Best Small Side Tables that Exude Modernity

Published On: Jun 13, 2022

There are numerous reasons for selecting spatially restricted living, including choosing to live in tight metropolitans or for more efficient home management. While living in bijou homes has its limitations, there are perks to it as well. One of many pleasures a compact home brings is utilising space-intelligent interior components that optimise living with their ingeniously functional yet elegant design. Small side tables are one such element that exudes endless charm when placed in the right interiors.

For example, a small white minimalist side table functions best in sparsely furnished studio apartments, doubling up as a sofa mate and a small lampstand. There are more beautiful small side table designs that interior designers craftily select to transform a space into an appealingly useful area. Let’s check out the 10 best small side table designs for a modern home.

1. Small Scandinavian Style Side Table

When you think Scandinavian, an image forms in your mind: minimalist architecture, functional interiors and rooms filled with natural light meant to make the inner space cosier and more inviting. The same value reflects in small Scandinavian style side tables as well.

They are highly functional, minimalist, made from wood (preferably for a cosier, earthier finish) and look non-obtrusive to any interiors in which they are placed. This is one of the primary reasons people prefer these side tables and why they are in every modern interior designers’ go-to handbook. Try them today!

Small Scandinavian Style Side Table

2. Modern Industrial Style Floating Side Table

Industrial interiors always combine high function with elegance and performance. The same is reflected in modern industrial style floating side tables, owing to the choice of material that goes into crafting them. An attractive, sturdy combination of metal, glass and boxy woodwork make for a solid appearance packed into a compact size, maximising spatial utility by offering multiple surfaces to keep and store things.

These side tables are best used beside lazy boy chairs or a window to hold pots or planters or indoor decoration items like salt lamps, magazine stands or photo frames.

Modern Industrial Style Floating Side Table

3. Geometric Metal Side Table

Geometry is one of mother nature’s inherent properties. You see geometrical patterns everywhere – in honeycombs, in flowers and leaves, in the roundness of the planets, etc. To design interiors to sit in harmony with this instinct, a geometric metal side table is the perfect accessory to adorn the corner spaces or double up as a low coffee table in the living room.

Metallic finishing gives an air of permanence to the side tables, that of low maintenance and perpetuity, characteristic of snug and cosy homes designed for pure function.

Geometric Metal Side Table

4. Nautical Style Side Table

Nautical interiors are famous for children’s bedrooms – and to match their size and scale, small nautical style side tables function best. Nautical themes are defined by the primary usage of ocean colours, like blue, white and sea green, and elements like wood, ropes, nets and leather. Defining an interior space in these colours makes it look extremely lively while being calm, like the ocean.

Nautical style side tables are highly versatile – a wooden frame fitted with rope drawers or made completely out of iron and wood with exquisite hinging and bolting work. Like in the image below, a treasure chest has been repurposed into a functional side table.

Nautical Style Side Table

5. Small Tree Trunk Side Table

Wood is a champion of interiors. You could call it the failsafe, the no-brainer material if you are in a fix. The same applies to side tables as well. Interiors that are highly modern and futuristic employ wood-based furniture in its nascent form – for example, discarded pieces of a tree trunk. These can be cut neatly to create a surface over the cross-section, polished or painted as required, and used beside your favourite lounge chair as a coffee cup holder or a place to keep your book when you are done reading and wish to nap.

Small Tree Trunk Side Table

6. Small Tall Side Table

Tall side tables are iconic statements of interior design, meant to draw attention to them or the elements you place over them – like exquisite ornamental pieces or pictures of friends and family. Tall small side tables are typically a few inches taller than your traditional, knee-high seater height. These tables may reach up to your elbows when seated, maybe even slightly higher. They are primarily used to draw attention – you could use them to house a bonsai, indoor flowering plants, elegant vases or similar items of high value.

Small Tall Side Table

7. Small Hexagonal Side Table

Hexagons are in vogue today. From mirror mosaics to kitchen backsplashes, from bedroom headboards to small hexagonal side tables – interior designers are leveraging this modern modular shape in every way imaginable. The shape especially functions well for side tables, allowing them to be fitted in small spaces and aligned along the edges at an angle.

The structure and design of these tables are also versatile – they could be made from a wireframe or be solid as wood and still look uniquely shapely. For example, the elegant wireframe and a solid top make the hexagonal side table stand out in the image below.

Small Hexagonal Side Table

8. Small Midcentury Modern Side Table

The midcentury-style is defined by the extensive use of wood-based furniture that is highly functional and effective. The designs stemmed from the need to mass-produce furniture during the post-war era and to deploy the use of technology, making the resultant woodwork extremely high on function – a no-nonsense piece of furniture that was still beautifully designed and elegant.

Not surprisingly, the same ethos is back in the picture in modern, futuristic furniture designs. For example, in the image below, the boxy wooden side tables have been brought together to function as coffee tables, offering a top surface for placement and a hollow body for storage.

Small Midcentury Modern Side Table

9. Iron Wire Frame Side Table

Wireframes provide extremely bare, crude and alluring pieces for interior decoration – especially for elements like side tables. Iron wireframe side tables look very industrial. You will discover that in spaces lit by natural light or direct sunlight, tables with wireframes tend to provide excellent chiaroscuro and skiagraphy. Perhaps this is why interior designers bet their bottom dollar on wireframe furniture.

The image below highlights how the silver-painted iron mesh highlights the black leather interiors of the space by interacting in just the right way with natural lighting. The glass top works to scatter the light to make it more alluring.

Iron Wire Frame Side Table

10.  Small Side Table with Storage

In bijou homes, interior designers need to find ways to capitalise on the existing space by carving out as much storage and function from every interior design element as possible. Winning the game to keep things stylish while providing storage room is a wireframe-based side table with storage in the belly. Ideally suited for armchairs and lounge boys, these side tables can hold the throws and cushions when not in use, saving space for the owners and providing a usable surface to keep things on.

In the picture, the side table holds a cushion for the armchair when not in use.

Small Side Table with Storage

Summing It up

Side tables have become a necessary accessory to organise living spaces better, so why not use the opportunity to liven up the interiors? There are countless options today to choose from - a new variant of side table design birthed with every interior design idea. After deciding on the theme of your interiors, all that is left to do is to skim through this list of designs and select the one that pleases your tastes best. If you need expert guidance, you can always reach out to Interior Company.

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