Luxurious Modern Bedrooms Ideas in 2022

Published On: Sep 15, 2021

A bedroom, in our opinion, is far more than a place where you get your eight hours of sleep each night. The bedroom, unlike the rest of your house, allows you to create your personal space. You can decorate it however you like and use it for some much-needed "me time".

However, just because your bedroom is the one place where you can be yourself doesn't mean it can't keep up with current trends. We polled some designers to find out the luxury bedroom design trends they believe would be common in the near future. Despite the fact that their responses range from crisp white bedding to multi-functional rooms, it's obvious that beauty sleep has never looked so good.

Whereas subdued, neutral tones were once popular, we are now seeing a significant shift away from minimalist interior schemes, with clients taking more risks with their design choices. Clients want to inject personality into their homes, and the luxury bedroom is no exception. From bold and vibrant fabrics and bedsheets to statement wallpaper and innovative wall finishes such as polished plaster, clients want to inject personality into their homes.

Your luxury bedroom should be a haven for rest and relaxation away from the stresses of daily life. Yeah, you want your luxury bedroom to represent your personal style, but you also want it to act as the sanctuary you deserve. It can be as easy as adding new lamps to transform a bedroom from drab to glamorous, or it can be a little more involved, such as adding an elaborate accent wall. If you're having trouble identifying what yours needs, don't worry; that's exactly what we're here for! Our gallery showcases the best luxury bedrooms, complete with photos and advice, so you can finally find the ideal design.

Following are some luxury bedroom design images that showcase the luxurious bedroom trends of 2021:

1. Go Bold with Black

Go Bold with Black

It's not easy to build a black bedroom, but this one succeeds. In comparison to the light floors and emerald green accent wall, the black wall is extra luxurious. If you're going to use black in your luxury bedroom, make sure there's plenty of contrast, space, and light to keep the space from feeling too confining.

2. Grey and Turquoise Hues

Grey and Turquoise Hues

The vivid and bold world of turquoise is used to contrast the grey bedroom's neutral hues. This colour is not only eye-catching on its own, but it also produces a modern aesthetic with a subtle futuristic vibe when added to the luxury bedroom furniture in the bedroom.

3. Comfortable Oversized Headboard

Comfortable Oversized Headboard

This earthy bedroom's oversized headboard is certainly one of the reasons why it looks so comfortable. This room looks extra comfortable, thanks to the luxurious cushioning that runs the length of the back wall. The ambience generated by the sconces and built-in headboard lights is also helpful.

4. Youthful Multi-Utility Room

Youthful Multi-Utility Room

luxury bedroom isn't just for grown-ups. This opulent children's room is fit for a teen, and its architecture provides the ideal setting for doing homework or unwinding. The designers of this room used many soft neutrals, but they also added pleasant design elements like the abstract black and white floor and the acrylic swinging chair to keep the space feeling youthful.

5. Illuminate with Pendant Lights

Illuminate with Pendant Lights

Bedroom pendant lights perfectly illuminate the seductive dark hues in this gallery. The regal gold on them, as well as the one-of-a-kind chandelier and end tables, give this luxury bedroom an air of modern royalty.

6. Classy Mirror Decor

Classy Mirror Decor

This style is visually appealing due to the variety of textures used. The one-of-a-kind mirrored backboard, in particular, makes a strong statement. When it comes to designing a luxurious bedroom, one-of-a-kind items are ideal because having something entirely special to your space will make the whole design feel much more indulgent.

7. Open Closet Storing Unit

Open Closet Storing Unit

Closets are mostly open, but this bedroom took a unique approach. This open-concept closet in the middle of the bedroom has been transformed into a seating space. This is a unique design option that works perfectly in this room.

8. Colourful Themed Wallpaper Decor

Colourful Themed Wallpaper Decor

This Asian-inspired luxury bedroom isn't particularly colourful, but it's packed with personality. Following the koi fish theme or the cold floral print, we can see that this motif has been used on the wall as well as the floor. This space has a lot of depth, thanks to the 3D wall art.

9. Designed Wall Moulding

Designed Wall Moulding

The circular wall moulding makes all the difference in this space. Consider what the room would be like without it. Choose carefully because the wall art you choose for your luxury bedroom will completely transform the space. If you want to achieve a more formal or polished look, neutral art with a strong texture is always a safe bet.

10. Modish Accent Wall

Modish Accent Wall

With the addition of an accent wall and a wall sculpture, a plain bedroom is transformed. In a luxury bedroom, using a textured accent wall can help add visual appeal and dimension to space, making it feel more luxurious.

11. Cozy Bed on Glossy Tiles

Cozy Bed on Glossy Tiles

Your bed should not only be comfortable but also stylish. Take, for example; this bed image is a floor bed. Since it is so low to the ground, it is unique and ultra-chic, and it was one of the first things we noticed in this space. It's no easy task, particularly with a beautiful, glossy tile wall and patio doors that open up to a breathtaking view.

