-themed wallpaper instantly adds colors to the room. The cozy bed with cushions adds beauty to the space. 

  1. Unicorn is the new favorite of all the girls. The pastel colors are so soothing. It gives instant relief to the brain. It adds a magic touch to the room. The curtain, the bedsheet, the mats, everything is perfectly synchronized in a unicorn theme. 

  1. This beautifully designed room is amazing. This gives the feel of 2 storied house. The maximum use of white color makes space looks bigger. The swing adds just the right amount of entertaining look. The intelligent use of wooden and white color makes the room very classy.

  1. A comfy and warm cocoon to study and loosen up. This room is ideal for avid readers. 

children bedroom design

  1. Making reminiscences comes easy with a colourful theme. This room has a simple and sweet vibe.

  1. A room that seems like a fairy-tale can be a unique gift for your little one. Do you want a wonderful visit to dreamland, then this is the room for your kid. The colorful swing matches the color scheme of the room.

  1. Ignite interest with a lot of textures and motifs in this amazingly comfy room.

children bedroom design

  1. This car-themed room is best for those car lovers. The room gives the impression of the race track in the personal space. This will be one of the favourite room design for boys.

  1. Simple yet fascinating patterns can make a boring room instantly alluring. The car wallpaper added color to the room.

  1. A neutral room highlighted with dual-colored butterfly motifs. It’s fun and elegant!

  1. An ideal decal for the sports aficionado is the icing on this room design. This twin bed with a twin study table is perfect for brothers to do things together. This room gives a bonding vibe.

children bedroom design

  1. Cute contemporary decorative elements showing characters and motifs, in prevalent blues and whites. A wall-size poster and smaller decals are easy to apply, clean, and remove. The bedding set is of quality synthetic fabric.

  1. There is something for Harry Potter fans as well.  The Hogwarts-themed room is a dream come true for a potter head. This room flaunts mysticism with simplicity. Make a bookshelf to keep all Harry Potter books in one place. Room walls can be decorated with a flying broom, magic wand, and many harry potter accessories.

  1. Innovative, spacious, and airy, spark the wanderlust in your kid at an early age. 

  1. Basic and simple, it’s perfect for the teen at home. Let them personalize it in their exclusive ways.

  1. Perfect for a teen with more sophisticated taste and sincere goals. This room has a mature look which is perfect for a focussed teenager.

  1. A relaxed but striking setup for the fashion-conscious. The focus on blue color gives the room a cool look. This room is best for chilling out and reading a book of your choice.

  1. Keeping it simple and down to basics, with some personalized artwork. A small bed leaves ample space in the room for other tasks, be it painting or craftwork.

  1. Nothing like vibrant wallpaper to enhance the mood of the room! This zigzag wallpaper adds a bright pinch in the room. Wallpapers work like magic in many cases. Use them wisely, and half of the decor is done.

  1. Cheer up the scientist in your young one with decor like this!
  1. Star War-themed room decor is for your warrior kid.
kids bed room


There are many options. But we can surely come to a conclusion based on a child’s present and future needs. Bunk beds are a great choice if the room is shared between siblings. It saves space and adds a fun element to the room. Color combination is also very important as it should be soothing but should not make the room boring for the child. Given the countless options on hand and the little beautiful personality of each child, you can decide on the room decor. From cartoon character-inspired spaces to fun playful zones, from lively nurseries to sober teen rooms, Squareyard has some striking kid’s room designs to suit you. Now that you’re equipped with these marvelous room designs let us know which design you pick to make your kid’s room!