20 Trendy Bedroom Wardrobes Design

Published On: Sep 16, 2021

Without a decent wardrobe, the bedroom is incomplete. But we always finish with a not-so-modern setting that looks dull when designing a bed. It has become easy to choose a new bedroom wardrobe design for your home with so many different materials available to choose from today. These pieces of furnishing not only achieve their main function but also serve as an aspect of decoration. The modern wardrobe is used mostly to store different items. With the improvements in the interior design of the space, different modern wardrobe design has been added to the room's furniture. The condition is today that the room looks incomplete without a modern wardrobe design for bedroom. Today's closet and new wardrobe design not only offers extra facilities and adds new decor to your quarters. If it's a tiny bedroom or a luxury double bedroom, the best wardrobes designs for your dream room have the best look. That's why we gathered the best of 20 latest bedroom almirah designs that would instantly change the décor.

What are the different types of wardrobe? Below look at the bed in the closet and choose your favourite wardrobe according to your bedroom space and wall colour.

1. Wardrobe Doors with Mirrors

Wardrobe Doors with Mirrors

The mirrored wardrobe is an ideal choice of modern wardrobe designs for small bedrooms, as it addresses different aspects of modern almirah designs for bedrooms. One is your storage needs, and the other is to make the room look spacious.

2. Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

The moving doors or panels are a modern wardrobe design that you can see in your wardrobe. The easiest way to conserve space in your room is with this modern sliding door wardrobe.

3. Try the Built-in Wardrobe Style

Try the Built-in Wardrobe Style

How do I build a wardrobe for my bedroom? The closet's built-in latest wardrobe designs look fantastic and it can be easily customized depending on the room's size and colour. They can be constructed from different types of materials such as iron and wood. There is also a good space in the middle of your closet to position the wardrobe bed in the room wardrobe design. These wardrobes are inexpensive and affordable renovation to provide plenty of extra storage space in less area.

4. Elevated Mount Wardrobe

Elevated Mount Wardrobe

Elevated wardrobe is one of the best master bedroom modern wardrobe designs for bedroom. It is a high cupboard designed for multi-purpose use and it saves space.

5. Cupboard Out of Fiberboard

Cupboard Out of Fiberboard

One of the simple wardrobe design fibreboard is a sleek and lightweight cupboard. These are all raw, making them look like real wood. This type of wardrobe has a chest of drawers and an open space.

6. Multifunctional Spacious Wardrobe

Multifunctional Spacious Wardrobe

The designer has designed a multifunctional cabinet that also comes with an almirah, drawers, and an open space to decorate your room.

7. See-through Door Wardrobes

See-through Door Wardrobes

This seamless wardrobe furniture design is a perfect alternative for traditional cupboard doors. One can easily see what is inside the closet without opening the doors. It is also the best idea to always keep the closet organized.

8. Drawers in Wardrobes

Drawers in Wardrobes

Drawers wardrobes are one of the elegant and modern almirah designs that adds a completely functioning piece of furniture by using various types of storage systems in one cupboard. Two more drawers can be attached to the top and bottom of the mount.

9. Sleek Finish Wardrobe

Sleek Finish Wardrobe

An elegant latest bedroom wardrobe design that can fit into any room easily. In addition to a traditional wardrobe, it is a safer option.

10. Vintage Look Wardrobe

Vintage Look Wardrobe

How do you build a wardrobe in a small bedroom? Vintage wardrobes are one of the latest wardrobe designs for bedroom. If you want to add a classic charm to your room, then it is important that you have traditional wardrobes.

11. Stylish Glass Screens Wardrobe

Stylish Glass Screens Wardrobe

The wooden modern wardrobe designs for a small bedroom room with a fashionable look are ideally suited for a single individual with an old look with minimal racks. The bedroom closet cabinets, made from recycled material, are long-lasting. The door panels can be shifted to make them lightweight and modern with a glass mirror.

12. Portable Compact Closet

Portable Compact Closet

The compact dressing room will be ideal for you. This bedroom with a wardrobe is mostly picked latest wardrobe designs for bedroom 2020 for the children's bedroom with a variety of drawers and flexible DIY.

13. Single Door Cool Wardrobe

Single Door Cool Wardrobe

This single door closet is a beautiful design in your room. With a mirror on the front, this apartment is one of the large wardrobes for single guests.

14. Elegant Hinge Door Wardrobe

Elegant Hinge Door Wardrobe

You will contribute to the space available in the room by choosing this wall style for your bedroom. The wardrobe with drawers is made of standard quality material along with German hardware with a number of internal fittings and configurations. The closet is famous for expanding room storage.

15. Designer Fashionable Wardrobe

Designer Fashionable Wardrobe

Decorate your room by selecting new wooden smooth and bright door panels and beautiful designs wardrobes for your bedroom. The closet in the white bedroom simplifies the designer's style with black styles.

16. Antique Finish Wardrobes

Antique Finish Wardrobes

Antique cupboards are also an excellent choice if you want to provide a beautiful contrast to your modern look room.

17. Wardrobe With Dresser

Wardrobe With Dresser

These kinds of attached modern wardrobe design with dressing tables are perfect for bedrooms. The block architecture of the bedroom wardrobe gives extra space in the shape of an attic. It's a great fit for the black dressing kit.

18. Laminated Closets

Laminated Closets

You must be wondering which Colour is best for a bedroom wardrobe?  You should go for two solid colours, which complement the room decor, rather than a single colour, and allow the wardrobe to stand up high and enhance the elegance of the beautiful room. If you want a wall drop design in bedroom without too much effort into the design or texture of the wardrobe then try using door lamination sheets.

19. Solid Wood Finish Wardrobe

Solid Wood Finish Wardrobe

Solid wood is a wardrobe material that is never stylish but will always give the classic look. This kind of cabinet is longer lasting than those constructed from other materials.

20. L- Shaped Three Door Classy Wardrobe

L- Shaped Three Door Classy Wardrobe

This white L-shaped wardrobe style is specifically designed to take into account children's specifications. The modern sliding wardrobe design is ideal for storing useful items that take the safety standards of the children into account.

21. Narrow Lined Sleek Wardrobe

Narrow Lined Sleek Wardrobe

You can choose small cupboards, which can be put even in the corners, depending on the space available in your chamber.


1. What is the best way to choose the wardrobe for my bedroom?

A proper arrangement of sliding doors to shoe stays, soft closet inserts, and wire storage can be the best solution for building a wardrobe.

2. Which colour goes best for the bedroom wardrobe?

Some of the best bedroom wardrobe color combinations are bold colors like dusky blue, bright yellow or ocean colors. A mute shadow like rose quartz functions like magic, with the hues of burnished wood or even magnificent whites or creams.

3. What are the smart tips to build a wardrobe in a small bedroom?

For a small bedroom, build a wardrobe around the window, built-in shelves around the TV or in front of the bed. You can also design the wardrobe around the headboard and underneath the vanity.

4. Mention the different types of wardrobe.

Some of the popular wardrobes are wall-mounted wardrobes, sliding doors, free-standing wardrobes, and customized wardrobes.