30 Beautiful Front Door Plants That Are Perfect for Your Home Entrance

Published On: Jan 7, 2024

The first impression can be the last. Your front door is the portal to your personality, a sneak peek into your style, and a promise of the vibe inside. Decorating your front entrance is your VIP pass to making a statement without even saying a word.

Front door plants are not just a mere decorative choice – they are the epitome of self-expression. The vibrant sculpted plants give your entrance a chic and lively personal touch ' and you can personalise your collection of the green team from an insurmountable range of options.
Got a sun-soaked doorstep? You can go for bushes, veggies, or flowers – whatever floats your flowery boat. Want to infuse inviting fragrances to attract your guests? Aromatic flowers and herbs are a great option. Looking to level up your luck? Bamboo plants and lemon trees are known for being good luck charms. In fact, the Chinese culture considers gold Chrysanthemums as auspicious symbols of fortune and wealth.
Whether your personality leans more towards vines or a polished look, there's something for everyone in this comprehensive list of the 30 best plants that will spruce up the front door of your home because we’re all about making a lasting impression right from the entrance!

Williams-Sonoma Alder & Oak Star Jasmine Potted Plant

Williams Sonoma Alder Plants for Front of House

For those who prefer a clean and organised look, a jasmine potted plant is your go-to solution. No more worrying about unruly vines or flowers dominating your front porch; all they require is a bit of occasional pruning, and you're good to go.

English Ivy

English Ivy- Plants for Front Door Entrance

When seeking an ideal climbing plant to elegantly accentuate your front door, English Ivy stands out as a top choice. You can hang it on the porch or let it hang from a pot on the floor or your window.

Umbrella Tree

Umbrella Tree- Plants for Front of House

Bloomscape proclaims that the Umbrella Tree, also known as Schefflera Amate, likes to bask in the shade and warm temperatures. Feel free to sculpt it into the shape that suits your style, but keep in mind to give it a regular spin, as it tends to reach for the sun. And when the temperatures decide to take a dip, show it some love by bringing it indoors.

Citrus Tree

Citrus Tree- Door Plants

Don't let anyone tell you that you need a sprawling backyard for a citrus tree. You can plant a lemon or orange tree right by your front door and even inside your home! Find a spot that is sheltered from the winds and is sunny for it to thrive, and when it's time for winter, take it indoors.

Boston Fern

Boston Fern- Plants for Entrance Door

The secret of having healthy-looking ferns is to make sure the soil is damp, and they will thrive no matter where you keep them. The lush green beauties are sure to be a statement piece, and they're not picky about location either; as long as you keep them in the shade, they will be just fine.


Cactus- Entrance Plants

Cactus is the most low-maintenance plant you can nurture, but only if the climate is hot and sunny. They thrive in warm conditions and don’t require water frequently. Just plant them in a container with excellent drainage and you’ve beautiful greenery at your doorsteps.


Hydrangea- Plants for Gate Entrance

Hydrangeas are water enthusiasts, especially when basking in direct sunlight on a scorching day. If your hydrangeas have been planted in the near past, a daily watering check is in order. Once these floral gems are firmly rooted, they only require hydration during extended stretches of sunny and heat-filled weather. Just like everything good in life, it's all about finding the perfect balance.

Astile Bushes

Astile Bushes- Modern Front Door Plants

Astilbe, the late-spring bloomer adorned in shades of pink and white, has its own set of preferences. They should be kept away from direct sunlight as that can burn the leaves. A combination of moderate indirect sunlight and moist soil with compost will keep them at their healthiest.


Agave Modern- Front Door Plants

To get the best from an agave plant, let it soak up direct sunlight for the majority of the day, about six to eight hours. It thrives in a warm and dry climate and only needs water once the soil has completely dried up.


Poppy- Planter Ideas for Front of House

Cultivating a stunning display of poppy flowers is surprisingly straightforward. By planting a few seeds in a well-prepared planter, you can enjoy a spectrum of colours in no time. Maintaining them doesn't demand too much either ' just water them once a week, and you're good.

Napa Home & Garden Thyme Topiary 13″

Napa Home- Best Plants for Front of House

If minimalism is your aesthetic, you don't need to look any further than a delicate thyme topiary. They are statement pieces that cause impact without hogging up the space, and the herbaceous fragrance leaves a fresh memory in the mind of your visitors. Moreover, you can always pluck off some leaves when a recipe demands it.

Bloomscape Bamboo Palm

Bloomscape Bamboo Palm- Front Door Planter Ideas

Known for good luck and abundance, a bamboo plant is a perfect sentiment for welcoming guests. While traditional bamboo plants may be smaller and known for their invasiveness, the bamboo palm takes the concept of good luck to a grander scale, ushering in positive vibes into your home.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise- Outdoor Plants for Home Entrance

The Bird of Paradise plant is perfect for a tropical touch to your home. Whether you grow it in the sun or the shade, it is sure to blossom. If you live in a region where it is cold, bring this exotic beauty indoors.

Wax Begonia

Wax Begonia- Plant for Main Door

A marvellous choice that comes in pink, red, and white, the wax begonia is versatile in getting shade or the sun. As long as it is not kept in full sun, the wax begonia will shine beautifully. In an oversized pot or a charming window box, these begonias promise to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your doorway.


Coleus- Plants for Outside Front Door

With cool environments, well-drained soil, and just the right amount of moisture, you can experience the magic of Coleus spreading through your house. But be careful not to overwater it, or it can lead to root disease.


Zinnia- Plants for Front Door Entrance

Opting for container gardening? Zinnias make an excellent choice as they swiftly grow from seedlings. They bloom in the spring and consistently moist soil. To sustain a steady amount of bloom throughout the season, promptly trim away faded flowers, and you'll get a perfect blooming season.

