25 Beautiful Designs of Balcony – The Top Trending Ideas of 2021!

Published On: Jul 27, 2021

Home interior has taken new heights with evolution cities and standard of living. But people still prefer balconies to be offering the piece of nature in their house where they can relax and rediscover themselves. The balcony offers the space for thoughts and can make normal evenings stunning. They have got their own relevance and therefore, they are considered a valuable addition to the home. An appropriate selection of elements for galleries can give a charming appearance to the home. From authentic to urban balcony designs, everything can be explored in your own creative space.

Have a glance at the trendy balcony Designs and decoration ideas to get an overview of the modern balcony ideas:

1) Personal Space With Professional Touch

Glass railing gives you an uninterrupted look at the city. A small sofa with a coffee table on the front will make your evenings delighted. Open space with a backdrop of one plant. You can disconnect from the world and build a connection with the world after the closure of the rolling glass doors.

Personal Space with professional touch

2) Small And The Cherishing One

Black fibre knitted sofa that comes with a cute little table for required stuff, has a perfect merger of blue and green accessories giving it a pleasant gaze. Though small, but the balcony offers multiple seating options for small gatherings.

Small and the cherishing one

3) Earthy Garden

The mind relaxing balcony has used pebbles and wooden boards to give it an earthy look while it works well for blood pressure patients by getting an amusing massage. It also uses a small water fountain making it eye-catching and de-stressing. The balcony has only green plants that allow staying focused. A wooden bench to sit on while you watch the candlelight is just the perfect way to end the day.


4) Fusion of Cabanas

Cabanas are not restricted to beaches, they have entered your balcony giving the gratifying evening ambience. Different species of plants all over the balcony has made it a small private garden with the background of bamboo rolls all over the wall and railing. Height is increased with the deck while bamboo furniture enables you to unwind your thoughts.

Fusion of Cabanas

5) Open Living Space

The balcony opens inside the building compound which can be entertaining accompanied by lower bottom plants. It gives a cozy feeling with an L-shaped sofa with comfy cushions and a wiggly designed rug. It has a folding tea table that can be adjusted when not required. Grey has been superbly matched the towers.

Open Living space

6) Resting Area

3-layer divided railing in patches of closed, netted and open, hides your secret stuff while you enjoy watching ambience in the company of easy going flower plants. The bamboo handcrafted lounge chair with large pillows and warm blanket is the best option to fall asleep while you relish the evening lights in the gallery. This design has been given a stiff look with a dark grey metal finish on the wall but has been smoothened with chair and plants fusion.

Resting area

7) Plants All Over

The railing is decorated with plants along with the wall. Green plants that are set up in bio-degradable material makes it environmentally friendly. Small flower plants are hanging over the top with fencing plant on the walls. The company of this small garden can be enjoyed with the knitted chair.

Plants all over

8) Sunlight Illuminated

A raised deck gives a height and a sense of detachment with Acapulco chairs that allow you to stay active as well. The three modern pendant lights enhance the look in the morning and illuminate the evenings. With a coffee table in front for essentials and a simple railing, it's a mellow design.

Sunlight illuminated

9) Date in Balcony

The perfect date can be organized in the home balcony designs with complimentary plants and comfortable wooden chairs and a folding table in between. L-shaped wooden sofa in the corner lets small gatherings on the balcony. Greenery in bamboo and metal pots bestows it with a village glimpse. Wooden plank flooring and wall gives this balcony a cottage appearance.

Date in Balcony

10) In the City

Covered with wooden base sofas, the comfortable seating area is provided with this front balcony design. Several patterned pillows with a stand in the side grants convenient sitting. The railing is lightened with yellow bulbs increasing its authentic look. A little greenery further adds to the elegant impression.

In the city

11) Rustic Look For Vintage Buildings

Rail garden with black pots and bamboo pots on the ground gives it a rustic appearance. The gallery is well-balanced with flower printed bamboo comfortable lounge chairs. The wooden texture tiles flooring makes the complete view nostalgic that faces old lanes of the city.


12) Vertical Gardening

A modern balcony design having a table for two and vertically hooked hibiscus flora makes it an enchanting view. Red, pink, white hibiscus and other florals all over the railing make it adorable with a floral designed rug underneath. For a cozy feeling, there is a black chair to relax while you are tired of work.

Vertical gardening

13) Veteran Comfort

If you have ample space in your balcony, this design is for you where you can place classic weaved bamboo designed comfort sofas and a glassy bamboo tea table. Woven willow bird hides with a comfy mattress and oversized cushions is a gorgeous extension in the landscape.

Veteran comfort

14) Homey Garden

People who love gardening should give this a glimpse. Metal Basket Bucket planters with flowers such as crane's bill, pink and white rose and other shrubs give an enduring gaze enjoyed while you sit in the wooden black chairs. With vegetation all over, a garden is created at home itself that will purify your surrounding and give a calming experience.

Homey Garden

15) Blue Creations

Violet comfort arm lounge chairs blended with lined pillow covers to relax on weekends and Sundays. Blue painted wooden planks flooring and blue painted ceramic planters with rare plants remind of village destinations.

