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Exemplary Ideas for Kids and Modern Master Bedroom

Published On: Sep 14, 2021

A bedroom is a cosy space, a private space, an arena where one wants to just unwind and relax. A bedroom as a room defines the personal quarters of a person. So it undoubtedly deserves your best attention. From relaxing, recharging, reflecting to rejuvenating- the bedroom functions as a multifunctional space in the home. Unlike the rest of the room in the house, the bedroom needs to be designed with careful precision. It must reflect one’s personality, one needs privacy and space and must all resonate personal style in full display.

A bedroom is a perfect definition of the style and charisma of a person. It speaks volumes about one’s personality. A comfortable and cosy space is an indication of the mindset of a person to relax and their approach to life. Different styles resonate with different kinds of personality- vibrant colours indicate the adventurous personality and a minimalist look exudes the person’s simple living philosophy.

Designing a bedroom may seem like a tall order. It is definitely not impossible. Whether it is a simple bedroom design, kids bedroom, master bedroom these bedroom design images will definitely help you to transform your personal space into an enviable enclave. Whether you crave for a minimalist sanctuary or a bold boudoir, these bedroom design images will help you get ideas from simple room decoration to elaborate ones. 

While the classics of bedroom décor remain the same- crisp, quality bedding, gorgeous accent lighting, practical storage for clothes and other essentials, there are some wonderful bedroom looks that are trending and you will definitely want to embrace. With the help of these designs, you are sure to have a decorated space that is second to none. Read on to find out the latest bedroom décor trends to choose from.

1. Create a Cosy Corner

Create a Cosy Corner

A bedroom is a personal oasis. So throw in a moody colour scheme, a wingback chair and a wrought iron bed to create a nook where you can curl up after a long day. One of the perfect bedroom images, it is a simple room design for those who live on their own and want privacy at all times.

2. Coordinate Your Bed and Lights Setup

Coordinate Your Bed and Lights Setup

For master bedroom design, combine gingham upholstery with colourful bedding and a chartreuse lamp to enliven the atmosphere. With bright colours, this design can work wonders to make the room look more spacious and also casual enough to not give it a very over sophisticated look. The style is so minimalist in cost that you can have a choice of bedding and lampshades to change the look every week.

3. Low Platform Bed

Low Platform Bed

Give your modern bed design a platform. The low slung platform bed is in trend and a highly desired piece of modern bedroom furniture. The low rise bed is cosy enough to give the room a cosy appearance and with panelling and detailing around the headboard, you can still achieve an exquisite look. In a host of designs and finishes and combined with two colour combination for bedroom walls images that can be inspired from, your room will get an entirely new facelift.

4. Artsy Wonder Wallwork

Artsy Wonder Wallwork

With some artwork and murals, you could create a designer kids room and bridge the gap between subtle and statement. Some cheery artwork may be doodled by your little ones and psychedelic murals could work wonders with bright and funky colours. What better way to make a kids bedroom look exciting than some bright artwork to bring in some brightness.

5. Grand Headboard Detailing

Grand Headboard Detailing

The bed images in the below picture create a striking headboard feature wall that uses light and shade. With extruded panels and LED strip lights, make this a different installation that will not be found everywhere. Your bedroom will be one of a kind with this exquisite panelling detail.

6. Contrast Upholstery and Bedding

Contrast Upholstery and Bedding

Bedding and upholstery come in a host of fabrics. Linen, velvet, cotton to silk- you can just create a simple bedroom interior design that can be pleasing to the eye. Buy some bedding and upholstery in different fabrics. Make sure to buy bedspreads, pillowcases and duvet covers to create a vibrant look. Try to match your colours with the colours of the walls in your bedroom.

7. Set It Right with Matching Furniture

Set It Right with Matching Furniture

A large space in your bedroom could benefit from furniture that could accommodate your stuff. The image below is an example of modern wardrobe designs for a bedroom that can even serve as a headboard or panelling to a king-size bed. With side tables and a dressing table at the corner, all the room needs is an accent chair by the window. This could be your space on a lazy Sunday afternoon where you can chill reading a book or simply staring at nature.

8. Elegance with Wall lights

8. Elegance with Wall lights

In recent times, matching wall lights to beds and bed frames has caught on popularity. An elegant approach to both style and modernise the lighting in your bedroom, it also makes a decorative and functional addition. Lampshades that let light reflect the ceiling also help to maximise space. Choose lampshades that have settings to set according to your moods.

