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We bring to you our range of recliner chairs, the ultimate relaxation companions that promise to transform any corner of your home into a cosy retreat. These aren't just chairs; they're your personal comfort zones, where you can kick back, unwind, and escape the day's hustle and bustle. They adapt to your preferred comfort level with plush cushioning and adjustable settings. The stylish designs online add a touch of elegance while offering unmatched relaxation. So, settle in, recline, and buy a chair that drives away the day's stress by embracing your new favourite chair.

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    Elevate Your Comfort with Recliner Chairs to Veg Out

    In the quest for ultimate luxury and comfort, recliners are more than pieces of furniture. They accentuate the look of your home and redefine interiors. Whether you accessorise in the living room or adorn the reading nook of your bedroom, our recliner chair cradles you in comfort, supports your body posture and embraces a sense of relaxation. Fitted with plenty of features, recliner seats come with an adjustable backrest, extendable footrest, vibration, massage, built-in cup holders and more.

    Ready to upgrade your style with solace? Browse through our collection of plush materials and palette of colours. Select your ideal chair to match your existing decor and add a wow factor to your home.

    Essential Factors You Must Consider Before Buying a Recliner Sofa

    Are you ready to elevate your living space into an oasis of comfort and finesse? Sink into our recliner sofas, blending impeccable style and functionality. These multi-seater furniture pieces enkindle a visual flair to your home. From a variety of enticing materials and finishes to a vibrant streak of colour choices, there’s a recliner sofa for every taste and need. Our extensive catalogue of recliner sofa sets is designed to complement any interior style at an affordable price. Consider these factors before making an informed decision.


    Start by measuring your space and considering the size of the recliner that suits your requirements and preferences. Recliner chairs come in array of sizes, compact, modular or spacious, providing flexibility to choose as per your desire and budget. Evaluate the room and other furniture arrangements to avoid overcrowding and obstructing the flow of movement.


    When buying recliners online, select the material that endures durability, quality and comfort. Our top-notch recliner chairs are made of premium fabrics with an intensive range of colours, textures and patterns, making a statement in your home. Whether it’s the lush and sought-after leather upholstery that’s classy and ultra-durable or microfabrics that are resistant and stain-proof, consider your lifestyle and maintenance choice.


    Select a recliner set that provides robust lumbar support, soft padding, and a backrest that aligns with your body shape and health preferences. Plop down into our recliner chairs and give them the cosy test! Crafted with sturdy materials and mechanisms, our quality recliner sofa sets offer exceptional comfort to unwind and relax.


    Look for added features such as smooth reclining mechanisms, adjustable backrests, heating and massage functions, storage compartments and built-in USB ports to elevate your experience without compromising on style.


    Set a budget to narrow down your search and compare recliner sofa prices to select an ideal choice. At Interior Company, quality meets affordability. Explore our collection of budget-friendly recliner sofa couches that align with your interior style and don't burn your pocket.

    Choose a Recliner Sofa Based on the Seating Capacity

    While searching for ideal recliners, you will be swamped with a lot of options that can make the right purchase a battle. To help you with this struggle, our experts at Interior Company bring forth popular recliner seat choices:-

    Single-Seater Recliner

    The most common lounging chairs found in the living rooms are perfect single-seaters with built-in cup holders and USB ports. This type of furniture takes minimum space and is an excellent choice for apartments.

    Two-Seater Recliner

    Delight in joy and entertainment with these cosy two-seater recliner sofas, embedded with savvy features, an ideal choice for couples.

    Three-Seater Recliner

    A family recliner sofa set can host several people, amplifying your living space. Our avant-garde 3-seater recliner sofa sets offer amazing back and lumbar support, versatility, and refinement.

    Primary Health Benefits of Recliner Chairs and Sofa

    Recliner sofa chairs are designed with ergonomic features and the ability to rock, swivel or recline, offering healthy benefits and enhancing your lounging experience.

    Stress Reduction

    In today’s hectic world, recliners crafted with soft fabrics make users feel at ease, reduce stress, and stimulate mental peace.

    Blood Circulation

    Reclining back on a seater and elevating your legs boost blood circulation and offer some relief.