Blue creations

16) Vertical Garden With Resting

Green plants on the wall placed vertically and wooden deck floor gives you surrounding for work from home. The handmade oversized floor cushions and mattress on which you can lie with your little buddy. Yellow vintage cabinet in which you can keep your gardening tools and other stuff. There two antique candle holder at the side lighten your evenings with natural light.

Vertical Garden with resting

17) Sky-Kissing Luxury Setup

Terrace cum balcony illuminated with nature's light, white and orange flowers and candleholder make it is the perfect setup for breakfast and dinners. Wooden flooring, wooden base sofas and a wooden bench will give you comfortable food serving. Sitting arrangement is set more people can accompany you. The fence is heightened thus keeping you away from the commotion of the city.

Sky-kissing luxury setup

18) Nature Friendly

Wooden wall decorated with small planters and two candleholders placed on open wooden shelves gives it a cottage blend. Wooden base sofas together with ceramic stool magnify its elegance. Calatheas plant on one side and edged tree trunk table develop a forest illusion.

Nature friendly

19) Crafted Greenery

The classic example of balcony design outside the living area opening in the society as the minimalistic formation for duplex apartments. Separated from the neighbour by fibre-glass, it is decorated with knotted creepers on criss-cross squares of wooden rolls with green plants surrounding it. The seating arrangement is furnished with woven lounge chairs and a white sofa.


20) Comfort Zone Near Living Room

Adjacent to the living room, it is a modern balcony design that is floored with wooded tiles and an adjustable ceiling at the end that allows limited sunlight to enter. Acapulco chairs, low beach coffee table and antique painting categorize it has a gallery pop design. Glass railing gives an unbroken view from high skies.

Comfort Zone near living room

21) Balcony with Whitewash Surroundings

A fully covered balcony wall design that is made from white painted wooden walls and a wooden bench covered with a mattress. The open wooden shelves are decorated with green plants. Black patterned pillow and mattress covers make a great fusion. The doted plant watering can planter gives a beautiful effect.

Whitewash surrounding

22) City Culture

Modern Bench for de-stressing with moderate sunlight entering makes the place more awful. Violet designing cushions and mattress, rug complements the beige painted walls. Black planters and round-shaped shrubs give an amazing backdrop placed above the bench. The focal point of this small balcony design is small round pendant lights that are superbly arranged to gladden the nights.


23) Small Yet Appealing

One of the small balcony ideas, it is an open balcony Decorated with snaky pillow covers and subtle carpet. Wooden benches and folding side table having white planter and flower. Different bucket planters with different planters have made a pleasant merger. After a tedious job and mind scratching day, you can enjoy the pleasant evenings while drinking ginger tea.

Small yet appealing

24) Beach at Home

The small terrace design is given a beach glow by its sun-filled feature. The colour combination used for decoration is adorable as the white and red stripes of cloth on the railing and green and blue handbag planters bring the balcony to life. There are a lot more colours used on the balcony. It is the best place to spend the mornings while reading a newspaper sitting on the chair.

Beach at home

25) Balcony Layout with Flowers Garden

The vertical garden hanging across the, while small pots in the open cabinet and hooked planters across the railing is a new balcony design ideas. The private garden offers you a private tea table where you enjoy your delightful mornings. The roof of the balcony is covered with a plastic red balcony cover.

Flower Garden

26) Pinkish Decor

Give your balcony a gorgeous look with the use of pink shades. You can enhance the look with pink roses all over the gallery. The design of balcony has been intelligently done with the usage of white planters for pink roses giving the sound and silent look. The knitted mat at the bottom of the white chair is the perfect collision. The little tea table is the best to enjoy the morning tea.

Pinkish decor

27) Spacious and Luxurious Balcony Design

With the multiple seating arrangements made from grey smooth fabric, the balcony proffers an astonishing view of the city. The balcony has a border of small plants throughout the balcony. Sofas well commend the wooden grey flooring and stone sculptured wall at the side gives it a vintage gaze.

Spacious and luxurious

28) Lighted Wooden Cabinets will Beautify Your Balcony Design

It is a variant terrace decoration where the wooden cabinets for greenery are fitted across the unplastered bricks textured tiles. The shelves are further brightened with yellow lights enhancing the beauty. The balcony door design is created from a combination of glass and painted timber. Lighted wooden cabinets

29) Design of Balcony with a Modern Comfort

The design of balcony is made using neutral shades of grey and black. Comfortable dark grey knitted sofas and creamy white weaved table give it an effortless look. The antique candle holder and rectangle white tray apprehend the balcony design. The twisty crafted mat is a sterling blend.

Modern comfort

Balcony Design Conclusion

Let us end this beautiful balcony decoration as there are numerous ways to decorate this mesmerizing place of your house. The unique terrace design should be created that mingle with our lifestyle and which can offer love and affection while we are tired of our boring routine life. It should be a place of inspiration where new thoughts pop up in your mind. Sometimes simple terrace design ideas can create wonders which high elementary material fail to achieve.