9. Colour Palette of Mix and Match

Colour Palette of Mix and Match

Master bedrooms, kids bedrooms or guest bedrooms could be transformed into a whole new world with a mix of colour schemes that can liven up the rooms. For master bedrooms, you could opt for bold colours like red, navy blue and shades of purple. For kids bedrooms, softer pastel shades like lemon, pink or light blue could bring some effervescence. The guest bedrooms could have warm shades from the colour wheel like red, orange or yellow-based green which lend a boho-chic appearance and appease your guests. You could also pair it up with some furniture that will blend well with the colours on the walls.

10. Glamour It Up with Some Art

Glamour It Up with Some Art

Minimalism has its own aesthetics and glamour has its own.  The latest take on luxury living is art décor or murals on walls with lustrous finishes and some glamourous patterns.  Complemented with stylish furniture and exquisite décor items, your room can be transformed into a five-star luxury suite.

11. Keep Fresh with a Little Nature In

Keep Fresh with a Little Nature In

No one can say no to a piece of nature, anywhere. If you do not have access to a large green space in your home, the least you could do is to bring it into your home. Do this by rearranging your décor and opt for floral wallpapers to serve as a soothing backdrop to your bedroom.

12. Choose Clutter-Free Storage Ideas

Choose Clutter-Free Storage Ideas

Bedrooms could be a great storage space for homes. Choose beds that have underbed storage, closets that merge with the walls and wall-mounted bedside shelves that can clear the clutter in the bedroom with a designated space for everything in the room. Storage is an integral part of the design and will continue to dominate in the forthcoming years. With everything hidden behind closed doors, you can enhance your sleep and also lend a sleek finish to your room.

13. Hanging Lights for Majestic Look

Hanging Lights for Majestic Look

If space is a constraint and you need that ceiling light and the bedside light, then a hanging pendant light by the bedside unit could save up valuable space. You could even opt for a small, contemporary chandelier that could be a showstopper in the bedroom.

14. Go Green with Decor

Go Green with Decor

A growing trend to reduce the carbon footprint, this one is one of the best ways to make your bedroom look evergreen and stylish. Contemporary designs for bed, bedding, furniture are widely available nowadays. For example wood from trees that respect nature, treated brick, pure cotton and linen bedding. Most of these things are comfortable and also lend a rustic look to your bedroom. Fill your space with the bed made from organically treated wood, bedding made from natural fibres and decorate your walls with handmade stuff from local artists. This way you gain twice- complete your bedroom décor with a whole natural appeal and also support people working towards a better future.

15. Attractive Wall Behind the Bed

Attractive Wall Behind the Bed

Whether your bed has a headboard or not, it is the wall behind the bed which is the most important part of the bedroom. In fact, the wall behind the bed can become a decorative accent and there are several ways to bring in some spark, fun, interest and style to your bedroom. The best way to enrich the wall behind the bed is to arrange a collage of your family photographs. Some trendy murals or wall stickers could also go a long way in increasing the appeal of the wall.

16. Highlight with Zen Decoration

Highlight with Zen Decoration

Conducive to relaxation, the art of zen has been propagated as a perfect means to achieve a semblance of sanity in our lives. To achieve the zen factor in your bedroom, you must first free up space and create storage spaces that leave nothing in disarray. Trendy colours like yellow, blue and green add serenity to free yourself from the slavery of your thoughts and meditate into the freedom of existence.

17. Feng Shui Mode to Energise

Feng Shui Mode to Energise

Feng Shui in the ancient Chinese system is another practice like Vaastu that is supposed to govern the spatial arrangement and orientation of furniture and décor in relation to the flow of energy. By investing in a king-size bed, a bedside table, adjustable blinds, eco-friendly material, low emission lights and opting for soothing muted tones, you could improve the positivity in your bedroom making it a paradise.

18. Mix and match Tradition and Nature

Mix and match Tradition and Nature

If you want to create a vibrant yet traditional look for your bedroom, then opt for traditional printed bedding. Choose terracotta or cane pots to plant indoor plants and woven rugs for the floor. By opting for traditional prints and unique décor accessories, you will be infusing a slice of conventionality into your bedroom.

19. Transform to More with Multipurpose Room

Transform to More with Multipurpose Room

A bedroom need not be just a space to unwind. It could serve as a multipurpose room where you can study, work and also work out. This would mean carving up space to become multifunctional yet stylish. Bookshelves could be wall-mounted and have a foldable portion that could serve as the study or work desk. A corner of the room could have the exercise equipment and transform the bedroom into a multifunctional apartment in itself.

20. Decor with Beautiful Drapes

Decor with Beautiful Drapes

Natural rhythms of light and their effect on sleep and health have swung the ball towards trendy window treatments. Heavy ornate drapes and black outs are things of the past and are giving way to sheer curtains and blinds that provide the right modicum of privacy whilst also lighting the room.

