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Mirror Direction As Per Vastu: A Guide to Positive Energy Flow

Updated On: Jul 7, 2024

Vastu, the ancient Indian design system, emphasises creating spaces that promote harmony and well-being. It goes beyond furniture placement and delves into the subtle energies influencing our lives. According to Vastu Shastra, if you have ever worked on making your home Vastu-compliant, you know that mirror placement is important. Mirrors hold significant importance in Vastu Shastra as they represent the water element.

Mirror Direction as Per Vastu for Positive Energy Flow

In Vastu Shastra, mirrors are considered highly effective due to their reflective surfaces, which mimic the properties of water. By reflecting and amplifying the qualities of the water element, mirrors help create a harmonious Vastu environment by projecting the attributes associated with water. If not positioned correctly, mirrors can influence the energy dynamics in your home. Vastu experts emphasise that improper mirror placement can stagnate energy flow. However, when strategically used, mirrors can enhance prosperity, boost health, and absorb negative energy.

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of mirror direction as per Vastu principles and provide practical tips for mirror facing as per Vastu in various areas of homes and offices.

Ideal Mirror Direction As Per Vastu


In Vastu Shastra, there are eight primary directions recognised, each associated with a specific element:

  1. North: Water
  2. North-West: Water
  3. North-East: Water
  4. West: Space
  5. East: Air
  6. South-West: Earth
  7. South-East: Fire
  8. South: Fire

When it comes to placing mirrors in different directions, it is believed that placing mirrors in directions associated with water (North, North-West, and North-East) can be beneficial due to the reflective properties of mirrors that enhance the water element. Mirror direction as per Vastu can significantly influence a space’s energy flow, so carefully considering these principles is essential for creating a positive and balanced atmosphere.

  • In Vastu, the North, North-West, and North-East directions represent the water element, making them ideal for mirror placement. Mirrors shaped as rectangles, rounds, or waves are considered auspicious for these directions. Avoid square and triangular-shaped mirrors when placing them in these specific directions for better results in creating a positive Vastu environment. Specifically, placing a mirror on the north-western wall can enhance Vastu’s benefits, promoting positive energy and balance.
  • The West direction represents the space element, making it suitable for mirror placement as per Vastu. Round or square-shaped mirrors are recommended for this direction, as they align well with the energy of the space element. However, according to Vastu principles, it is best to avoid using rectangular, triangular, or waved-shaped mirrors in the West direction to maintain positive energy flow in the space.
  • The East direction represents the air element, making it suitable for mirror placement without causing imbalance. Rectangular or wave-shaped mirrors are advisable in this direction as they align well with the air element and enhance positive effects.

Square, round, and triangular-shaped mirrors should be avoided in the East direction to maintain harmony and balance in the Vastu environment.

  • Because the fire and water elements oppose each other, installing mirrors in either the South or Southeast directions is recommended. If alternative locations for mirror placement are unavailable and mirrors need to be placed in areas representing fire elements, a rectangular mirror with a brown casing border is suggested to mitigate any potential ill effects.
  • The Southwest direction represents the earth’s elements known to absorb water. Placing a mirror here can absorb positivity, leading to challenges such as domestic conflicts, hindrances in opportunities, strained relationships, and instability. Therefore, it is generally advised to avoid placing mirrors in the Southwest direction. If unavoidable, using a square mirror with a yellow-coloured border is recommended to maintain harmony, as per Vastu.
  • According to Vastu, when mirrors are placed in the South zones, which are associated with negativity, it is advisable to cover them with a curtain or veil when not in use. This practice can help prevent negative energy from spreading and preserve positive vibes.

Ideal Shape of the Mirror As Per Vastu

Mirror Shapes As Per Vastu

According to Vastu, when considering the shape of mirrors, it is recommended to opt for square or rectangular mirrors as they are considered auspicious. Avoid purchasing oval, round, or irregularly shaped mirrors. You have flexibility in playing around with the size of mirrors, as Vastu does not impose restrictions on mirror sizes. You can create interesting patterns using square or rectangular mirrors in your living room while adhering to Vastu principles related to mirror shapes. Ensure the mirrors are placed per Vastu guidelines to maximise their positive effects.

Mirror Direction as per Vastu in the Dining Room

Mirror Direction as per Vastu in the Dining Room

Vastu experts suggest placing a mirror in the dining room to reflect the dining table, which is considered auspicious. Following the mirror direction as per Vastu, this positioning is believed to improve health, increase wealth, and enhance the abundance of food in the home. One popular and stylish way to make your dining room Vastu-compliant is by incorporating a mirrored wall that reflects the entire dining room, creating a visually appealing and harmonious space according to Vastu principles.

