15+ Creative Ideas for Small Gardens: Indoor and Outdoor Designs for Compact Spaces

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

Being surrounded by flowers and greenery beautifies the living space and enhances our emotional and mental well-being. Beyond the aesthetic value, gardening purifies the air, grows fresh herbs and reinvents the outdoor space. Whether you have a small backyard or reside in an apartment with a tiny balcony, a small landscape is beneficial and easy to work. With endless choices from window boxes to repurposing the old ladder and creating a livable gallery wall or patio decorations with lighting, think about how you want to create your green haven. Here, we have rounded up creative small garden design ideas that can make your outdoor space feel special and personal.

Get Creative With Living Wall- Small Home Garden

Get Creative with Living Wall- Small Home Garden

If you have minimal floor space, living walls are a perfect solution. Mount the pots on the exterior of your house turning a bare wall into a vibrant tapestry of plants. Opt for terracotta pots for your perennials, herbs, and flowering plants to create an elegant spectacle.

Window Box Modern Small Garden Ideas

Window Box Modern Small Garden Ideas

This one is a classic and effortless small home garden design idea that can breathe life into your space. A wide box will easily host herbs, flowers, or small vegetables, such as basil and chives to add a pop of colour and attractiveness. Consider using plants and herbs that can be maintained easily and require minimal fertilising.

DIY Small Space Garden Ideas- Repurpose Old Ladder

Repurpose Old Ladder- DIY Small Space Garden Design Ideas

There is another way to free up the floor space in small garden ideas, repurpose an old ladder and use the steps as shelves for potted plants. You can opt for a worn-out appearance to add rustic charm or paint in a bold hue to make a striking look in your garden space. This planting solution showcases potted plants and garden accessories, adding functionality and decorative appeal.

Layered Look- Small Garden Ideas

Small Layered Garden Ideas for Your House

Layers aren't just effective for adding depth to your hair ' they can also enhance your small garden ideas. Use a combination of raised beds, hanging baskets and ground-level plants to add height and create an illusion of depth. This layered approach is quite beneficial for small patios or balconies to maximise the space.

Set Up A Small Greenhouse- Creative Garden Ideas

Set Up A Small Greenhouse- Creative Home Garden Design

For plant enthusiasts who love to grow vegetable produce or exotic plants, a small greenhouse can be a dream come true. You can DIY mini garden ideas for even the smallest of spaces. A Greenhouse provides a controlled environment for your leafy friends, protecting them from harsh weather and pests.

A Succulent Garden Bed- Mini Garden Ideas

A Small Succulent Garden Design for Home

Create a mini succulent garden on the exterior of your home. Mix different species in height and colour to enhance privacy and create a visual display without blocking the view. These low-maintenance plants are perfect for busy gardeners or those who lack a green thumb.

Indoor Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

Indoor Home Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Even if you lack a balcony or outdoor space you can still own a lush summer green garden ideas for your house. Plants need sunshine and ensure there is plenty of natural light flooding the interiors. Divide your living room layout into green zones. Add potted plants and climbers that can bring colour, character and personality to the space.

Think Vertically For Small-Space Gardening

Think Vertically for Small-space Gardening

Vertical gardening is a game-changer for small spaces and tiny apartments. For these small garden ideas utilise surfaces like walls or fences to grow your favourite greens. Install wall planters, vertical garden panels, or trellises where climbing plants can flourish.

Herb Garden- Small Home Garden Ideas


There's something special about garnishing your culinary delights with freshly grown herbs from your garden. So, why not embrace the joy of cultivating your indoor herb garden? And save yourself from the market trips to infuse their favourite flavour and aroma in the dishes. These home garden ideas for small spaces are practical and add eco-friendly aesthetics to your indoor space with a personalised touch.

Turn Your Small Garden House Into A Tropical Oasis

Turn Your Home Small Garden into a Tropical Oasis

Even if you lack backyard space you can still create a tropical paradise by incorporating green pockets of foliage around the paths and entrance with hedges, shrubs and trees. Opt for small tropical plants like small palms and bromeliads that thrive in weather conditions and give your garden a lush, summery feel.

