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51 Modern ideas for Transforming and Accessorising your Bedroom

Published On: Sep 08, 2021

The most private room in your house needs the most personal design approach. The aim is to create a sanctuary for yourself that looks and feels like a cocoon. This space needs to be calm and soothing at night and also refreshing in the morning. The decor and style can impact your mood and well-being therefore while designing a functional bedroom, it is essential to keep aesthetics also at the forefront. From simple to opulent every bedroom design needs efficient planning and understanding of colors, textures, and materials. Modern bedroom design inspirations are plentiful and often overwhelming. Your bed will be the hero of the space but accessorizing is what elevates and enhances your bedroom decor style. It's the finishing touch to a beautifully crafted artwork.

Nightstands, beddings, headboard, wall treatments, floor rugs, or artwork there is an abundance of choices that can be used to spice up your bedroom styling. Simple and elegant style with statement pieces might be enough or extravagant decor with overflowing detail would appeal better to your sensibilities.

Check out these Modern Bedroom Design ideas and inspiration to decorate and furnish your bedrooms to be stylish and appealing. 

1. Serene and soothing shades of blue embrace you as you walk into this tastefully designed bedroom. The layers of patterns and textures across space add tons of character and style. 

2. Storage niches built into the lower space of the bed are highly functional and space-saving. The high-level contrast between the wall panel color and the bed unit is extremely gratifying. The cantilevered bed creating the floating effects keeps the bedroom furniture design light and simplistic.

3 .Modest grey partition if room with the sleek black wall, this studio apartment bedroom designed in a rich shade of brown and yellow frames.  Hints of deep grey and indoor plants enhance the charm.

4. A minimalist modern bedroom design that is perfect for a restful and relaxing sleep. Clean lines and uncomplicated design create serene spaces that can be your perfect sanctuary.

5. Symmetrically placed mirrors, and plush and long drapes enhance the volume of the space.

6. Floor-to-ceiling frameless mirror on the side of the bed blends seamlessly into space and creates an illusion of larger space.

7. Geometric wall panel pattern in the softest shade of cream or pink. 

8. Abstract artwork covering the wall surfaces complements the mid-century modern furniture. The heavily patterned carpet, jute hanging light throwing light patterns onto the wall add layers of details to space.

9. Forest green soft velvet headboard along with the color palette belonging to the earthy spectrum turns up the warmth. Distressed floor finish, large lamps on wither sides give the room a rustic touch. 

10. Perfect inspiration for a clutter-free, classy children’s bedroom. Soft pink sheets  complement the warm wood textures and muted white wall color.

11. Bold wall motifs used, infuse traditional aesthetics into your modern bedroom design. Hints of green and white shades with the solid blue upholstery work perfectly well with the understated wall texture.

12. The texture on every surface with rich plum and purple shades dominates the visual field. The patterns and prints add personality to the decor and reinforce the theme.

13. Chic and stylish decor with hints of drama created with the wall paneling and lighting design. Concealed LED strips to enhance the geometry in play and bolsters the aesthetics of the monochrome decor style.

14. Velvet upholstered, scalloped headboard makes a strong design statement with an art deco-inspired vibe. The traditional design of the bed has a strong presence against the white background.

15. Even the smallest bedroom can ooze elegance and charm when you get the color theme right. The framed painting, statement light fixture create a subtle impact on the overall decor.

16. Moody floral wallpapers are a quintessential romantic bedroom decor element. The dark-toned decor has a sensual sultry appeal.

17. This powerful color palette is all the confirmation you need to try out dark hues for bedroom decoration. Special mention of the rugged mat that compliments the color scheme beautifully. 

18. Explore the vast potential of ambient lighting to create the most intimate and comfortable bedrooms. Low-height furniture amplifies the volume of the space. 

19. Create statement pieces with wall treatments that also double up as headboards and create the perfect backdrop for bedroom decoration. The soft and plush black carpet frames the bed beautifully and exudes comfort while the sculptural nature of the night lamps beside the bed gives the room a luxurious vibe.