Mirror Direction as per Vastu in the Bathroom

Mirror Position as per Vastu in the Bathroom

Place a mirror in a well-lit bathroom area, ensuring it is not opposite the lights to maintain clear visibility. Ideally, place the mirror on the northern or eastern wall, following vastu principles. A full-length mirror can be mounted on the door but should be securely attached. Avoid positioning the mirror directly across the toilet to prevent increased negative energy. Regularly clean the mirror above the basin to prevent water stains, as dirty mirrors can attract negative energies.

Mirror Direction as per Vastu in Home Office

Mirror Placement as per Vastu in Home Office

If you have a cash locker in your office or shop, placing a mirror in front of it can help attract wealth and enhance prosperity. Alternatively, you can place a mirror inside the locker to reflect the cash. Ensure the mirror is kept clean and free of stains, and it should not reflect a distorted image of the locker. Also, avoid positioning a mirror to reflect your work desk, which may increase your workload.

Mirror Direction as per Vastu for Dressing Table

Mirror Direction as per Vastu for Dressing Table

The dressing table is a key piece of furniture in modern bedrooms. Placing the dressing table in the East direction is considered suitable. Regarding mirrors in the bedroom, it is important to ensure that the dressing table mirror does not reflect the bed, as per Vastu guidelines. This consideration is important when designing bedrooms to maintain positive energy flow. Suppose the dressing table is placed in a separate room. In that case, the ideal location is along the North or East wall, following Vastu principles for optimal energy balance and harmony in the space. Mirror vastu in the bedroom emphasises the placement and orientation of mirrors to enhance the room’s energy.

Mirror Direction as per Vastu for the Entrance

Mirror Position as per Vastu for the Entrance

If your main entrance opens into the living room, avoid placing the mirror in front of the entrance or entry gate of the house, as it will reflect back the energy entering the home. However, placing the mirror in the foyer above a console table adds a welcoming touch to your home.

Dos and Dont’s for Mirrors in Vastu

  • Place mirrors on the north or east walls for maximum Vastu benefit. The north direction is linked to wealth, while the east promotes health and positivity.
  • The east wall has mirrors that reflect sunlight, creating a sense of spaciousness and enhancing energy flow.
  • Maintain clean and spotless mirrors. Cracked or dirty mirrors are believed to harbour negative energy.
  • Consider what the mirror reflects. Capture a scenic view outside a window to amplify positive energy within the space.
  • Do not place mirrors on the south or west walls. These directions are associated with fire and air elements, and mirrors can intensify their negative influences.
  • Ideally, avoid mirrors in bedrooms to promote restful sleep. If a mirror is necessary, ensure it doesn’t reflect the bed. Consider covering it at night.
  • Use rectangular, square, circular, or oval mirrors for positivity and balance.


Vastu provides a fascinating lens through which to view mirrors in our homes. More than just reflective surfaces, they can become active participants in shaping the energy flow of a space. By strategically placing mirrors on the north or east walls, we can harness the power of these directions to attract prosperity and well-being. Additionally, considering mirror direction as per Vastu, is important for maximising their positive impact.

Remember, Vastu is not about rigid rules but creating a harmonious environment. Do not be afraid to experiment! A strategically placed mirror in your workspace can reflect a vision board, amplifying your goals. A well-positioned mirror in your living room can capture a stunning sunset, infusing the space with a warm glow. This approach allows you to transform your home into a reflection of your image, aspirations, and well-being.

Imagine a home that showcases your personal style and brings you a sense of well-being and prosperity. At Interior Company, your living space can be full of positive energy, thanks to Vastu Shastra. Contact our expert interior designers to create your dream home with the finest materials and innovative designs.

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    According to Vastu, which is the best direction to place mirrors?

    The best directions for placing mirrors are North and East, as they attract positive energy and enhance prosperity.

    Is it advisable to have mirrors in the bedroom?

    Mirrors in the bedroom should not face the bed. Cover them when not in use to avoid sleep disturbances and negative energy.

    What shape of mirrors is considered ideal in Vastu?

    Rectangular and square mirrors are considered the most auspicious, followed by circular and oval mirrors, promoting positivity.

    Where should mirrors not be placed in the house?

    Avoid placing mirrors in the kitchen, opposite the main door, at the staircase, and in areas representing fire elements.

    How can I use mirrors to attract wealth?

    Place a mirror in front of or inside the cash locker to reflect the cash, symbolising the doubling of wealth and prosperity.

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