15+ New Arch Designs for Your Home in 2024 that Make Your Space More Attractive

Published On: Dec 6, 2023

For centuries, arches have been incorporated into architectural buildings from the Colosseum of Rome to the La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, escalating the beauty of the structures. However, modern infrastructures favour rectangular facades, open-plan spaces and plain doorways, seeking the minimalist and contemporary trend. 

Indoor interior arch designs are experiencing a resurgence in popularity in Boho, Scandi and Japandi styles, effortlessly blending depth and character into the space. Whether to highlight a specific area, such as doorways and fireplaces or create a fluid open-plan design, arches strike functional focal points and are celebrated for grand aesthetics.

With their graceful curves, they soften the room's hard lines and edges, bringing a touch of sophistication and luxury. However, it's important to consider the scale of the arch design in tune with the room's area and other features for a cohesive and visually pleasing space. Let’s explore the elegant home arch design below.

Grandiose Arched Entryway

Grandiose Arched Entryway home arch design

Making an impressive entrance gate with an arch design adds a sense of grandeur and visual appeal for the visitors. You can incorporate a grand arched entryway crafted from wrought iron, wood, or glass to lend an enduring style. Consider ornate detailing or scrollwork for an elegant touch. These entrance doors make a graceful statement, adding a distinguished allure to your house.

Transitional Arched Hallway Divider

Transitional Arched Hallway Divider modern arch design

In a hallway, modern arch design can be an exceptional design element, creating an alluring impression on the guests. Look at this interior arch design that subtly separates spaces while maintaining an open feel. The arch design can be paired with wooden doors or pillars to elevate the look. In addition, you can introduce artwork or other decorative items to enhance the hallway’s visual appeal and functionality.

Arched Doorways

Arched Doorways home arch design

If you're looking for a simple yet effective idea to add architectural beauty to your home, embrace arched doorways that are a timeless element for any room. The curved shape of the home arch design gives a more natural and organic feel, fostering a harmonious sense of flow. These rounded house arch design ideas are better suited for Scandinavian or Mediterranean-style homes. Consider the size of the room, such as a grand arch lends a dramatic entranceway, while a smaller one can infuse modern flair without overpowering the room.

Elegant Arched Entry for Dining Space

Elegant Arched Entry for Dining Space arch design

An interior arch design is a great way to frame the entrance and create a focal point in your dining room. Modern arch design is made with an elegant semi-circular arch that complements the decor with grace. A classic yet wonderful arch design adds architectural interest and a luxurious feel. Paired with a French window arch it floods natural light into the room, creating a countryside vibe for your dining space within the home.

Innovative Double-arched Window Frame

Innovative Double-arched Window Frame modern arch design

Instead of opting conventional window designs, choose a double-arch window frame. Crafted from high-quality materials such as wood or metal, this window design adds volume to the space and illuminates plenty of natural light in the interiors. Install stained glass or frosted panels within each arch for added privacy and an artistic flair. 'Take a look at the above picture-Wish to bask in the warmth of the sun with enhanced views? Yes, please!

Rustic Charm with Brick Archway

Rustic Charm with Brick Archway wall arch design

Revitalise your living space with a brick arch design that exudes rustic charm and timeless elegance. Crafted from reclaimed or exposed bricks, this interior arch design lends warmth to the space. Whether used as a room divider or an accent feature, these architectural elements infuse an element of history, craftsmanship and allure into your home. In addition, to enhance the appeal go for wooden flooring, vintage carpets and antique wall lamps.

Sculptural Archway as a Living Room Divider 

Sculptural Archway as a Living Room Divider simple arch design

Fan of a minimalist yet artistic vibe? Transform the living room with a sculptural archway that functions as a striking room divider and creates a seamless transition. Choose sleek materials like glass or polished metal for house arch design to introduce a contemporary touch. For a majestic living room, go for Mediterranean-style stone design paired with a chandelier that serves as a captivating focal point and accentuate the space.

Arched Mirror on the Wall

Arched Mirror on the Wall house arch design

Introduce arched mirrors to your wall as a decor element and boost the beauty of your home without much hassle. When choosing an arched mirror, keep in mind the size and style of the mirror in the room to create a stunning focal point. A large ornate mirror can create a dramatic allure and grand statement, while a smaller mirror may work best to add elegance to the room. Place it carefully on the wall, either above a fireplace mantle, console table or as a standing spotlight feature.

Latest Arch Design for Kitchen

Latest Arch Design for Kitchen home arch design

Boost your kitchen’s aesthetics by incorporating an arched range hood as a focal point. Adorned with simplicity and refinement, this arched hood becomes a functional yet visually pleasing element above your cooking space. You can also craft arched shelves to show off your fine cutlery or ornamental objects.

Sleek Transition Arch Design Between Kitchen and Dining Room

Sleek Transition Arch Design Between Kitchen and Dining Room

Install a modern interior arch design between the kitchen and the dining area to accentuate the space. Opt for a white wall paint with the contrasting furniture and gentle lighting to strike an incredible design that will give a picture-perfect look. The clean lines and unobtrusive design of the arch lends a harmonious vibe, allowing for visual connectivity and smooth flow between the two areas.

