Kids Room Wardrobe Design - India

Kids Room Wardrobe Design

One might think that a kids room doesn't need a wardrobe, but it is as essential as a crib for your child. Those little clothing pieces and accessories take up the space in a jiffy of time. Choosing an open kids room wardrobe design like this one will help you find the items with ease.

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Kids Room Wallpaper with Pastel Colours - Kids Room Designs

Kids Room Wallpaper with Pastel Colours

This kids room wallpaper is a beautiful design which offers both aesthetic and utilitarian value. Kids can be introduced to different colours at an early age with this voguish wallpaper. The stuffed toys and other accessories blend harmoniously with the bright wall. The natural light from the windows highlight the graceful hues of the wallpaper.
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Kids Room Storage with Multiple Cabinets - Kids Room Designs

Kids Room Storage with Multiple Cabinets

The problem of kids room storage here has been resolved with the wooden cabinets, drawers, and a shoe rack. The wooden shelves and cabinets have enough storage space to store innumerous baby items. The cloth hanger offers additional space for suspending ensembles. These white cabinets have been balanced with a contrast of magnificent pink hues.
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Vibrant Kids Playroom - Kids Room Designs

Vibrant Kids Playroom

While dealing with kids' playroom, the inclusivity of a vibrant colour palette is mandatory. A captivating element can be induced quite naturally into a kids’ playroom. The use of vibrant colour on a single wall would draw a vibrant contrast in the room, with other colours balancing the entire palette. Fun and eclectic wallpapers would only add more character to the theme.
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Kids Room Interior Design in Classic White - Kids Room Designs

Kids Room Interior Design in Classic White

This kids room interior design is grace personified. The white, brown and blue hues have been used throughout the room, providing a neutral palette to the space. The wooden furniture, pendant lights, and designer wallpaper accentuate the overall minimalist feel. It is one of the most ideal blueprints for new parents to adorn their kids' rooms.
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Modern Kids Small Bedroom - Kids Room Designs

Modern Kids Small Bedroom

This kids small bedroom has been cleverly designed with a blended use of navy blue and neutral colours. These hues provide a visual balance, also making the room look bigger than it is. Useful accessories, soft toys, hanging light, a chair, and a table serve a purpose while also making the space look embellished.
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Magnificent Kids Bedroom Interior - Kids Room Designs

Magnificent Kids Bedroom Interior

The blue and white-hued kids bedroom interior is the cutest thing you will ever see. Elements like the metallic silver headboard, grey wall design, moon, and cloud wall accessories take the style quotient up a notch. Pendant lights on either side of the bed serve both utility and fashion purposes. The animal carpet and soft toys complete the look.
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Mesmerising Kids Room False Ceiling - Kids Room Designs

Mesmerising Kids Room False Ceiling

This kids room false ceiling is simple yet modern in its layout. The white ceiling has been installed with stylish lights, making the small space look bigger. This light is accompanied by a wall lamp for more illumination. A false ceiling design aids in revamping the look of a basic room layout.
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Pink Kids Room Designs for Girls - Kids Room Designs

Pink Kids Room Designs for Girls

This kids room for girls is a dreamy nook for any princess, simple and approachable this space is made especially for a child. Adding some pink pop of colour with throw pillows and matching floating shelves in the room creates a beautiful and calming atmosphere.
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Blue Study Room Design for Kids - Kids Room Designs

Blue Study Room Design for Kids

Study tables are a necessary item in a kids room, choosing a design like this one which is not only functional but also versatile. It can be the best way to organise all the tit-bits around the room and arrange them at a reachable distance for your child.
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Quirky POP Designs for Kids Room - Kids Room Designs

Quirky POP Designs for Kids Room

A POP design for kids rooms might sound like something strange but this room will make you think otherwise. Textured walls are a good sensory source for kids, also they add a good accent to the wall.
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Creepy Kids Room with a Halloween Theme - Kids Room Designs

Creepy Kids Room with a Halloween Theme

This creepy kids room has been embellished with pumpkins, balloons and scary masks acing the halloween theme. The fairy lights and artificial candles add to the eerie atmosphere. The design of this bedroom is fun, stylish and is bound to spark zest in the children. Addition of soft toys tones down the horror in the room.
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