20. Brimming with charisma, antique gold-finished beds are perfect for master bedrooms and guest bedrooms. Paired with classy curtains or drapes and unadorned background the bedroom is picture-perfect.

21. Cozy bedroom nook with wardrobe, and bookshelves that offer the ideal resting spot. The soft wooden texture framing the bed keeps the space cozy and comfortable.

22. Classic four-poster beds with a modern, sleek, and simplistic twist. The black spottings and white bedroom offers a tranquil vibe that is accentuated by the dark ceiling and wooden furnishing.

23. Floating island bed where the elevated platform transitions seamlessly into the headboard. The futuristic decor in this bedroom soothes mood and uplifts luxurious ambience. 

24. Rich hues of the painted brick wall, floor rug, and bed come together in the most alluring way. The exposed electrical conduits, metallic lamps, and potted plants are tasteful and refined.

25. Chunky blocks of wood are effortlessly stylish and make strong visual statements.

26. Handcrafted furniture and details have a unique charm and beauty. The cane bed makes a strong presence in the neutral-toned bedroom.

27. Dramatic wood paneling that sculpts into a shelf, bedside ledge, and the bed itself

28. Geometrical lines and plans are used intelligently to create different functional zones in this small studio apartment.

29. Sunken floor  bed arrangement leaves the field of view clear for the full impact of wall art.

30. Tall headboards in rich colors and texture make this bed have a majestic presence in the bedroom.

31. The burst of color makes the bed take center stage in this white bedroom.

32. This bedroom celebrated imperfections of materials and texture, with the Japanese Wabi-Sabi concept as inspiration. 

33. Bohemian inspiration is the best for cozy bedroom goals.

34. Sleek and classy furniture like the accent chairs, end of bed bench, and light fixtures are the perfect accessories for the subdued color tone of the room.

35. Soft tones of uniform pink across the room creates a calm and soothing ambiance.

36. Perfect use of lighting and texture creates theatrical effects.

37. Stick your bed into the wardrobe unit. The sophisticated yellow nice with accent lighting brightens up space with cool grey setting a background.

38. Pendant lights are all the rage now. These simple fixtures can take the glam quotient of your bedroom design to the next level.

39. Ribbed surfaces in blush pink compliments the light ceiling and dark drapes.

40. Surfaces of red, white and blue contrast perfectly against each other in this contemporary bedroom.

41. Blue and gold bedroom decor leans towards maximalism.

42. Living green walls bring life and freshness into the modern bedroom.

43. Color burst with repeated patterns across the wall.

44. Misty mountains in the backdrop are the perfect setting for a restful and relaxing sleep

45. Rich, warm tones and textures envelop you while you drift off into dream-filled sleep. The designed upholstery and wall decor pieces keep the composition interesting.

46. For color enthusiasts who are ready to make bold statements through their decor style.

47. Exposed brick walls are warm, rustic, and great visuals for any space.

48. Dark shades infuse tranquility and comfort into your rooms. The drama is elevated with textile-like wallpapers and brass accents.

49. Loud prints and gold accents work beautifully against the quietness and simplicity in the rest of the room. A smart blend of textures and colors lets you work with prints even in small spaces.

50. Yellow is the warmest shade on the color wheel and paired with rich wooden textures,  natural greenery creates a cozy and lively space. Waking up every day in this room will keep you energized to get through the day.

51. The stark contrast in the pink and cool grey palette to the walls of the room is exciting and chic. The sheer curtains get the right quality and quantity of light to intensify the color scheme in this room.


Every room has a story and the decor style and elements help tell the story. Your Modern bedroom design should therefore carry splashes of personality and outstanding aesthetics.

These 51 bedroom interior design ideas will help you create simple and stylish design statements that make your dream bedroom. From warm minimalism to hordes of accessories across space, whichever suits your personal style, these bedroom ideas can be the guide you need to design your bedroom as a haven for rest and relaxation.