Ali Fazal’s Home: An Artistic Abode in Bustling Bombay

Published On: May 1, 2023

Bombay is an emotion- a way of life even, and this ever so pacey city just so happens to be an omnipresent adhesive of dreams. Just living in this city is a dream for some, while making a living in this city is a dream for others. A magnet so strong that it pulls people from all across the length and breadth of this country and brings them into the city fetching for art, ambition, business, and commerce; a life, so to speak. Those who sink, remain unknown, further drifting into oblivion. Those who successfully make themselves and their craft a known commodity, shine brightly, be it due to flashes of the camera or the studio light adding to the drama. Despite being a shelter for many an artist, Mumbai has its own way. Artists ultimately find their space sooner or later. 


Curated to Inspire

Amidst the noise of Mumbai, Ali Fazal found his home. A sanctum sanctorum that houses a man of many talents- a writer, actor, painter and musician. The boisterous Guddu Bhaiya, is in reality, a shy artist who absolutely loves his collectables. For creators, one of the main requirements any space should fulfil is that of inspiration, and Ali Fazal's home is a testament to that. 

Upon entering his home, what you see is a concrete wall, a sanded-down cabinet and a storage bench repurposed as a teapoy. The incomplete decor pieces are synonymous with how Ali perceives himself; an artist in progress and a perpetual learner. This is also reflective of his collection of various books on science and maths. On your left is a parking space of a Remington and although it’s not in use, its mere existence speaks of an uncontrollable urge; a writer's need to use a typewriter to weave their thoughts like a mother who knits in anticipation of her unborn child. 

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Whimsical portraits of his heroes and a mini Chaplin sanctuary, has art following you throughout the space. What stands apart the most is the framed dab cloth he once used while painting. Artists love their tools and resources, and if you happen to know one, they will attest that the accidental strokes on the cloth and the palette are prettier than the art they crafted. Fazal, too, is an artist' like many before him already were, and many after him will most definitely become' a fallen victim to the joy that chaos brings to a painting rather than the painful, and essentially timely completion of the work. 

Right opposite his prized possession, the framed dab cloth, lies a blackboard. All the mindmaps, permutations, and combinations go up on this board, often giving birth to ideas. Ideas like the piercing gaze he would have while playing a character or a comforting yet somewhat sinister smile, or just a negligible, unnoticeable nod before attacking the villain. His meditation corner is a sanctuary within a sanctuary, which he uses interchangeably as a reading nook. 

Designs That Paint a Personality

Ali Fazal has a collection of memories that he has placed carefully around his house.The actor has paintings that are in constant dialogue with each other about what this guy would turn the living room into next. Fazal has already shuffled between an Akhada, a social media corruption space, a mini theatre, and a space to entertain friends and family. I think a DVD collection of the classics, art from his travels, musical instruments and his admiration of Muhammad Ali- a collector and showcaser of memories- encapsulates Ali Fazal. Everything about his home is gentle. The concrete walls lay humbled by the art hung on them, and the warm ochre floors are perfectly subdued by the blue couch. The transition into the dynamic Ali we see on screen versus the bashful one in person, can be observed in what is his safe space. 

One gets an impression of Ali's personality being vividly painted across his home. The beige-grey wall is synonymous with how shy he is, and the bouts of red clearly highlight the artistry in him. He calls his home a sanctuary where he can be himself and lock himself out of the world. A space where he could choose to get lost. A classic artist, isn't he? Nothing makes an artist feel at home like the chaos they create for, and around themselves. 

Now that you come to think about it, aren't we all artists looking for our own space in this world? Very few amongst us have the conviction to seek and find the courage needed to discover the heights of creativity. Ultimately, Ali Fazal has become a glaring example not just of art on screen, but also that of an artist successfully carving a home for himself in the busy lanes of Bombay- a sanctuary where his talent rests, thinks and then thrives! 


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