14 Modern Pooja Unit Designs for Indian Homes

Published On: Jan 2, 2023

Looking for a modern pooja unit? You are at the right place. Pooja rooms are an important part of Indian homes. However, with houses becoming compact, finding a space for an additional room can take time and effort. However, you can install a pooja unit in your home to serve all your worshipping needs.

You can check out the best puja unit designs that can be installed in a pooja room or anywhere in the house. These designs will bring fresh ideas about what your pooja unit should look like. Read on to see a few pooja unit design ideas.

The Best Pooja Unit Designs

We have collated modern pooja unit designs for you. The list includes corner pooja room designs and several other latest pooja unit designs.

1. Wooden Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

Wood is an excellent material when it comes to pooja units. You can check out wooden corner pooja unit designs if they go well with the appeal of your house. Wood adds to the element of elegance. Also, if the colour of the idols at your home is golden, a wooden unit will complement it quite well. Also, wood adds depth to the cabinet and is ideal if you do not have a pooja room.

2. Marble Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

If you plan to install a pooja unit in the living room, marble or a stone-made pooja unit is the best way to go about it. Stones and marble were used to build temples as they brought calm and composure. You can use tea lights to increase the aesthetic appeal of the stone-made corner pooja unit.

3. White Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

White is a colour that brings peace. Hence, you can go through a few white pooja unit designs in the living room before finalising something. When you choose white, you can go with a glossy and matte finish. You can also add a touch of wood to the unit to make it look sophisticated.

4. Neutral Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to small pooja unit designs, neutral shades work the best. You can have a pooja unit that is cream in colour with a wooden door. A cream backdrop will let the colours of the idol shine. Also, neutral colours add a dash of luxury to your contemporary modern pooja unit.  These work best if you have silver colour idols or idols made of silver.

5. Soft Hue Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

With a zen-inspired botanical setting, your pooja unit will stand out. When it comes to designs for pooja rooms in the Indian style, soft colours unquestionably evoke happy and calming feelings.

To create a divine ambience, combine whites with the installation of glass doors, a backdrop, and a stylish chandelier. You can also play around with pastel shades and place white idols to make the pooja unit look surreal.

6. Printed Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

Worried that your corner pooja unit will go unnoticed? You can spice things up with prints and patterns. Modern house décor becomes even more exciting when they are given a traditional spin.

This modern wooden temple nook might look even more welcoming and upbeat with a vibrant, printed wallpaper in the background. Work with a spiritual print to hang on the wall for an additional sense of spirituality. You can even work with printed tiles if you don't want to go with wallpapers.

7. Cabinet Style Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

Small homes have a limited amount of space in their house. So, they might install a puja unit in the living room. To decorate your temple area, use simple wooden cabinets with a rustic finish. Arrange several idols on top and create a transparent glass backdrop to finish the appearance.

The wooden flooring gives this design an elegant flare. There are different cabinet styles out there. You can pick a readymade cabinet and place the idol and the lamps on it.

8. Monochrome Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

Monochrome is the best way to go when you build a tall pooja unit. You can create a section with dark-coloured or black wood, as it will add to the elegance of your home. Try to get white idols for your pooja cabinet whenever you go monochrome. You can create a spiritual corner with dark wood or dark-coloured plastic pooja unit.

9. Vibrant Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

While minimalistic designs are currently the trend, vibrant pooja units always stay in style. You can create a traditional pooja room by adding a pop of colour to the backdrop behind the idol.

You can experiment with colours like yellow, blue, red, etc. You can also add a glass backdrop and these colours for an enhanced appeal. When you add tea lights to these pooja units, it will make the entire area look surreal.

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10. Bordered Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

Intricate borders are considered a pooja niche design as they are not commonly found. You can create a unit with solid-coloured stoned walls and add intricate borders to the spaces beside the idol. You can even add intricate borders to the outer lining of the pooja unit. You can go with an all-white unit and add wooden borders to it. It will enhance the appeal of your entire house.

11. Pooja Unit with Danglers

Source: Pinterest

People associate bells with temples. While you cannot install a huge bell in your pooja unit, you can choose the one with small danglers or bells. A wooden pooja unit with golden danglers is one of the best designs that go well with almost all houses. The danglers will bring a traditional touch to an ultramodern home.

12. Yellow Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

While yellow is one of the brightest colours, it is the colour worn by most gods. Hence, you can create an area within the house where you paint an entire wall yellow. You can add a few wooden blocks or a wooden door to the pooja unit. The bright yellow distinguishes the area, creating a natural divide where people can worship or pray.

13. Cut-out Pooja Cabinet

Source: Pinterest

A cut-out design works best if you plan on getting a pooja unit in the hall. These designs are for those looking to add a touch of glam to their pooja unit. There are several wooden cut-out designs available out there. When you add a bulb to the cabinet, the cuts create a beautiful lamination adding to the beauty of the pooja unit.

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14. Golden Pooja Unit

Source: Pinterest

If you want designs for a small pooja unit, you can go with golden colour. The golden colour is royal and is one of the best choices for a pooja unit. However, ensure that the wall where you get the golden unit installed is pained in white or a cream shade. A golden pooja unit will break the monotony if your house is all white. You can also have half golden and half white pooja units as they are currently in trend.

In Conclusion

A pooja unit is a vital part of every Indian home. You should create a pooja unit or buy one based on the appeal of your house.

If you are looking for modern pooja unit designs, contact Interior Company. They know all the needs of a modern house and have the best pooja unit designs. They will help you revamp your pooja room or create a space for a pooja unit if you do not have a pooja room. Their designs bring in calm and add to the luxury element.

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    Can I get a readymade pooja unit?

    There are a variety of readymade pooja units available out there. You can pick one that matches the appeal of your home.

    What are the best colours for vibrant pooja units?

    Orange and yellow are some of the best colours if you plan on installing a vibrant pooja unit.

    What kind of pooja units are suitable for minimalistic Indian homes?

    You can go with a monochromatic pooja unit if you plan on getting one for your minimalistic home.

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