Magnolia Shrub

Magnolia Shrub- Best Plants for Front of House

Never mind full-scale trees; you can enjoy the beauty of magnolia flowers from a bush that blooms with white, pink, or purple flowers. They only need compost fertiliser and full or partial sunlight.


Sansevieria- Entrance Plants

While snake plants are typically seen indoors, these low-maintenance wonders can thrive outdoors, too. Much like the resilient agave, they appreciate basking in direct sunlight and prefer a sip of water only when the soil is thoroughly dry.

Afloral UV Treated Outdoor Potted Snake Plant – 35″

Snake Plant for Entrance Door of Your House

Another variety of snake plants, they are the easiest to take care of and add to the minimalist aesthetic of your home. If your doorway does not get enough sunlight, or you're worried about your plants not getting water during your vacation, the snake plant is your best friend. They love the shade and don't like being overwatered so that you can enjoy your vacation without worry.

The Sill Large Dracaena Lemon Lime Tree

The Sill Large Dracaena Lemon Lime- Modern Front Door Plants

Named for its vibrant leaves resembling citrus fruits, the Dracaena tree brings a tropical vibe wherever it stands without requiring a sweltering climate. Beyond aesthetics, it’s an excellent choice for elevating your entryway, providing both beauty and sustainability.

Boxwood Topiary

Boxwood Topiary- Plants for Front of House

Boxwood topiaries bring timeless elegance with their classic look. Whether short and bushy or tall and intricately pruned into decorative spirals, these beauties will make your entryway look sophisticated. The bonus? They’re delightfully low maintenance and can gracefully withstand cold weather.

Tradescantia Zebrina

Tradescantia Zebrina- Modern Front Door Plants

Another low-maintenance option for lovers of trailing plants, Tradescantia Zebrina is best kept in shady spots. Bloomscape also adds that while the shade is appreciated, don't make it too shady, as they still need some light to keep their colourful stripes alight.


Lavender Plants for Gate Entrance

The eye-catching violet petals and calming scent make lavender the perfect choice for any doorway. They can add a pop of colour to minimal entryways, and your guests will immediately feel a sense of peace as they step inside.

Spiral Cypress Topiary

Spiral Cypress Topiary Plants for Front Door Entrance of Your House

Hailing from Tuscany, cypress trees are versatile, thriving in either direct sun or partial shade. For optimal growth, the soil should boast high acidity. If you go for these spiral beauties, make sure they get biannual pruning to maintain their distinctive shape.

Peony Bush

Peony Bush- Plants for Gate Entrance

These Instagram-viral flowers definitely deserve a spot in the doorway of your house. They need lots of sunlight and good air circulation, and if you're looking to really pamper them, use a metal cage to help them grow in the perfect way.


Bougainvillea- Plants for Front of House

Although ideally grown in warm temperatures, you can use container planting for Bougainvillea if you live in colder regions. They only need water when the soil is dry or the flowers begin to wilt. Make sure you prune any dead leaves or branches to keep them at their healthiest.

Magnolia Branches

Magnolia Branches- Modern Front Door Plants

Maintaining the magnolia’s elegance involves pruning when a branch is damaged or when you desire to preserve the tree’s shape. Don’t discard those pruned branches'give them a new purpose in a water-filled planter. Even after drying, the leaves can endure for up to three months with the right care.


Rose- Plants for Front Door Entrance

Shakespeare has many things to say about this beautiful flower, but here is a surefire way to have the perfect roses. Rose program manager for Star Roses and Plants ' 'Choose a planting spot with full sun, at least six hours per day. Water well, then every other day as needed. Add mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds.'

West Elm Faux Potted Mini Japan Maple Tree

West Elm Faux Potted Mini Japan Maple Tree- Modern Front Door Plants

For the ones lacking a green thumb or merely looking for a low-maintenance option, it doesn't get better than this. This artificial Japanese maple makes a stunning and bold statement and has minimal watering requirements.


Petunias Plants for Front of House

For the ones blessed with a sunny front door, petunias are a beautiful choice for adding colour and elegance. They can be put in a window box, or you can let the vines hang from a planter, or even line your steps with splashes of colour. But make sure you remember to water and deadhead them at regular intervals.

Unveil the Green Elegance with Front Door Plants

If you were confused about an inviting entry before, we bet this guide to 30 beautiful front door plants has cleared things up for you. Whether you get tons of sunlight on your home’s entrance or shady spaces on the entryway that you want to spice up with some green elegance, there is one perfect plan for you.
The joy of botanical charm is ready to greet your front steps and invite your guests into a beautiful home filled with positive vibes. Just follow our tips to keep these natural wonders thriving, and your home’s entrance will become a lush and vibrant ambience filled with warmth.


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    What are the best front door plants for a sunny entrance?

    Opt for sun-loving flowers like petunias, miniature bushes, or small vegetables that thrive in ample sunlight. Herbs and aromatic flowers are also excellent choices.

    How can I maintain front door plants during changing seasons?

    Front door plants offer the flexibility to swap them out with the seasons. Choose plants that thrive in different weather conditions, ensuring a fresh and inviting look year-round.

    Are there specific plants with symbolic meanings to add positivity to my front door?

    Lemon and bamboo are great plants for good luck, and golden Chrysanthemums for wealth and prosperity. 

    What are some low-maintenance front door plant options for beginners?

    For beginners, start with hardy and resilient plants like succulents, ferns, or easy-to-care-for flowers, as mentioned in our guide above. These options add greenery, and you don’t need to have a green thumb to keep them thriving.

    Can I grow front door plants in containers or hanging planters?

    Absolutely! Many front-door plants thrive in containers or hanging planters like English Ivy and Petunias. Experiment with different arrangements to create an inviting and personalised entryway.