12. Neutral Metallic Decor

Neutral Metallic Decor

While many luxury bedrooms favour metallics and neutrals, this does not rule out the use of colour. This bedroom's colour-blocked corner is a perfect example.

13. Exemplary Four-Poster Bed

Exemplary Four-Poster Bed

With its four-poster bed and big flat-screen TV, this minimalist bedroom is both cozy and stylish. A four-poster bed is another perfect way to add to a room's opulence.

14. Highlighted Art Gallery

Highlighted Art Gallery

On the wall of this luxury bedroom, is a personal art gallery, complete with its own overhead lighting. Since art galleries are known for their opulence, it's only natural to take a page from their design book.

15. Designed Glass Covered Headboard Backsplash

Designed Glass Covered Headboard Backsplash

A hexagon-designed little glasses have been used to cover the abstract design that has been carved into the recessed wall as a headboard. This is something you don't see every day!

16. Combine Marble and Wood Decor

Combine Marble and Wood Decor

The marble and wood decor in this design is a popular combination in bedrooms that want to achieve a high level of elegance.

17. Keep It Natural

Keep It Natural

This room's amazing textured accent wall behind the bed takes integrating natural elements to a new level. The unprocessed aesthetic and texture are hypnotic.

18. Wood Furnished Illuminated Bedroom

Wood Furnished Illuminated Bedroom

The ideal blend of natural and man-made elements is achieved by using wood furnishings and a variety of lighting. The unusual ceiling fan that hangs above us is one of our favourites.

19. Rich Gold Wall Decor

Rich Gold Wall Decor

The colour gold has long been associated with riches and prosperity. With the help of a little paint, a unique lamp, and drum end tables, this bedroom image creates a fun, but elegant corner.

20. Try Asymmetrical Design

Try Asymmetrical Design

Asymmetry can be a useful design method for keeping things fun and new. To achieve a luxury bedroom, symmetry and matching all are not needed.

21. Pendant Light on Textured Accent Wall

Pendant Light on Textured Accent Wall

Look for functional art that you can integrate into your design. They're practical, and they'll give your luxury bedroom a distinct look. We like how the artist on the accent wall mimicked the texture of the pendant light.

22. All-White for All Bright

All-White for All Bright

With its all-white colour scheme, this minimalist bedroom is elegant and tidy. By including a modern bed and a recessed wall illuminated by built-in lighting, the designer ensured that this room did not feel cold and sterile.

Following are some of the luxury bedroom interior design ideas that make the cut for the luxury bedroom ideas of 2021:

1. Match Decor with the Wall Lights

Match Decor with the Wall Lights

If you need to offer a low ceiling some height, opt for lampshades that will direct the light to bounce upwards.

2. Bed to Make a Statement:

Bed to Make a Statement

Make way for your bed to take centre stage. As soon as you walk into the room, your bed has to be the first bedroom furniture that you see. When choosing a statement bed, think of vibrant colours, striking designs, and intriguing shapes.

3. Boho Chic Colour Palette:

Boho Chic Colour Palette

Mix homemade and purchases to add colour and character to your bedroom. When it comes to decorating, sometimes you just have to let go of the rules and trust your instinct, following your instincts and choosing designs and accessories that would induce happiness.

4. Implement Unique Glamour:

Implement Unique Glamour

Instead of minimalism, aim to achieve decorative statement accessories that complement the luxury look. Glossy finishes and intricate designs are the new trends in luxury living.

5. Charming Regal Blue Decor:

Charming Regal Blue Decor

Royal or navy blue is a colour that stood the test of time. Velvet is a comfortable texture to touch and to look at that easily transitions into the fall and winter seasons.

6. Highlight the Headboard

Highlight the Headboard

When the decision comes to purchasing your headboard and bed, you should be willing to spend as much as the budget set by you will allow because this investment is for a long-term basis.

7. Call-Out to the Outside View

Call-Out to the Outside View

This could be easily accomplished by introducing different frames and thereby enhancing the views you get when you look out of the windows with greenery or floral wallpaper.

8. Creative Clutter-Free Storage Space

Creative Clutter-Free Storage Space

Storage, in today's world, has become an important and unavoidable aspect of the design process, and we should expect it to remain so as we strive to clear the accumulated clutter for a restful and quiet bedroom.

9. Go Green from Within

Go Green from Within

The botanical trend is an easy way to add character and vitality to a scheme while remaining fresh and welcoming. Plants and plant motifs are energizing and uplifting, and they have long-lasting appeal in the bedroom.

Following are some of the best design ideas of 2021 to create the ideal luxurious bedroom:

1. All-in-One Sofa Bed:

All-in-One Sofa Bed

The Convertible Sofa is a stylish piece of contemporary furniture. The sofa-bed device comes in a variety of practical and elegant colours, is made of fabric or imitation leather, and can be used in a variety of modular bed design settings.

2. Retro Style Modern bedroom:

Retro Style Modern bedroom

The retro reference in the bedroom, like many other aspects of luxury bedroom designs, will play an important role in the upcoming 2021 – 2022 season. This collection appeals to the senses with lacquered textures, solid geometric forms, and warm colours.

