7 Simple Yet Modern Pooja Room Designs Especially Made for Indian Homes

Published On: Jan 21, 2023

Pooja room, also comprehended as a prayer room can be found in many households of people believing in different faiths, essentially seen in a Hindu household as an earmarked space for worshipping, meditation and spirituality. A space that is directly connected to the peace of your mind and body needs special attention!

We have gathered some immaculate ideas for pooja room door design that will help you make the right choice for your place of peace. 

Importance of a Pooja Room

A pooja room connects you with the god, the almighty. Generating positive vibrations instructing you through life. Holding a prayer in a quiet environment with mindfulness of concentration goes a long way and possesses a lot of power when entering the sanctum. Therefore, the importance of having a pooja room is not only to place your deities but also to meditate, centre your mind and find peace. 

Tips For Decorating Pooja Room

  • Keeping the space clutter-free and evading overcrowding with pictures or idols is very important. 
  • A cluttered space will create a distraction and disturb the tranquillity of the sacred space. 
  • It is vital to keep the area organised and, more importantly, clean. 
  • Designing a prayer room, a small room or a cabinet with hints of southern India is the best example to wisely impersonate temples.
  • Don't forget to decorate using fresh flowers. This will not only make the space look beautiful but also help make it fresh and fragrant. 
  • Choose good quality diyas that will maintain their shine throughout the years of use. 
  • Avoid using black as a colour choice for your mandir. 

1. Pooja Unit With Stone-Embedded Wall

Source: Pinterest

Most in-fashion, separately designed pooja rooms, lend ambiguity with a naturalist and rustic feeling that comes to your mind while praying to the almighty. Experimenting with various varieties and polishing stones may enrich your space, giving it a contrast with your coloured walls, which directs your mind towards the purpose.

2. Cabinets Attached To Wall

Source: Pinterest

The compact cabinets staying off the ground are in huge demand for space-constrained apartments. These look as simple as any other cabinet in your space but the mandir door design differentiates the doorway to spirituality. The drawers and shelves below the mandir can store your pooja essentials and occasionally used items. This home temple design with door can be hung on the wall wherever you desire. 

3. Separate Pooja Space

Source: Pinterest

If you have ample living space in your home, then converting a single room into your worshipping area can be considered a possibility. Including framed photos, stone-carved idols, diyas, lamps, and incense to inculcate peace in your mandir space make sure you keep the space neat so that it will retain its elegance. The beautiful modern pooja room glass door design used here establishes the pooja area but also leaves it connected to the rest of the house, allowing transparency. 

4. Puja Unit Inside A Cubicle

Source: Pinterest

If you look forward to having a separate space in the small apartments that have space limitations. And if you don't want a cabinet mandir or when you don't have enough space for a large separate room then, simply installing a wooden cubicle in your living room or dining area according to Vastu Shastra is a solid idea. Add a personalised touch and make it more appealing by adding colourful lights and diyas or by adding a beautiful lotus cutout pooja room door design to make your tiny mandir space become a focal point. 

5. Portable Wooden Pooja Units

Source: Pinterest

If you can’t fix a dedicated space for your in-house mandir to serve the deity with your offerings or maintain your spirituality, this idea might do the work. For people switching homes, this is an ideal alternative. Small cabinets, once you open a door, you can find ample space to affix photos and small idols. This on the go compact, lightweight unit can fit anywhere your Vastu allows you to place the tiny temple. 

6. Room Door Design In Plywood

Source: Pinterest

There different types of doors can be used to decorate pooja room door designs further to lift the interior up a notch. The most straightforward and basic door designed from plywood board is definitely a pick for every household. The best thing about this material is that it can be carved easily to create any design you demand. The rectangular gaps can be seen on the sides of the door. These gaps can be filled with bells that depict sacred nature.

7. Teak Wood Pooja Room Door Design

Source: Pinterest

One of the costliest materials useful for building doors is teak wood. This material gives the room a royal and stylish finish and delivers an authentic appearance to your mandir door design. The engravings tell us how hours of work on a single piece come out as fabulous designs around the door’s perimeter.


We hope these ideas for pooja room door design were accommodating for your search. More ideas regarding pooja rooms, mandir designs and Vastu related to puja spaces at home can be found on our website, just log on to www.interiorcompany.com or contact our interior designers now for a more in-depth peek into the subject.


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    Which type of pooja room door design is the best?

    Glass doors are considered to be best to install in a pooja room.

    Can you install doors in a pooja room?

    It is completely fine to install doors to your mandir. This will help cover your mandir when cleaning, sleeping or when cooking nonvegetarian food.

    Which god is considered good for doors?

    An idol or picture of Lord Ganesh on the right side of the entrance is considered definitive and lucky.

    Is it okay to close the doors to a home mandir?

    Doors to the pooja room can be closed after the pooja is done with divine care.