Scandinavian Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Published On: Oct 03, 2022

When natural materials, clean lines and the ‘less-is-more’ aesthetic define a space’s interiors, they’re all a part of the Scandinavian scheme. It originates from the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. This style is a seamless blend of form and functionality, celebrates minimalism, wrapped up in muted colour schemes, wooden furniture and rustic accents. 

In this blog, we explore the best of Scandinavian kitchens infused with practicality, efficiency, and elegance. From minimalistic apartments to traditional homes, discover our Scandi-inspired kitchen design ideas filled with Nordic charm. 

White Scandinavian Kitchen Interior Design

When you think of a Scandinavian kitchen design, the first thing that comes to mind is the colour white. This airy kitchen lends a pristine vibe with all-white cabinetry and light oak flooring. The interiors of the kitchen are characterised by clean and straight lines creating an elegant appeal. 

Scandinavian kitchens are known for their simplicity and functionality and follow the work triangle principle creating a seamless flow between the spaces. In addition, the light wooden accents on the countertop and white backsplash tile bring character to the space. With its enduring style and versatility, this kitchen is a dream come true. 


Minimalist Kitchen Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandi-inspired kitchens feature neutral colours, a functional layout, and warm wood tones that exude warmth. Large windows flood the space with natural light to brighten your interiors. Want to upgrade your kitchen? Take inspiration from this modern Scandinavian kitchen interior design perfect for loft apartments. The minimalist design offers ample storage and a clutter-free cooking experience. The off-white colour scheme, and gorgeous tile backsplash with matte black faucet accentuate the kitchen interiors.  


Celebrate Wood Tones in Scandinavian Kitchen

This modern Scandinavian kitchen interior design has flat-front cabinetry with minimal hardware that creates a sleek and streamlined look. The warm-toned floor-to-ceiling wood brings the natural appeal, while the white backsplash adds contrast and reflects light. This quintessential wooden kitchen brings the outside in plus adds warmth and texture to the space. No Scandinavian kitchen is complete without a rustic wooden table to dine in. Pair it with the classic wishbone chairs to create the Nordic charm in the heart of your home.  


Pick a Serene Colour Scheme for Scandinavian Kitchen

The minimal colour scheme with blue or green accents epitomises Scandi-style in creating a placid sanctuary. While adding a personality to your space, coloured kitchen cabinet ideas are amongst the rising trends. The upper cabinets have multiple open shelves to store your cutlery, pots, amongst other items. The kitchen is well-lit with natural light and plant decor, a part of Scandinavian home interiors. Adding to the beauty of this kitchen is the marble island that offers storage and seating space for informal meals. Further, the elegant white drop-down pendant light illuminates the area and creates visual interest in the room.  


An Upscale Scandinavian Kitchen Interior Design

Make those big Scandinavian kitchens feel exquisite with the help of furniture and accessories to achieve your dream space. Behind sleek cabinet doors and shelves, storage should be efficient with clever organisation solutions to store cutlery, pans, and other pantry items. This plush kitchen features clean lines, innovative appliances and a waterfall countertop that cascades seamlessly to the floor. The bar cabinet with ambient lighting steals the show and adds a sense of style to the kitchen design.  


Uber Cool Kitchen Scandinavian Interior Design

The contemporary take on Scandinavian kitchen interior design features symmetrical and streamlined furniture with minimalistic details and materials. Aside from aesthetics, functionality is a key tenant in Scandi-style kitchens creating an exotic cooking ambience.Moreover, lighting also plays an important aspect in highlighting the work areas and setting the mood. Look at this modern kitchen design with a touch of flair perfect for grabbing your guests' attention. Moreover, the handless cabinets and modular storage solutions make the space organised and sophisticated. 


Open Scandinavian Kitchen Interior Design

Open layouts have become a significant part of Scandinavian kitchen interior design trends. Off-white and warm neutral tone colours are synonyms of this style as they create an air of sophistication and elegance. Install lighting fixtures to highlight specific areas and further accentuate the space with statement lighting to add a wow factor! 

Take inspiration from this gorgeous kitchen with a minimalist design that ties the room together perfectly. The extended island with a marble top lends an exquisite look to the kitchen. Combined with wooden finishes and white wall tiles, the style of this room is modern, chic, and timeless. 


Add a touch of Bling to Your Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen interior design involves layers of warm wooden accents in the cabinetry and flooring, pale hues, and minimal yet sleek furniture elements. 

Add a touch of luxury with brass details, copper touches and bright marble to your kitchen Scandinavian interior design for a timeless look. The marble kitchen splashback helps accentuate the room’s depth and creates a perfect backdrop. This glossy take on a Scandi-style kitchen with wooden flooring, elegant pendant lights, and gold finish fixtures add a luxe look to the room. 


L-shaped Kitchen Scandinavian Interior Design

The principle of Scandinavian design is “form follows function”, which means a practical and seamless workflow for an efficient cooking experience. With kitchen layout ideas, L-shaped kitchens are most flexible and work brilliantly in big and small kitchens adapting to every style and need. This chic and edgy modular kitchen design feature sleek cabinets to provide maximum, clutter-free storage. For an inviting and homely feel add the graphic rug and indoor plant decorations in well-lit corners. 


White and Black Kitchen Scandinavian Interior Design

This timeless and classic colour combination exudes a sophisticated vibe into the kitchen space. When done correctly, black and white provide sharp contrast and are visually appealing. Modern Scandinavian kitchens is characterised by sleek minimalist cabinet designs. However, for rustic or traditional kitchens, choose reclaimed furniture for added warmth and a casual vibe. Large windows bring the outside in, flooding the space with natural light, and white cabinetry ideas bounce light back into the room. Glass-front cabinetry displays an assortment of all-white dishware against the black backsplash, giving your Nordic-style kitchen an elevated design. 


Explore the Scandinavian Galore

Channelling serene vibes, Scandinavian kitchens have become an influential part of the interior design world. Minimalism, warm ambience and organisation are an inherent part of the Scandinavian style. Hence, modular cabinets, floating shelves, pale colours and ergonomic worktops make up the core of Nordic-inspired kitchens. So, choose a striking design with enduring appeal and a timeless look for the heart of your home. For bespoke kitchen design ideas and inspirations, contact the experts at Interior Company.

Ques 1. What is a Scandinavian kitchen?

A Scandinavian interior design kitchen is a functional and efficient cooking space that gives a sleek and streamlined look with a modern touch. These kitchens feature muted colour themes, wooden tones, minimalist elements and natural materials creating cosy and inviting spaces.

Ques 2. How do you make a Scandi-inspired kitchen design?

To give your kitchen Scandinavian interior design follow these principles:
1. A pale colour scheme
2. Wooden elements for added warmth and inviting ambience.
3. Modular storage for decluttered and organised look.
4. Natural materials and biophilic design elements.

Ques 3. What defines Scandinavian design in Home Interiors?

Scandinavian design features functional design, clean lines, clutter-free organisation, muted colours, and minimalistic furnishings.

Ques 4. What does Scandinavian decor look like in modern homes?

The Scandinavian decor exudes a subtle, minimalistic and functional theme. This style infused with a mid-century modern theme creates visually appealing yet practical home interiors.