3. Fuse the Fabric in Bed:

Fuse the Fabric in Bed

Velvet has been making a big comeback in the last year. Not only on the runways of the world's fashion capitals but also in the world of interior design. Incorporate emerald green, acid green, red, blue, or purple into your fancy bed design to create the modern luxury bedroom that you want.

4. Solid Wood Bed designs:

Solid Wood Bed designs

The quest for a real, comfortable, and earthly feel is another global trend in the luxury bedroom interior design that can be cleverly adapted to the development of your bedroom area. As a result, for a modern, trendy bedroom, you can always rely on a mix of natural materials and green accents.

5. Match Bedroom-Bathroom Decor:

Match Bedroom-Bathroom Decor

Sleeping and bathing areas that combine the two are becoming increasingly common. Clear, straight lines with light accents dominate the furnishing compositions.

Listed below are some of the favourite luxury bedroom ideas for the year 2021 portrayed by beautiful bedroom images and amazing bed design pics to get the creative juices going!

1. Open up the Master Suite:

Open up the Master Suite

An open luxury master bedroom concept with a bathroom is one of the hottest master suite trends for 2021. The bathroom and bedroom are separated by very little, if anything, in this form of the master plan, as shown in this glamorous luxury bedroom picture.

This design style exudes glamour, grandeur, and lightness. During the day, it is much easier for the natural light to cover both regions.

2. Master Bedroom with a Bonfire:

Master Bedroom with a Bonfire

Choose a wood-burning fireplace and relax in your own private haven, surrounded by the smell of wood smoke and the sun's warmth.

Consider a corner fireplace that can be admired from your seating area, bed, or pool. A master suite built like that is the stuff of fantasies.

3. Luxurious Feature of Ceiling Designs:

Luxurious Feature of Ceiling Designs

In 2021, ceilings will garner immense attention. A shiplap ceiling supported with beams, like the one shown above, is ideal for cottage or farmhouse ceilings.

Some of the common ceiling designs include cathedral ceilings with reclaimed wood exposed beams, lighted tray ceilings, and coffered ceilings. A dome that is circular, on the other hand, is incredibly opulent.

4. Bedroom Closet Meant for You:

Bedroom Closet Meant for You

There are a lot of choices when it comes to luxurious master bedroom ideas that include space for your wardrobe. A lovely dressing room is shown above. One half of the entire room is dedicated to his wardrobe, while the other half is dedicated to hers. Interior lighting in the closet allows you to quickly and easily choose your clothing options. The doors made out of glass even keep the dust out of your clothes.

5. Customized Bedroom Lighting:

Customized Bedroom Lighting

Master bedroom chandeliers, LED accent lighting, and flickering wall sconces are among the exciting new lighting choices for 2021. These make the cut for today’s luxury bedroom furniture.

In a luxury bedroom, we also like table lamps for accent lighting and recessed lighting for ambient lighting. Lights that are recessed along the bedroom photo wall in the ceiling's lower part can produce the lighting effect of a beautiful art gallery and add to the classy bedroom wallpaper designs.

6. Spectacular Luxury Bedroom Accent Wall:

Spectacular Luxury Bedroom Accent Wall

Homeowners seeking textured walls, comprehensive millwork for the wall, and bold wallpaper behind the bed are opting for accent walls this year. Taking the place of the accented wall is also the primary source of decorating your bedroom.

While there is a change from grey to more earthy tones and other pale, simple colours in 2021, neutral colours are still very common. White walls in your modern bedroom build an airy space that attracts the eye to the accent wall and furniture.

A poster bed may not be the best option for a simple bedroom furniture design if you want a dramatic accent wall behind your bed. It may detract from the overall impact. Consider using a platform bed that surely will complement and flow through the wall that is located behind it, if you have a rather bold wall.

7. Luxury Bedroom with a Cool Sitting Space:

Luxury Bedroom with a Cool Sitting Space

Build your own private reading corner by combining a comfortable chair with a floor lamp in the corner. Consider including a couch that is full-size. It would be a lovely spot to read while sipping your coffee.

Following are the images of some of the luxury bedroom furniture designs:


The bedroom is your private world, a haven where you can unwind from the stresses of everyday life, a place where you can rest your spirit and be yourself. That is why it is critical to design a luxury bedroom that provides you with the peace and comfort you need, as well as a healthy dose of luxury and aesthetic appeal.

You can achieve a luxurious vibe by sticking to your favorite earth tones. Play around with geometric patterns to add meaning to a simple bedroom. The minimalist drop lights are as practical and unobtrusive as they are sleek and new.

People are starting to think about investing in good mattresses and bedding, which is always a good idea. It is one of the most important aspects of a bedroom.

There’s certainly a step towards comfy sheets and relaxed bedding. Organic bedding, linen, and chunky wool throws are all very common today, and they add to the sanctuary vibe.