Enhanced Small Garden Planters

Enhanced Your Small Space Garden with Planters

If you want to elevate the appeal of your small garden design, think of having pots and planters in distinct colours and heights. These planters with different materials like concrete, ceramic or wood infuse a sense of visual interest to the space. Choose a blend of monochromatic and bright colours to lend an artistic look.

Mix Different Sized Plants For Small Space Gardening

Mix Different Sized Plants- Mini Garden Ideas

A mix of flowering plant sizes creates depth and interest in small home gardens. Combine tall, leafy plants with small species to create a layered look while maximising the space. Add foldable furniture and soft furnishings, making your little green a paradise.

Vibrant Chairs For Small Space Garden Ideas

Vibrant Chairs- Small Space Garden Ideas

Even the tiniest of the spaces can be transformed into something exceptional. All you need is careful planning and integrating elements that brighten up the space. Look at this small home garden design, combining elegance with low maintenance. Simple paving, vibrant chairs and clever planting ideas provide privacy and allure to your terrace.

Mason Jar Planters

Mason Jar Planters- Small Home Garden Ideas

Want a charming way to bring greenery into your home? Try mason jars. These vintage glass jars can be repurposed to grow your herbs. Place them on your window sills, or shelves, or even hang them using wires to add a country-chic look to your garden. Next time you find those empty glass jars lying around, up your creative sleeves for DIY small garden ideas.

Introduce Faux Grass In Small Garden Design

Introduce Faux Grass in Small Garden Design

Looking for low-maintenance and cost-effective small gardening ideas? Incorporate artificial grass and a few potted plants that can make a big difference. These lush green and artificial turf grass are beneficial in balconies and patios where space is limited yet yearning for fanciful outdoor living.

Hanging Planters ' Simple Home Garden Ideas

Hanging Planters- Creative Garden Ideas

When working with small indoor gardens, the focus is to create the illusion of more floor space. Incorporate wall-mounted floating shelves, hanging chairs and hanging planters to keep the ground clutter-free with a feeling of open space. Add trailing ivies and other blooming flowers in statement planters to enhance greenery and infuse colour and texture into the space.

Add a Gallery Wall Full of Plants - Small Space Gardening Ideas

Add A Gallery Wall Full of Plants Like your living room in a similar way display your plants to add an interesting gallery of your leafy friends. Mix and match different types of frames and planters, including old wooden frames and up-cycle old loaf tins to spruce up the wall with creative art for an eye-catching arrangement. Hang above the garden bench and finish it off with pretty cushions and throws.

Go Green!

We hope these aforementioned small garden ideas can maximise the limited space and transform it into a tropical oasis. All you need is a little creativity and clever design hacks to make it more welcoming and delightful. Consider the numerous benefits of having a small garden with thoughtful furniture and plant care ideas to curate your green space. Even with budget constraints, you can find plenty of solutions to beautify your home with style.

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    How to enhance the look of your small gardens?

    Add living green walls that minimise the floor space and bring lush foliage into your home garden. You can opt for bright-coloured potted plants or vibrant furniture in yellow or blue tones. Moreover, add string lights to highlight specimen plants and create shadows and an intimate atmosphere.

    How do you plan out a small garden design?

    Consider the space and imagine the mood you want to create, whether you prefer a sitting area with furniture or just space for planting for the desired aesthetic. Choose plants for your lawns depending on- are you a beginner? Or have a green thumb. Add a mix of shrubs, trees, and herbs to add colour and interest to the garden space.

    Which are some of the best plants for small garden ideas?

    Choose climbing Plants, like ivy or clematis, that are a practical solution for vertical space and opt for low-maintenance shrubs, such as Camellia, Mahonia, and Boxwood. Grow herbs like thyme and mint, perfect for small pots or window boxes.

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