50 Dreamy Bedroom Interior Design Ideas To Amp Up The Cozy Quotient

Published On: Sep 08, 2021

Bedrooms have a special space in everyone's life. We all want bedrooms to be gorgeous, stylish and offer soothing warmth when we are tired of tedious workload and facing this increasing traffic commotion of the metro cities. Bedroom Interior design should provide tranquillity and stillness. An appropriate selection of paint, room decoration items, and other elements results in exquisite room creation. The welcoming nature of the bedroom releases stress and makes us ready for the next day’s chores. 

Go through the below bedroom Interior design and decorating ideas enabling you to give an elegant gaze when you enter your dreamy bedroom.

1. Bedroom Design with Comfortable Shades

Comfortable Shades

A heightened Bed decorated with varied pattern cushions offers an engaging collection. Pastel blue ticking striped cover with button closure, European white goose down pillow, round dark brown pillow are some of them. Changing tables and antique paintings at the top all in white makes a superb coalition.

2. Window Lined With The Bed

Window Lined With The Bed

Background of a white wall with artistic black patches with a window in the middle having black flat bell valance. The bedroom design has an intelligent use of dark grey and crisp white.

3. Spacious Modern Theme

Spacious Modern Theme

Contemporary bed with carpet under the bed that gives a warm start to your day. The side of the bed is acquired by a transitional woodblock table lamp placed on the chest of drawers.

4. Daisy White Styled Bedroom decor

Daisy White Style

The bed is covered with a pleated white comforter set and throw a woven blanket on the top. It shows smart use of neutral shades for walls and the backrest while forgetting open shelves decorated with some unique collections and books. 

5. Bedroom With Sun-kissed Balcony

Bedroom With Sun-kissed Balcony

The bedroom is filled with morning light due to dramatic windows. Side table lamp place on the small table. Textured mat on the wooden floor and artistic drawings on the wooden walls shows why wood has got relevance.

6. Fusion Of Delicate Blue and Grey

Fusion Of Delicate Blue and Grey

The bed is covered with blue laminates with a small round desk on both sides decorated with a blue table lamp and glassy vase. The look is enhanced with a backdrop of full-length windows of the transparent mirror.

7. Wooden Themed Decor 

Wooden Themed Decor

The wooden canopy bed and wooden walls and roof give it a cottage look. The wooden contemporary footer bench and cabinet are an addition to the list.

8. Style It Up With Pastel Shades

Style It Up With Pastel Shades

One more design of canopy bed in the list with glass table lamp on the wooden chest of drawers and vintage chandelier. A proper seating organization and mirror in the front with a table full of drawers underneath. The multi-colour wall and exterior view provide an admiring ambiance.

9. Minimalistic And Comfy Bed

Minimalistic And Comfy Bed

The bed is covered with fur all over. Whether it be furry pillows or blankets everything will make you sleep very fast. Storage bench and a dramatic chair at the side are noteworthy.

 10. Tinge Of Neutral Olive

Tinge Of Neutral Olive

The candlelight chandelier is the center of attraction accompanied by a large bordered mirror in the backdrop with three antique wall pieces. Dark Grey throw blanket and round vase table lamp have definite collusion with olive green.

11. Bedroom Interior Design with a Classic Theme

Classic Theme

The bedroom is adorned with decorative items for the bedroom such as sea fish metal and Seahorse metal wall art on white wooden pillars while Sea fillable glass lamp on the knitted side table.

12. Urban Styled Bedroom

Urban Styled Bedroom

Flooded with goose down, circle, and square pillows, the bedroom has sound use of light grey with a dark blue throw blanket. Copper old study lamp on an ancient designed desk is commended with a colourful vase and circle mirror that reflects the lamp on the ceiling. 

13. Grandeur Styled Bedroom

Grandeur Styled Bedroom

High on serenity, this beautiful room has got all the luxury one can imagine. The ceiling is illuminated with a crystal light chandelier while the back wall is decorated with furry wall art with nostalgic mirrors near the white table lamps. The round chair is a distinct addition to the room.