21. Make a Statement with the Bed

Make a Statement with the Bed

Let your bed dominate. The bed is the first thing you must see as you enter the room. If you have more than one key focal piece, then it starts competing for attention. The focal piece has to be captivating and something to just enjoy looking at. Striking patterns, comfortable shapes, curved silhouettes and vibrant colours is something that you can consider while choosing a bed. Tall statement beds with detailing are a trend and ideal for recreating a boutique suite feel at home. Covered in velvet and boucle bedding, the bed can ooze luxury and glamour.

22. The Working Bedroom for Work From Home

The Working Bedroom for Work From Home

With “Work from Home” becoming the new normal, it is a good idea to embrace this trend and incorporate it into your bedroom. Whilst it does not quite fit into the “relaxation zone” ideal, it could prove to be disappointing if you do not have a dedicated workspace in your bedroom. All you need is a simple work desk, even a foldable one could do. A comfortable chair that is ergonomically sound and good for your posture.

23. Grand Millennial Trend with Granny Chic Style

Grand Millennial Trend with Granny Chic Style

This trend is a twist to the popular “granny chic” style. On the rise since 2020, it is for those who crave a sense of comfort and nostalgia for their own homes. The key features are adding layers, creating a space that welcomes relaxation and eases anxiety. If you like simple, understated style with honest and unfussy pieces but still want a home with a stylish and comfortable statement then this is the one. All you need to do is go back in time and visualise the furniture, patterns and accessories in your ancestor’s house and pull it together with some modern pieces.

24. Create Cosiness of a Cottage

Create Cosiness of a Cottage

Create a cottage-style look even within the confines of your apartment. This look creates a homely feel to lend it a country-style feel. Quaint patterns, nature-inspired prints, cute ornaments can add a splash of vintage personality to your home. With a mix of newer accessories, this look can give you holiday vibes all the time.

25. Decor with Dry Flower Designs

Decor with Dry Flower Designs

The use of dried flowers to decorate the home is another trend that is on the rise. A visual and welcome change from the usual green and scenic houseplants, dried flowers last longer and are low on maintenance. Just scroll through the internet to pick one that fits your colour scheme and furniture accessories.

26. Form Trendy WallPaper

Form Trendy WallPaper

The wallpaper trend is back and even better. With better and bolder designs, wallpapers can change the entire look of your bedroom. You could opt to cover one wall or all four, pick bold colours, geometric patterns, oversized florals instead of smaller patterns. The best part is that the wallpapers available are easily removable and you can change them when you get tired of them.

27. Poster Beds

Poster Beds

In a classical style, one cannot go wrong with a four-poster bed. A clean, simple contemporary four poster even without a canopy can lend an entirely different look to the home. There is something cosy about the four-poster bed. It is like a cocoon within your room. If you want a romantic bedroom vibe, then this is the best option.

28. Contemporary Blend with Mid-Century Style

Contemporary Blend with Mid-Century Style

This was a style that was in trend between the ’50s through the ’70s. Perfect for the bedroom, it has made a comeback with its clean defined look.  Long, low rung furniture with thin legs, neat lines and a precise appearance are the hallmarks of this style. Moulded plastic, pops of bright colour, large pieces of artwork with an uncluttered look could add some lovely finishing touches to this look.

29. Scandinavian Look

Scandinavian Look

This style covers a lot of surface area. It has a casual, clean and simple vibe with a heavy emphasis on white. Pristine and heavenly, the functional and uncluttered look adds a lot of warmth to the vibe. The look also has minimal trim, adornment or curved silhouettes and has a welcoming, cosy and a tad romantic vibe. Not cold or sterile yet warm and enticing, this one could be for those who love the ethereal look.

30. Classy Industrial Look

Classy Industrial Look

Whether you live in a converted apartment or just want to recreate the feeling, this decorating style has a raw feeling and youthful energy to it. With water pipes, heating vents, concrete floor and brick walls, this style has a rare appeal to it. Whilst the predominant colours that dominate this décor are grey, black and darker tones, you could opt for lighter shades to seem different.

31. Flaunt the Vintage Look

Flaunt the Vintage Look

The word vintage would instantly take us back centuries ago. But in the interior designing language, vintage is anything that was popular between the 1940s and 1950s. The focus is on feminine and romantic appeal. Wrought iron beds, white painted furniture and ornate décor accessories are common to this look. Vintage pieces are added to other styles as well to lend an eclectic feel.

32. Two-in-One: Sofa cum Bed

Two-in-One: Sofa cum Bed

Sofas in the bedroom are a trend when there is a lot of space. The new variation is the sofa bed. Ideal for small bedrooms, it comes in functional elegant styles and also in colours that suit the interiors of the bedroom. Work perfectly well, when you need space for a work table and storage, it is convenient for bachelor pads, couples who have just moved into a new home.

