10 Modern and Latest Cupboard Design Ideas to Organise Your Room

Published On: Mar 24, 2022

A good shelving unit is the heart of a bedroom. Cupboards need to strike the right balance between function, aesthetic and utility. The right amount of decorative aspect paired with immaculate designs and placement are the keys to designing picture-perfect cupboards (that are high on utility, too!). Contemporary designs allow for freehand creativity in adding or removing traditional elements of wardrobes – and enhancing other aspects like cohesiveness with room interior, flushness with walls or sliding doors, etc. Let’s explore ten awe-inspiring, latest cupboard design ideas that add the wow factor to your bedroom in their own charming ways. Read on!

1. Go Goliath in Dimensions

Don’t be afraid to experiment with wall-height cupboards in the bedroom. The imposing 3-metre doors will create an air of grandeur and vastness to the room. Technically speaking, taller doors make a room ceiling seem higher – a work of simple, conceptual optical illusion. One of the best ways to achieve the palatial room look is to choose the same finishing colour (whether laminate, wood or any other material) as the other three walls. This creates an effect of a “fourth wall” when designed with flush finishes and camouflaged handles.

If you still think you need that loft space for storage, just let the wall-size doors extend to work as cover panels for that space as well.

Go Goliath in Dimensions

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wardrobe!

Where there are clothes, there are bound to be mirrors. You can choose to add more mirrors to achieve that part contemporary, part futuristic look in your bedroom and on your wardrobe simultaneously.

This new cupboard design is quite popular today. The trick is to create mirror mosaics – whether with larger panels or smaller pieces – to develop a cohesive, functional design on the outer panels of the wardrobe doors.

You could choose square mirrors placed mere centimetres apart for effect or triangles creating chevron patterns between them – the possibilities are honestly endless. However, do ensure that the shapes and designs you choose to create sit well with the overall interior theme of your bedroom for maximum impact.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wardrobe

3. Add Visible Function

You can go bold with your cupboard design and incorporate other elements to your wardrobe unit, like a dressing table. This styling helps to break the monotony of a single design running from wall to wall, especially in cases where there is nothing else on the wardrobe wall of the room.

It also proves to be highly functional, giving you space to store your makeup, belts, jewellery and other trinkets. You can place a grand mirror on this console to complete the look. Take a look at this latest cupboard image and how it has been finished:

Add Visible Function

Adding other elements, like a potted plant, a lamp or simply hanging fairy lights over the mirror, can elevate the style quotient of your wardrobe space. Pair the colours in synchronisation with your room decor.

4. A Touch of Mystery

Peekaboo wardrobes are in vogue today, more than you can give them credit for! Cupboards with panels finished in latticework or compiled completely in slats or slits make for a great modern wardrobe design. Not only does this design change the look of your room, but it also adds a visual, textural difference to the interiors. This latest cupboard design photo speaks volumes:

A Touch of Mystery

Horizontal or vertical slits/slats, latticework or meshwork – it all depends on your personal taste and budget. Don’t forget to gauge the workers’ skills before selecting this design for a great finish.

5. Break It up

If your wardrobe is going to be a long shelving unit with no intervals in between, you can try breaking things up by adding open shelving to the unit. You could turn this into storage for your bedroom essentials, such as books, plants, photo frames, flower vases, etc.

Break It up

This cupboard idea works very well for bedrooms with little space to house these essentials. When the wardrobe is designed to be minimalistic and monolithic, this style tip works to tone down the imposing nature of the extensive panelling.

6. Make It Super Glossy

Not a fan of full-fledged mirrors? Try high-gloss finishes on the panelling of your wardrobe. These ultra-modern finishes create a classy, luxurious look that complements any type of interior by reflecting its colours on its high-gloss surfaces. The bonus is that you get to steal glances at your own photographic, photogenic silhouette for those Instagram-ready pictures!

Make It Super Glossy

To offset the high-gloss feature of your wardrobe, you could add textured wallpaper on the other walls of the room. You could also add a headboard behind the bed that introduces some friction in the visuals to tone down the smoothness and give the gaze a place to settle down and adjust.

7. Introduce Some Woodiness

To give your bedroom an air of earthiness and a grounded feel, you can experiment with wooded finishes on the wardrobe panelling. For example, select a finishing material, like laminate, in walnut or redwood shades (based on the interior colour scheme) to apply to the wardrobe. This photo of the latest cupboard design displays the earthy woodiness in all its splendour.

Introduce Some Woodiness

One thing to keep in mind when going for wooded finishes is that they can be quite imposing. Try to break the overbearing nature of the finish by introducing open shelving units or carving out a niche for your television set, music system, mirror or small bookshelf. Additionally, lighter wood colours generally help the room appear airy and friendlier than the darker wood finishes – see what sits well with your interiors.

8. Go Classic

It is always a statement to bring the retro look back into modern times. While all the modern households would sport high-wall or wall to wall cupboards, yours could make a difference by going back to the basics with the standard two-door installation. You could go big with it as well, introducing height and a convenient rolling stepladder to make top-shelf access easier.

Go Classic

Such wardrobes genuinely help squeeze out more space in your bedroom to add that lounge chair and a side table for the perfect day for snuggles, reading, coffee and your pets. Also, remember to seek a professional who knows his trade to ensure a good finish on the final almirah for the best effects.

9. Go Compact

Need more space in your room for other things? You no longer have to compromise on wardrobe space. The new cupboard models today maximise the use of a small space by introducing many shelves that help with organisation and neat storage of clothes. Compact wardrobes work very well in big cities with studio apartments.

Go Compact

These wardrobes can also be repurposed for exquisite bedrooms by instaling two compact units instead of one while placing them on different walls or facing away from each other. The interiors look different and allow privacy and exclusivity for all the members inhabiting that space. Apart from the compactness, this wardrobe also offers great functionality in keeping things close at hand.

10. Partition It Away

Fancy a walk-in wardrobe but don’t have enough space? You can create a partition in your room with open shelving to work as a walk-in wardrobe – an open space with dedicated mirrors, hanging space, shoe storage, overhead lofts and almirah – the whole shebang, housed in that partition. This is an excellent cupboard design idea.

Partition It Away

However, it is essential to consider how best to place this partition. It could easily be done behind the bed by raising the headboard to wall height and incorporating shelving behind it. It can also be in front of the attached washroom by creating a passageway with shelving and almirahs. This is a great way to have a walk-in wardrobe when there isn’t much space for an actual walk-in wardrobe.

Wrapping up

There are as many wardrobe styles as there are people and designers. Ultimately, you must customise your bedroom with a cupboard that best suits your taste. Meanwhile, choose from these latest cupboard design photos for your bedroom to get great ideas. For more such home decor inspiration, follow the Interior Company.

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Q. What kind of wardrobe is the best?

The latest cupboard designs with sliding panels are the most popular.

Q. Which wood is the best kind for wardrobes?

Most of the new design cupboards are made from oak wood due to its light appearance.

Q. Should I use ply in my wardrobe?

It is best to use ply when your cupboard design is wall-height or higher than 7 feet.

Q. Which colour should I choose for my wardrobe?

Neutral tones sit best with all-new model cupboard designs.