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Aquarium Placement As Per Vastu- Significance, Directions And Benefits

Published On: Jun 11, 2024

Have you ever marvelled at the beauty of water bodies beside an ancient temple, Gurudwara, or Buddhist monastery? These enchanting water ponds symbolise potent purification and hold spiritual and cultural significance, spanning centuries and civilisations.

Today, these ancient ponds have been transformed into our living space as humble aquariums. Let’s explore the profound impact of aquariums in our homes, creating a balanced and prosperous atmosphere.

According to Vastu Shastra, an aquarium is a dynamic ecosystem embodying all five elements of nature. Its strategic placement invites balance, tranquillity, and abundance.  The flowing water brings positive energy, happiness and success into the house.

Are you curious about the right direction for placing your aquarium or the number of fish? Keep reading the blog to align your aquarium placement as per vastu for optimal effect.

Where To Place Fish Tank In Home?

Aquarium Position as per Vastu

Whether you seek to boost your social connections, attract wealth, or improve career opportunities, seek the best place for aquarium in house as per vastu to maximise its benefits.

  • Aquarium as per Vastu, should be placed at the northeast corner of a home to boost prosperity and positive energy. This placement can attract new financial opportunities and enhance positive energy flow throughout the home.
  • If you want to improve your social life, the vastu shastra fish tank position should be in the southeast corner to harmonise relationships. It's a vibrant spot to sustain healthy and happy bonds and promotes a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Strategic Placement for Specific Goals

Strategic aquarium Placement as per Vastu

Place the aquarium in the Office area at the reception to welcome prosperity and create a serene but dynamic work environment. This placement invites opportunity and sets a tone of abundance and success right from the entrance.

Areas to Avoid

However, there are several places where you should avoid placing an aquarium, as it can lead to adverse effects.

  • Avoid placing the fish tank in the kitchen, as it can increase the likelihood of conflicts among family members.
  • Avoid aquarium placement as per vastu in the centre of the home or office area, as this space should be kept open and light, and an aquarium in this position can lead to financial issues.
  • Keep an aquarium outside of the bedroom to shun restless energy and vivid dreams.

Benefits Of Keeping a Fish at Home

Benefits of Keeping a Fish at Home As Per Vastu Principles
  • According to Vastu Shastra, fish aquariums absorb negative energy, warding off evil eye. Fish absorb and neutralise negative vibes, protecting your home from the malevolent gaze while creating a safe and serene environment.
  • The presence of water and life in the form of fish is a powerful conductor of Chi, or life force, promoting the flow of positive energy within the home. As per Vastu, fish aquariums cultivate an atmosphere of happiness and prosperity.
  • Vastu principles posit that an aquarium in the north-east direction filled with lively fish can enrich your space with abundance and prosperity. Aquarium direction as per Vastu, positively impacts the household’s financial state, enhancing well-being and instilling a sense of hope and optimism.
  • As per Vastu guidelines, the aquarium’s strategic position facilitates negative vibes from the home. This involves placing in the ideal direction to attract career opportunities and boost earnings.
  • There’s a delightful sense of optimism that even a small aquarium with fish can attract good luck and fortune.
  • Whether it’s the vibrant colours, the constant movement, or the serene sounds of water, the presence of the aquarium is considered auspicious, ushering good vibes and dispelling negativity.

Number of Fish

Number of fishes in aquarium according to Vastu
  • According to Vastu guidelines, keeping an odd number of fishes in the aquarium is considered auspicious, striking a balance between positive energy and spiritual traditions.
  • Under Vastu, an aquarium with nine fish is believed to hold significant positive energy. A fish tank in a home can amplify positivity and prosperity, fostering an optimistic environment in the household.
  • The suggested composition includes eight Goldfish and one blackfish, which adds another layer of symbolism. Goldfish are famously associated with wellness and balance. A single blackfish depletes negative energy and provides protection.

Other Water Plants

Water Plants for Fish Aquarium

You can house several elements in your aquarium rather than tossing in a few glass pebbles and a sunken shipwreck. Choose a base of river sand, driftwood, and plenty of underwater plants, such as Anubis, water lettuce, Lilies, Azolla, mosaic plants, or java ferns. Green enthusiasts can transform a fish tank into a small water garden, showcasing an extension of a coveted indoor plant collection.

The Shape of the Fish Tank

When incorporating an aquarium as per vastu, choose a round or rectangular shape that is easy to clean and compatible with the interior settings. Diverse shapes, including cuboid, hexagonal, inclined, or bow front, are also available, which can add aesthetic appeal to the space. Avoid triangular aquariums as they are associated with fire energy and are not aligned with Vastu Principles.

Stylish Glow-in-the-Dark Aquariums

Stylish Glow-in-the-Dark Fish Tank

Glow-in-the-dark aquariums are the latest trend, creating an immersive, magical environment that glows with possibilities. The use of radiant pebbles crafted from special, non-toxic materials safe for fish and plants lends an ethereal glow. Further, adding artificial glowing jellyfish can elevate the beauty of your aquarium. These silicone-based jellyfish float gracefully, inciting a dynamic element to your setup. Plus, the use of waterproof LED lights enhances the glowing effects. LED lights are known for producing minimal heat, making them ideal for use in an enclosed aquarium. These lights glow the water elements and boost the visual appeal, creating a captivating scene.

In A Nutshell

As per Vastu principles, incorporating an aquarium into your home is believed to usher a myriad of positive energies into a home. The presence of water and life enriches the environment with vitality and peace. Moreover, the ideal aquarium position, as per vastu, wards off negativity, promotes prosperity and enhances overall well-being. Embrace the symbolic significance of aquariums aligned with Vastu practices to lend a harmonious and vibrant atmosphere, combining aesthetic appeal.

For more Vastu guidelines and bespoke home design ideas, consult with the experts at Interior Company, curating livable spaces for you and your loved ones.

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    Can a fish tank bring good luck, according to Vastu Shastra?

    Yes, an aquarium position as per Vastu, attracts positive energy, happiness and abundance in the home.

    Where should I place the fish tank as per Vastu?

    Ideally, the placement of the aquarium in the house should be north, northeast, or east direction, enhancing financial opportunities and social connections.

    What shape of the fish aquarium is recommended for Vastu?

    A rectangular or round-shaped aquarium is preferred over triangular or irregular shapes. The round and rectangular shapes are more flexible and symbolise stability and harmony.

    How many fish should be kept in the aquarium for good Vastu?

    As per Vastu principles, incorporate odd number of fish, like nine, to attract positive energy.

    Are there any disadvantages to keeping a fish aquarium?

    Fish tanks in your home bring good fortune and incite elegance to your decor. However, they require proper maintenance, regular cleaning, light replacement, and fish feeding. Overstocking or improper care can also lead to unhealthy conditions for the fish, so think carefully before investing in a fish tank for your home.

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