Musings of Bedroom Wardrobe Designs in a Nutshell

Published On: Oct 21, 2022

As we plan our perfect bedroom, we can see wardrobes only sublimating into interior fabrics and adding to the tone of the entire bedroom layout. While bowing down to modern bedroom closets, especially affordable ones, we must pay attention to different modern wardrobe designs for the bedroom that enhance the space's personality and soul.  

You can choose from various aesthetics, design formats and whatnot to achieve your desired modern bedroom cupboard designs.  

Musings of Bedroom-Wardrobe Designs

While there might be a few options to explore and choose from, you can pick your favourite bedroom-wardrobe theme from our hand-picked catalogue. These designs are not just a statement but can also amplify and enhance your bedroom layout. Remember, adding some accent, feature lighting, and foliage can bring out the best of this space. 

Let us pave the way for you to these beautiful design ideas for wardrobes in the bedroom: 

Points to Think About While Getting Yourself a Bedroom Wardrobe?

Are you thinking about what wardrobe you should pick for your bedroom? The design of the closet, the style and all other aspects? Well, here are some tips that can help you get the best wardrobe for your room:

Points to Think About While Getting Yourself a Bedroom Wardrobe?
  1. Calculate the number of wardrobe drawers required to store your belongings and declutter. 
  2. If you possess a wider room, you must look for the appropriate wardrobe closet type. 
  3. Make sure you take all the necessary measurements of the area you need to fill up your wardrobe before you head to check out the collection. 
  4. Make sure you pay attention to material, colours and the entire interior frame to complete the layout. Make sure the colour scheme aligns and the materials sit in harmony. 

If you require hints to make the process simpler and quicker, you can check some of these modern wardrobe designs for the bedroom. Let your imagination run wild as you design the wardrobe that fits your personality. 

The unity of the bedroom with a wardrobe peeks through design and interior decor. While both furniture units stand in individual character, their chemistry sews the aesthetic beauty of the bedroom

Bedroom Wardrobe

Not only do these wardrobes give you all the needed closet space, but with the external fabric, colour and aesthetic, you can count on their aesthetic and colour palette while planning your bedroom's interiors. 

As we all know, materials are abundant when it comes to wardrobes, beds or any furniture unit. You can make your wardrobe go from looking vintage and traditional to completely modern and elegant.. These modern wardrobe designs for the bedroom are the ones you could before you scroll through your hours away. 

bedroom wardrobe

Wardrobes can be modified in any way you want them to, making them take the required space and the material you wish to be fabricated. These modern wardrobe designs for the bedroom can amplify your interior space and frame in the best way possible; there is no chance you should miss out on them. 

Here are a few ideas that you can implement to sew together your perfect wardrobe-wardrobe romance. 

1. Monochromatic Wardrobe Design:

Monochromatic Wardrobe Design:

Looking expensive is one thing that can be achieved by using textures from the same colour palette. Available at high rates, these wardrobe designs can make the best of these bedroom design themes. Along with all the visual alignment that the room bears, one can add some foliage and warm accent lighting to achieve the perfect interior frame. 

2. Elevated Wardrobe Designs:

Elevated Wardrobe Designs:

This wardrobe design is created above the frame of the wardrobe in your bedroom. Not only this type of wardrobe takes up lesser space, but it provides efficient storage. This modern wardrobe design for the bedroom might be your smart solution for books, bags and other necessary articles. 

These storage units can be arranged above bed level, making the entire thing more accessible and usable at any time. 

3. Vinyl Door Wardrobes: 

Vinyl Door Wardrobes: 

This trendy wardrobe design is a modular/modern folktale that sits on the fence of accessibility and aesthetics. These wardrobes are operated with vinyl doors fitted on tracks, with aluminium frames and channels to make them function smoothly. 

Not only accessibility and aesthetics, but these wardrobes also guarantee durability and are lightweight. These doors add that texture to your bedroom interior story, bringing in more character. 

4. Mirrored Wardrobes: 

Mirrored Wardrobes: 

Now, talking about reflective surfaces, how can we miss out on mirrored wardrobes? Not only do these look classic and let you take OOTDs, but they also are affordable in price and are accessible and easy to maintain. 

Mirrored or any reflective surfaces make your room appear visually more spacious, giving mirrored wardrobes another point. Something that makes your bedroom interior look prettier and more spacious. Placing a mirrored cabinet opposite a window or a light source will also cater to the light ventilation in your room. 

This one might be your answer if you are looking for modern wardrobe designs for small bedrooms. 

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Storage is one of the most important affairs when designing a modern bedroom. While people are drifting towards smart and efficient storage, they don’t want to compromise on aesthetics and interior fabric. Be it modern wardrobe designs for a small bedroom or a spacious one, the scale of the bedroom is independent of the storage efficiency being installed. 

On the one hand, people are initiating modular storage and wardrobes, and walk-in closets are taking over storage bulletins. One can have access to everything and having a walk-in wardrobe is one of the luxury dreams one keeps a note of. 


The concept of walk-in wardrobes also allows you to keep everything organised in one space and make it accessible. Be it clothing, accessories, footwear or body care, and you can store everything in your walk-in wardrobe. These walk-in modern bedroom wardrobes are inspirational and make your interior story more intelligent and efficient. 

If you never thought of walk-in wardrobes, now is the time to and if you are looking forward to installing the ones that fit your bedroom’s interior theme, we hope we flamed your zeal to redesign one! For more design and decor-related recommendations, reach out to the experts at the Interior Company.

What type of wardrobe is best for the bedroom?

Sliding wardrobes are the best to pick for your bedroom.

What is a good wardrobe size?

The standard dimension of a wardrobe is about 7’X10’. Along with a single closet side occupying 36 inches of clearance and 24 inches of depth, a double-sided closet can have two 24 inches of storage spaces on either side.

Where do I place a wardrobe in my bedroom?

An ideal direction for wardrobes is south-west.