A Synergy of Sibling Love: Harshvardhan and Rhea Kapoor’s House

Published On: May 29, 2023

Bombay– a city that will always be relevant for those who dream! It is a melodic melange of different cultures with promises, dreams, struggles and opportunities for those who have the grit to achieve big; the audacity to dare. It inspires people to follow their hearts and take a shot at realising their own destinies. It’s a city that is a celebration of ethos, of carefully fostered relationships with our loved ones– whether its friends or family –such is the talismanic ability of this city that never really sleeps, especially on dreams. 

The bonds that we share with our loved ones become an inseparable part of our journey in life. Over time, these bonds catapult us to fulfil our destiny. And among all the relationships, one of the most precious bonds is the one that we share with our siblings – a soothing balm to our quotidian wounds. From exploring life together, and being there for each other, to late-night talks and witty banter, all of it truly defines sibling love. 

Rhea and Harshvardhan Kapoor, the sibling duo' children of the ever-green, the ever-young, the legend; Anil Kapoor' share this magical bond. Although tagged as star kids, actors, entrepreneurs, film producers and whatnot, both are like any other sibling pair sharing their bitter-sweet moments of love, nok-jhok and life. Together.

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The Living Room: A Sibling Den!

The living room in the house is more of a den for this sibling duo. A large room sprinkled  with family photos, paintings, and luxurious upholstery, it sets a classic vibe. The beating heart of the house where the Kapoor family shares precious moments of togetherness, feasts, and also celebrates festivals while enjoying life and reminiscing on old memories. The space has an intimate warmth to it. And it wo'nt be wrong to say that it has got the right touch of 'Mijaaz'.  

The table placed right in the middle of the room is where a young Harshvardhan studied together in the presence of Mr.India; the man of the house – Mr. Anil Kapoor. 'It's things like that add to the sentimental value of the house,' said Harshvardhan casually sitting on the sofa describing old times.

Role Reversal with Rooms 

What used to be Anil Kapoor's room once is now Harshvardhan's, and that is the first thing you get to know stepping inside Harshvardhan's room. And as the home was redeveloped, the room was passed on to the heir that came of age – Junior Kapoor! The giant TV, neatly organised items in the room, and the black shirt worn by Harsh with the Bollywood theme show the actor's sense of focus and ambition. 

Unlike Harshvardhan's room, Rhea's room has a calming vibe. With subtle paintings, a neatly organised room depicts her wisdom. And it is no wonder that it’s Rhea's favourite part of the house. Her favourite memories of the room are spending time with herself and the times when Harsh comes for a casual chit chat. According to her, the greatest conversations have happened in this room. That can be counted as a sibling's room bragging right! Also, if anyone in the family is feeling low, Rhea's room is always open for a conversation; where they come together to discuss what's bothering them. Oh hey, did we tell you she is the unpaid therapist of the house? She's more like Rafiki from the Lion King.

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Next is the room which Harshvardhan put together and is very close to his heart. There are two giant speakers which according to Harsh, Anil Kapoor had bought while building this house almost two decades ago. This room happens to be a multi-purpose room, where movie scripts are often read and also where Mama Kapoor (Sunita Kapoor) does her yoga sessions. 

The huge Bhavesh Joshi movie poster (a cult Indian superhero movie) crafted in yellow is a gentle reminder of how far Harsh has come and has evolved as an actor. The room also houses all the films Harsh collected as a teenager. The siblings have and continue to spend a lot of quality time in this room. Back in the day, this room was primarily used by the kids for watching WWF, GI Joe and enjoying other fun activities. 

A Closet That Has the World Intrigued

For well over a century, the Kappors have been quite famous for their iconic dressing sense and for Rhea, the dressing room is a rather magical part of the home.  It is more or less a glam room where the family members get ready. The room was created for everybody's hair and makeup. This is where all the magic happens before anyone could say, Lights, Camera, and Action! 

In the end, it is the house that helped the kids and the family stay glued to each other. And togetherness has been, for time immemorial, a pillar for the old and the young; a foundation that is synonymous with not just these two siblings but the entire Kapoor family.  


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