14. Fusion of Blue and White

Fusion of Blue and White

Tranquillity comes lively with a crisp white bedroom finished with a pendant light on the cabinet and the side table. The wall is furnished with a creative painting that can be considered for bedroom wall decor ideas effortlessly merging with bedroom room decor.

15. Bedroom With A Chandelier

Bedroom With A Chandelier

Bestowed with creams and greys, the bedroom has used distinct textures to create a masterpiece with a splendid chandelier and a shiny table lamp on both sides.

16. Modern Masterpiece

Modern Masterpiece

It is clean architectural intelligence that gives this bedroom cohesive respite with windows lined with the ceiling, perfect walls, and a blender of grey and black shades.

17.White Flushed With Pink

White Flushed With Pink

A huge white lantern hanged on the sculptured ceiling gives it a veteran glimpse while the grey pillows bring it back to the present. Black reading lamps on both sides and black candle holder take it back to the origin.

18. Give Bedroom Interior Warmth Of Yellow 

Warmth Of Yellow

The metallic bed is decorated with a white pleated comforter set and pretty bed skirt with long neck copper reading lamp at the side and artistic butterfly carpet below the bed profounds it with a genuine glance.

19. Contemporary Styled Bedroom

Contemporary Styled Bedroom

Bedroom decor ideas are given here a rest a little by keeping the impression as simple yet luxurious with cushions and storage cum seating deck at the footer. Classic lights on both sides enhance the serenity.

20. Grey Waves

Grey Waves

If how to decorate the room with simple things is the question running over your mind, then this beautiful bedroom design can be one of the answers with wavy paintings and hexagonal-shaped shelve fitted on the background walls.

21. Give a Colourful Decor to your Bedroom

Colourful Decor

A huge artistic elephant trunk drawn in the background is exceptional wall art. Table lamps have been replaced with a unique architectural wooden small chandelier on both sides. Cushion stool in the middle of the spacious bedroom provides a seating option.

22. Bedroom With Balcony And Office Space

Bedroom With Balcony And Office Space

The bedroom has got its private balcony and the door for it is decorated with three candle holders. Brushed steel table lamp with the rustic table of drawers uplift even a normal bedroom. The bed looks beautiful with a bed skirt and ruffled blanket.

23. Peachy Interior for Bedroom 

Peachy Bedroom

Get lost in the furry pool and light peach cloudy curtains. The dramatic bedroom has a fireplace inbuilt as well.

24. Antique Styled Bedroom Interior With A Modern Touch

Antique Style With A Modern Touch

Pine hunt board of early 90s setup with a ceramic stool that imparts seating choices along with nesting tables at the foot in the spacious bedroom.

25. Light Flowery Bedroom

Light Flowery Bedroom

The bedroom has got some unusual shades of blue and grey. The black task lamp on both sides occupying an unpolished textured table results in a minimal but superior bedroom.

26. Country Bedroom Style

Country Bedroom Style

The bedroom has used a silk textured floor with creamy white surrounding. You can't talk your eyes off from a huge entertainment option on the ceiling.

27. Bohemian Theme

Bohemian Theme

Varied shades of coffee brown are used from cushions, cushion stools to bed and table lamps. It gives a warm feeling that is balanced with an icy blue carpet.

28.Brown-White Cottage

Brown-White Cottage

The bedroom is set up in a white cottage with a large table on both sides. There is a small sofa built in the corner of the room and a ceiling decorated with a candle holder chandelier.

29. Fill It Up With Blue

Fill It Up With Blue

The beauty of the bed's backside is enhanced with light grey shade all over the wall, dark blue buttoned bedrest, and candlelight chandelier. It has got a modern storage bench where you can place your extra cushions and blankets.