    Back and Neck Support

    The types of recliner chairs at Interior Company feature lumbar support and a mobile backrest that encourage healthy posture and aid in backache, aching joints, and arthritic pain.

    Different Types of Fabric Used in Recliner Sofa Chairs

    Indulge in the ultimate comfort with our recliner sofa sets, adding a refined style to your home. With Interior Company, discover trendsetting recliner sofa couches at a good price and transform living spaces according to your taste and preferences. Wrapped in lush fabrics, choose the desired option from our range of products that blends functionality and flair.

    Fabric Recliners

    Renowned for its durability and affordability, fabric recliner chairs, such as cotton recliner sofas, lend a refreshing statement to your home. These fabrics are breathable and soft and will keep you cool during the summer.

    Opt for recliner sofa sets upholstered in polyester, providing ease of maintenance and resistance to stains and abrasions. Whatever fabric you choose, you will surely find endless customisation choices in several colours and patterns.

    Leather Recliners

    Leather recliner chairs are a luxe, contemporary choice for urban homes. This plush material has a sheen that upscales the visual allure of any space. The best part is that they are easy to clean and improve with age.

    Velvet Recliners

    For those seeking luxury in their living spaces, velvet recliner chairs induce regal and inviting appeal. Draped in elegance and comfort, these distinctive sofa chairs elevate the ambience.

    Types of Recliners Based on Mechanism

    Manual Recliner

    Straightforward and budget-friendly, manual recliners are designed for contemporary and compact spaces, giving users a relaxed position while adding flavours of sophistication to the home.

    Motorised Recliner

    Designed with impeccable style and smart features, our motorised recliner chairs make modern lounging luxurious and convenient. These come in various styles and configurations with power buttons to massage vibration, heat and more.

    Want to Buy a Recliner Chair Online at the Best Price? Choose Interior Company.

    Shopping for ergonomically designed, exquisite recliner chairs online can be overwhelming with hundreds of choices, but We’ve got you covered. Interior Company brings a unique range of products with a simplified selection that aligns with your taste, style and budget. Whether you’re selecting a recliner chair for your bachelor pad or a 3-seater recliner sofa set for your living room, choose the one that serves your needs perfectly with relaxation and well-being. Our range of modern and fashionable products has streamlined designs, quality materials and aesthetic finishes, curating a chic look to your home.

    Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

    Is it healthy to sit in a recliner?

    Recliner chairs align with a firm posture, reducing back pain and alleviating pressure. Elevating the feet above the heart improves circulation.

    Can you sleep in a recliner?

    There are some pros and cons to sleeping in recliners. People suffering from specific health conditions can benefit from sleeping in recliners, as they can reduce acid reflux and improve digestion and blood circulation. They are also a boon for people with back pain and breathing problems. However, sleeping on a recliner sofa can carry risks, causing joint stiffness and neck pain. Plus, it restricts sleeping movements and makes you feel uncomfortable.

    What is the average cost of a good recliner?

    Recliner sofas are available in bountiful choices depending on colour, material, mobility, and features. You can find budget-friendly recliner chair prices at Interior Company, serving with premium quality and designs.

    What is a good-sized recliner?

    Measure the room’s dimensions so the furniture piece can easily be outfitted. Think about the seating options, be it one one-seater or three-seater. Consider the type and features that align with your body and space requirements.

    What are the benefits of a recliner?

    Recliners offer several benefits, from unparalleled comfort to space efficiency to versatility, durability, and alleviation of back pain. Recliner sofa sets are suitable for families and enhance relaxation and entertainment while accentuating your home decor.

    How do I choose a recliner sofa?

    If you’re searching for a recliner sofa online, consider the physical space of your room that can perfectly fit the new piece of furniture. Choose from the types of recliners that provide distinct benefits. Think of the recliner’s mechanism, durability, material, and comfort that suits your requirements. Our furniture partners at Interior Company offer the best recliner chair prices with the finest quality.

    What is the best colour for a recliner?

    Black, brown, beige and blue are the best colours for recliner chairs and sofas that can complement any decor style and theme.

    Which recliner sofa is best, leather or fabric?

    Leather is a luxurious and timeless material that is durable and easy to maintain, while fabrics come in a range of colours and patterns and are affordable options.

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