10 Living Room Ideas from the Homes of Top Designers

Published On: Oct 06, 2021

We all know that renowned home designers create the perfect abode for people and add that exquisite touch but what about the residence that they frame for their living? These famous designers make their residences a place to experiment with their creativity and get the hang of the latest trends like the living room designs. 

Talking especially about the living room interior designs, the famous designers showcase some different and bold patterns, display treasured antiques, and other creative but out-of-the-box elements. And we have got our hands on some of the inspirations from the homes of top designers that have been featured in many extravagant magazines. Surely, you will get some smart and stylish living room ideas from their homes. From the elegant grandeur to the touch of modernization, here’s what you can take home for your new living room from the abodes of these artists. Have a look!

Gauri Khan

The living room interior design of Mannat is about some vibrant hues and pieces that are sure to make a statement. You can always take inspiration from the brick wall that adorns the art collection possessed by the Khans and a safe giving a vintage vibe can also be turned into a bar. Isn’t a lovely living room décor to add a rustic to the house? If you are a fan of natural light and cannot imagine your living room without it then go for wall-to-ceiling windows that is one of the best living room wall designs in Mannat. A plethora of elements in Gauri Khan’s living room speaks the French accent like the huge black vases from Paris which are just the ideal additions to give your house a western yet elegant touch.

Twinkle Khanna

When you have a glimpse of Twinkle Khanna’s living room, interior design ideas for the living room will automatically speak of the love of aesthetics. If you are planning to give your room a minimalistic yet classy appearance then, you must take inspiration from this one. One of the best elements in the living room is the indoor pond which you can add to showcase your love for nature while feeling serene all the while. Large windows and multiple comfortable seating are what you can take away as a must from this star’s living room interior. And if you want to give an extra shot, a pendant light divided into multiple patterns can be your inspiration.

Sussane Khan

If you are a fan of Victorian-style interiors, Sussane Khan’s living room will be your right inspiration. A classic white and black combination is so well portrayed and can be easily incorporated in one’s living room. Tables are surely a good addition to your living room and if you want to go all subtle, go for Sussane Khan’s minimal side and centre table but with exquisite portable tables. Just like the headgear making a statement in her living room, you can also go for a piece that reflects your personality to be the eye-candy for your visitors.

Shabnam Gupta

The living room wall design of this famous interior designer is well-paneled with antique mirrors. If you are planning to make your living room appear bigger and spacious, this idea of mirror paneling will suit you. Adding a rustic vibe to the living room are the brass switches which you can also add in your living room to show your connection and love with the ancient times. And if you love walking on the beach, switch to Shabnam Gupta’s river-washed granite living room ideas for flooring.

Joanna Gaines

Shifting your inspiration to a westernized world is one of the famous interior designer Joanna Gaines’ living rooms. All-white walls with complementing off-white chairs are nothing but salvation for people looking to go all white with their living room décor or interiors. But this does not make the living room lose its subtleness because of the glass vase that adorns the centre table with frees flowers in it. Well, nothing better than adding such a piece in your room and changing the flowers after every two days to have something new to the eye frequently.

Richa Bahl

A person with a love for a clean and subtle vibe flowing throughout the living room will surely like the living room ideas presented by Richa Bahl. If you are an avid reader, then the addition of a bookshelf as a wall by her could be your inspiration too. And if you are in no mood to change the flooring of your room but still want to give it a revamp then the idea of this designer to add a quirky carpet will go a long way. In short, a well-groomed but effortless is look is what inspires this designer and can be yours too.

Asheish Shah

Your love for art will see salvation if you plan your living room interior design by taking inspiration from Asheish Shah’s living room. The front wall adorns the artwork of a famous artist and also of a photographer. You can also add the art pieces of your favourite artist and make a collage out of it to be the hero of your main wall. And you can also take the inspiration of mixing the seating arrangement of different styles from this designer and welcome it to your living room.

Sunita Kohli

A simple yet appealing home décor idea for the living room is coming your way through Sunita Kohli’s living room interior. Especially the seating arrangements giving a vintage vibe is what you should definitely take home if you love the idea of large spaces and minimalist living room sofa design. We also cannot emphasize enough the addition of greens in the living room to make it appear livelier but without putting in much effort. So, if you want a vintage vibe, nature-friendly, and sophisticated living room interior then fret no more and copy and paste the ideas of Sunita Kohli.

Srila Chatterjee

You name it and Srila Chatterjee’s living room will have that element. Would you believe that as a statement piece her living room has a bull showpiece sitting in the corner? A perfect blend of bold hues and walls adorned with creative art pieces is what her living room looks like. If your vibrant personality is not getting a way to come out, then get inspired by Srila Chatterjee’s living room interiors. And not to forget the patterned floor is sure to catch your glimpse or turn your heads down to the floor.

Mana Shetty

Being a mom and an interior designer, Mana Shetty designed her daughter Athiya Shetty’s home, and it is a sure shot bliss. The addition of warmth to the living room is complex but with taking the inspiration of wooden floors in her living room, you can easily do that. And yet again the floor-to0ceiling windows are incorporation in her living room which can be in yours too to give your room a larger-than-life appearance. If you are constructing a new living room and a=want to make it stand apart, add some pillars in between the areas the way Mana Shetty did for her daughter’s home.

Now that we have taken you through the lane of some amazing interior design ideas for living rooms inspired by famous designers, pick one of merge multiple living room ideas to design your peaceful place.


Q. What are the living room trends for 2021?

A lot of layering, the addition of warm hues, and comfortable seating arrangement are surely the trends booming in 2021 for the living room interior.

Q. What is the decorating style for 2021?

In 2021, people are focusing on how artwork can make a room look put together

Q. What Colours are in for living rooms 2021?

The hues of blue, pink, and red are the trending colors for 2021.

Q. How can I make my living room feel cozy?

You can add wooden pieces to your room while giving a monochromatic look to the living room.
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