Tranquil Arched Reading Nook for Bedroom

Tranquil Arched Reading Nook for Bedroom modern arch design

Transform your bedroom into a serene retreat by creating an arched reading nook. Construct an alcove with an arched entryway using soft, plush fabrics and calming elements. Integrate a comfortable chaise lounge or cushioned seating within the arched nook clubbed with natural lighting to create an inviting spot to unwind with a book or enjoy moments of solace and privacy.

Stunning Headboard Wall Arch Design

Stunning Headboard Wall Arch Design

Arch designs are not only limited to doorways and openings, you can glam your bedrooms with arched headboard designs. An arched headboard crafted of wood or upholstered fabric lends a warm and cosy appeal, while a rattan or mirrored arched silhouette adds dramatic style to the room. These half-headboard designs are in vogue, elevating the aesthetics of the room. Consider the colour and pattern of the material that complements your decor and accessories with stylish bedding to complete the look.

Arched Shower Alcove for Bathroom

Arched Shower Alcove for Bathroom latest arch design

The interior theme of the arches can be extended to your bathroom by adding an arched shower alcove, or bathtub or an embellished arch-shaped bathroom mirror. You can introduce arches in window design to flood plenty of natural light and a cohesive feel. Take reference from this arched enclosure with textured tiles that offers a spa-like experience. Enhance the design with soothing elements and colour themes to add a serene and rejuvenating vibe.

Interior Arch Design Artwork on Your Walls

Interior Arch Design Artwork on Your Walls house arch design

Looking for something unique in interior arch design ideas? How about displaying arched artwork on your walls that lends an exquisite appeal? Breaking up the monotonous look, these arch designs add a sense of flow and movement to the space.

When choosing arched artwork, consider the size and placement of the piece. A larger piece can work as a striking focal point, while smaller artworks can be clubbed to create a gallery wall. Make sure to hang the art pieces at eye level for enhanced visibility and attention. Consider the style of your living room while selecting the artwork, prints or tapestries for an endearing look.

Elevated Charm Home Front Arch Design

Elevated Charm Home Front Arch Design

Enhance the charm of your balcony or porch by introducing an arched entryway that will uplift the exterior decor of your house. Balconies are the decorative feature that infuses a touch of charm and tranquillity. Consider embellishing the front arch design with embellished detailing or climbing vines for a picturesque and welcoming retreat.

Pooja Room Arch Design

Pooja Room Arch Design house arch design

Pooja rooms in Indian homes are soulful spaces, echoing devotion and positivity.

Modernise the pooja room by introducing a sleek and contemporary arch design for the shrine enclosure. Choose quality materials like wood, glass or metal to craft a minimalist look that complements the room’s decor. Introduce subtle lighting within the arch to illuminate the sacred space, creating a serene and inviting ambience. You can go for intricate detailing or etching on the arch to add a touch of sophistication and spirituality, accentuating the pooja space into a modern yet sacred sanctuary.

Types of Arches

Rounded Arches: Classic and versatile, these curved elements offer a soft, timeless look. Use them in doorways,  between rooms or as part of an architectural feature to infuse flair and functionality.

Gothic or Pointed Arches: Known for their pointed tops and tall and slender proportions, these arches evoke a sense of drama. These were found in traditional or Gothic architecture for a more elongated approach, giving a striking view.

Segmental Arches: These arches have a more flattened appearance and are often used in residential houses for windows and doors, showcasing architectural interest in your abode.

Curved Beauties!

There are plenty of ways to fabricate arch design into your home, captivating designers and homeowners with a harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporary flair. Whether you want to frame elements,  add a touch of intricate detailing, or love minimalist arches, these curved silhouettes effortlessly create visual interest and grace personality into your home interiors. A well-thought-out arch design can be your subtle accent or a prominent feature to elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

Looking for more inspiration and stylish decor ideas? Connect to the experts at Interior Company, crafting bespoke and livable designs for you and your loved ones.

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    What type of interior arch design is popular for houses?

    Semi-circular or Roman arches are preferred for home interiors crafted with plaster of Paris, wood, stones or cement.

    How can an arch design in the home be decorated?

    The arch design allows for creativity and personalisation. You can carve inspirational quotes or add beaded curtains in front to create a sense of privacy, and stencil painting and detailing on the archway are some other decorative ideas to infuse refreshing elements into the space. 

    Is arch design on-trend in home interiors?

    Yes, arch designs are experiencing a resurgence in interiors, especially in country homes. Designers and architects are focusing on incorporating curved silhouettes due to their timeless appeal and versatility. 

    What does home arch design symbolise?

    Based on the cultural and architectural contexts, arches have always exuded a grandeur appeal in opening spaces. They promise a sense of unity and continuity while bringing functionality and aesthetics.