33. Marble and Brass Decor

Marble and Brass Decor

Marble and brass coupled together add vibes of eclecticism and luxury. Poignant and classical in combination, marble side tables with brass accessories can create a serene look. Even a faux marble effect on the wallpaper behind the bed could do.

34. Create a Fusion of Fabric

Create a Fusion of Fabric

Mix and match bed linen in simple block-printed patterns with vintage stripes. Floorboards and white painted walls let the bed take centre stage. You could experiment with different kinds of fabric like velvet and wool for the colder months.

35. Build with the Studio Effect

Build with the Studio Effect

If you want to recreate the magic of an artist’s studio in your bedroom opt for abstract patterns and ethereal colours. Black furniture will serve as an excellent backdrop to pale walls and bedding.

36. Illustrate on the Coastal Dreams

Illustrate on the Coastal Dreams

If you like the seaside and do not live by one, recreate the effect in your bedroom. Paint your windows white and pair it with bedding in white and blue stripes. You will love the nautical theme if you combine it with some old trunks.

37. Contrast Naturals with the Regular

Contrast Naturals with the Regular

Pair handcrafted woods and ceramics with shades of charcoal grey and chalk to lend a natural and contemporary look. Soft velvet and white bedlinen set against a faded geometric headboard and whitewashed panelling are great for a calm retreat.

38. Feel the Ecstasy of Flying to the Sky

Feel the Ecstasy of Flying to the Sky

Sky blue walls combined with a cloud-like pendant lighting, this style has a quirky touch to it. Some fancy artwork and a fancy mirror add some interest to the large expanse on the wall.

39. Go with the Boxed Style

Go with the Boxed Style

Make use of the shelf space in a built-in cupboard by stacking magazine files and storage boxes to organise paperwork and other essentials. Make sure to pick a matching collection to ensure symmetry and keep the look neat and stylish. You could also throw in some vintage pieces for a classic look.

40. French Glamour Touch

French Glamour Touch

All things French have a certain appeal to them. Vintage, contemporary and classic, French furniture and décor give the room an appeal that is second to none. The image here lays out a country-styled feel with some minimalistic yet gorgeous furniture and colour on the walls.

41. Shine in Chocolate Delight

Shine in Chocolate Delight

By combining shades of brown from latte to chocolate, right from the drapes to the bed, you can create an impressive, cosy and imposing scheme for your bedroom.

42. Monochromatic Presence

Monochromatic Presence

Paint your walls in charcoal and white and pair them with simple bedding to create a serene and calm effect. With some fairy lights and a velvety cushion, you could add extra warmth and cosiness.

43. Perfect Middle East Touch

Perfect Middle East Touch

Give your bedroom a Moroccon styled bazaar look with metallic highlights amidst geometric patterns and a colourful rug and bedding. You could choose some typical middle eastern accessories like a hookah or lamp to give it a close feel.

44. Experiment with Patterns

Experiment with Patterns

Create a patterned theme with this mix of polka dots, sports, ikat prints and colour block to beautifully create a harmonious palette. Patterns have a unique ability of captivating feel and by incorporating it in your bedroom you could just recreate pure, raw energy.

45. Illusion of a Tropical Paradise

Illusion of a Tropical Paradise

Just incorporate some wonderful foliage prints, green hues and wooden tones to create a verdant scheme. Mix and match several shades of green by balancing it with blocks of white. Some jute lampshades, cane chairs against a dramatic leafy themed wallpaper can just bring Hawaii to your bedroom.

46. Wipe Your Blues Away with Blue Decor

Wipe Your Blues Away with Blue Decor

Blue is a timeless classic when it comes to choosing it as a colour for the bedroom. It teams well with white and adds more depth to the space of the room. It also has the ability to blend seamlessly with textures and wooden accents.


A bedroom is a lot more than where you clock in eight hours of precious sleep at night. Unlike the rest of the home designed with guests, roommates, and functionality in mind, bedrooms give you the permission to be a little selfish. One can decorate it as they please and use it for some much-needed “me time”. Also, there is no need to fret over tidying it up when you have unexpected visitors. It is always the bedroom that is the happy place in the whirlwind and chaotic of times.

But just because the bedroom is the place where you can be yourself it does not mean that you cannot keep up with the latest trends. Taller headboards, curved silhouettes paired with reds, oranges, yellows and greens are popular trends and we are moving towards personalisation when it comes to design.

Designs for bedrooms are witnessing bespoke, fitted bedsides with power points and wireless charging, ideal and compact storage for people and everything with arm’s reach. Do not be afraid to experiment and choose whatever style is convenient to you. Mixing and matching styles could work brilliantly well and could become a trend that you never imagined. So let your imagination run wild and go about giving your bedroom a makeover.