30. Classy Interior with Conventional Contemporary Theme

Conventional Contemporary Theme

The bedroom has clever usage of grey with a woven cushion stool and buckets. The woven buckets and bamboo dishes on the wall take to the rural world.

31. Airy and Shelved Bedroom Interior 

Airy and Shelved Bedroom

Books have replaced the room decoration things in this design where there are bookshelves on both sides. The buttoned soft layer in the backdrop gives a living room impression.

32. A Vibrant Look

 A Vibrant Look

Bell lamps and square carpet are some unique additions. The bedroom has a green touch with a knitted throw on the goose-down cushions-covered bed.

33. Peach Decor will Beautify your Bedroom Interior

Peach Decor

 Placing wall paintings on the rack, the bedroom has more greenery for a fresh breeze with a hand printed blanket and lantern.

34. Love For Green

Love For Green

Sage green painted walls, green pillow covers, and a bench apprehend the nature's beauty that enters through a wide balcony.

35. Bedroom Design for your Little Dreamer

Little Dreamer

If you are planning an interior for your little one's room and hooked to the question of how to decorate a bedroom for them then this bedroom decoration design is a solution.

36.Bedroom with Black Hues

Bedroom with Black Hues

Very rarely do we find black in the bedroom as it triggers several emotions but this design has a balanced use of black with a white and unique glass vase on one table and black on the other.

37. Beautiful Beige Bedroom Decor

Beautiful Beige Amazing beige shades are unfolded in this bedroom with huge windows that unleash nature.

38. White Fused With Coloured Accessories

White Fused With Coloured Accessories

Canopy has something in them that instantly increases the authenticity of the room. The room decoration design has stimulating management of antiques, cushion stool, and pillow designs.

39. Bedroom With An Outside View

Bedroom With An Outside View

Balconies for bedrooms have got their value and momentous and same goes with design as well which has well incorporated pale pink and creamy white in it.

40. Frry Grey and Browns

Frry Grey and Browns

Greys and browns have amalgamated and the outcome is extra special with colour divided curtains and different textures.

41. Wooden Whites

Wooden Whites

Creamy brown woven throw and white bed cover purely blended with grey background give a relaxing mood.

42. Faded Wooden Styled Bedroom 

Faded Wooden Style

Room decoration things such as bamboo items, ladder, button closure pillow covers, net on the top, and yellow lamp on the ceiling give the room a dramatic expression.

43. Trendy Swing-bed

Trendy Swing bed

This time the swing is for planters made from woolen. The bedroom is decorated with a lot of stuff to look out for.

44. Sophisticated Style Bedroom

Sophisticated Style Bedroom From table, table lamp, to bed everything is made from bamboo making it an eco-friendly bedroom.

45. Modern Bedroom Interior with a Sleek Design

Modern Sleek Design White themed room is the best to rest after a hectic day with a little roommate.

46. Mirrored View

Mirrored View The Single bedroom has a fitting full-length wall mirror on the side that satisfies the dressing table need.

47. Bedroom Interior for Plant Lovers

Plant Lover

The collusion of all the colours under one roof with a background on chocolate with a splash of green is unusual but give embraces you bedroom interior design with beauty.

48. A Rustic Look

A Rustic Look

The bedroom is decorated with an unpolished rustic wood bench and a twinkled fairy lights decorated ladder on the side.

49. Kingsize Bed for Luxurious Bedroom Design

Kingsize Bedroom

The full-size bed covered with symmetrical printed blankets and a showcase decorated with green plants adjacent to the bed are its notable elements.

50. Cloud Combo

Cloud Combo Luxurious bedroom interior setup with lamp chandelier reminds of palaces.


Home decor ideas-bedroom are inspired by nature, day-to-day life, needs, and necessities. The bedroom should give a calming effect on each one's life. They should be designed with love and elegance. So next time whenever you get stuck on how to decorate the room, just give a glance at the above decor ideas that will give some unique outcomes.