Modern Balcony Designs Ideas for Every Mood

Published On: Feb 18, 2022

A balcony is to a house what interior design is to architecture - indispensable! From beginning your days with a cup of espresso and peering at the sunrise to reflecting on your day, the balcony witnesses it all. From gossiping with your best friend to 3 am conversations with loved ones, it is a space that bundles a lot of moods together. Through this blog, we delve into modern balcony design ideas, suited to every mood and aesthetic. 

1. Composure

From beginning your day with a beverage to gazing at the night sky, balcony spaces become our beginnings and endings. Curating a space that inculcates the element of relaxation and mental rejuvenation is what symbolises a modern balcony. From your yoga days to having a cup of tea with family, the space polaroids it all. So, here are a few modern balcony design ideas that focus on the tranquil aesthetic.

Modern Small Balcony Design Ideas: Use Neutral Tones

Hues that are soothing to the eye make a modern balcony appear more physically and mentally tranquil. Neutral tones coupled with warm or wooden textures add dimension to this decor style. If you are tired of scrolling through modern balcony ideas, renovating the space into a zen area is a fitting choice. The addition of some little shrubs or greens can conclude the entire frame of the balcony.

Neutral toned modern balcony ideas

Lean Towards the Railing 

The addition of a simple railing on the balcony can change the complete outlook of the space. Setting the mood of composure, you can install a wooden balcony that will enhance the overall interior design.

Imposing wooden railing in modern balcony ideas

Incorporating a glass ceiling also encapsulates a similar emotion while giving a clear view. It's a clever idea to install a mirrored railing as it makes the space appear visually extensive.

Glass railing in a modern and tranquil balcony ideas

Elements Stimulating Calm

The entire vibe of the balcony is driven by its functionality. If you are someone who likes to begin their mornings with a yoga session, you can install elements that align well with your routine. A carpet along the length of the balcony with planters and light tones of beige and brown work well. Although instigating the aesthetic is completely subjective, the installation of greens and minimal patio furniture adds a fresh perspective to the balcony design.

Balcony design for yoga

If you are a minimalistic person, you can opt for hammock settings or mattresses along the lines of the balcony. Some upright patio or lightweight furniture can also be an interesting addition to a small modern balcony design.

Balcony design ideas for your regular evening.

2. Exuberance

You can kindle the element of vibrancy through the aesthetic of the balcony space by aligning some  dynamic elements. After spending exhausting hours at your job, anyone would need a time out and a coruscating balcony can be your escape.

Modern Balcony Design Ideas: Installing Warm Lights

Installation of warm lights can really amp up the entire frame of the balcony. Instating some warm lights along the railing are a splendid choice for romantic evenings. You can also set up some lantern lighting as an exclusive decor. This design can be perfect for an intimate date night. 

Balcony decor ideas

Installing More Greenery

Who doesn’t like to have a little plant collection to themselves? From little shrubs along the parapet line to installing vertical gardens, it's mostly the greens that make the balcony appear more cosy and eclectic. This is one of those modern balcony ideas that you cannot go wrong with. You can also choose faux grass carpets if you wish to install a natural flooring. 

Plants in balcony decor ideas

Use of Colour

Referring to a good colour palette is quite important when it comes to modern balcony ideas. Colours unfurl the emotion of visual ecstasy. From the use of neutrals and warm undertones to using bright colours, use your creativity to design the balcony. Every colour symbolises a certain emotion. With the use of reflective and high-spirited tones, we can draw more focus towards a favourable mood. 

Use of Colour in balcony

3. Luxury

Who doesn’t like appreciating sunsets and wine from a balcony with some jazz music ringing in the ears? Understanding and implementing a sense of luxury plays a major part in a modern balcony design.

Luxury small modern balcony design

Minimal Tones, Maximum Luxury

A minimalistic design never goes out of trend! You can go ahead with a neutral palette, along with contrasting furniture. You can include minimal touches that complement the background and design frame. Placing candles on the table along with blankets and flatware is the perfect finish to this modern balcony design.

Apart from the neutrals, you can also go with bold colours like mahogany and black. This colour palette when put together with some warm lighting speaks of class and luxury pretty evidently. 

Minimalism is the key to luxury in a balcony design

Adding Balcony Furniture

Adding a touch of luxury might go a long way with the addition of correct furniture.The inclusion of some Bohemian or Scandinavian interior elements would definitely cater to the interior aesthetic of any small balcony design.

Furniture in a balcony design

To incorporate the element of opulence, some people go all out and place a step-down fireplace, while some segregate their balconies into zones. All of these choices  depend on the user’s vision of the user and the dimensions of the balcony. 

Adding Balcony Furniture

4. The Era of Vintage

From the colour palette, furniture and accents, you can use your own style to design your balcony. Everything can be expressed in the language of vintage tones and perspective. 

Depending on your own choices, you can also pick elements that would light up the interiorscape. With the assertion of some jute rugs, furniture and earthy tones in the palette, one can include the most suitable vintage aesthetic. Go French, Italian or bring Turkey home, with every sconce you install. 

The Era of Vintage

5. The Grass Might be Greener on Your Balcony

Installing some greenery in your balcony can bring out an interesting side to your balcony space. Following are the ways in which you can install verdant elements in a modern balcony design: 

Installing Shrubs and Flowers 

Installation of little planters or installing them in pendant pots add a vibrant colour scheme to your balcony. 

Installing Shrubs and Flowers

You can draw focus to one of the walls by installing a vertical garden. It can be installed using real planters or even faux grass.

Installing Shrubs and Flowers ic

An emotion sets in with every flower you place in your home. From placing a green pot that puts a smile on your face, to renovating your small modern balcony design, we have made an attempt to draw parallels between the emotion and the design functionality of a space. 

Installing Shrubs and Flowers ic2


Through this blog, we have fused emotions with aesthetics to list down modern balcony design ideas. You can choose the designs and incorporate them as you style your balcony. If that doesn’t help, watch some YouTube videos for inspiration or get in touch with an interior designer. Start your balcony design project only after deciding on a particular idea.

For more information and design ideas, contact our team at Interior Company. 

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Q. How can I make my balcony look beautiful?

Green plants, floral selection, wooden cabinets are some amazing ways to improve the appearance of your balcony. Adding small sofas and chairs can also enhance the beauty of the balcony. Besides these, you can also choose a swing where you can sit comfortably, sip on tea or do your work. 

Q. How is interior design for a balcony done? 

There is no specific way to design a balcony. In the above article, for instance, you will find multiple modern balcony design ideas. Every idea has its significance and has the potential to transform your ordinary balcony into a pleasantly designed one. 

Q. How do I organise a balcony? 

Organising your balcony requires the proper placement of its elements such as plants and furniture. Space management has to be adequately done. Select plants that you love and place them in colourful planters. 

Q. Can I cover my balcony?

Yes, you can use bamboo screens, climbers, PVC blinds, and bamboo mats to cover up your balcony.