Modern Bedroom Design Ideas That Will Lend Your Abode An All-New Feel

Published On: Feb 19, 2022

From timeless colours to statement lighting and luxury furniture to rustic touches, here are some interesting modern bedroom design ideas that will lend your boudoir a sense of supreme luxury whilst promoting a good night’s sleep.

Bedrooms are known to be the private spaces in our homes where we wake up to beautiful mornings and peacefully hit the sack after tiring days. It acts as a comfortable cocoon that encapsulates our energy. Thus, it is important to beautify this space in a manner that calms our senses every night we hit the bed. 

Talking about festooning the bedroom, there is no denying that modern bedrooms render images of stark and sleek interiors in our mind - right? However, a modern bedroom is not always about a minimalist and ultra-contemporary space. It is more like creating a milieu with polished aesthetics while keeping it spacious and functional.

A modern bedroom design can suit all tastes, budgets and styles. Rustic, beach, Bohemian, luxury or Scandinavian - no matter what your preference is, you can lend a modern twist to any decor that will bring in a sophisticated and chic vibe. Wallpapers, lighting, colour themes, artwork, furnishings, nightstands, wall treatments and headboards - there is an abundance of choices to spice up your niche with modern bedroom design ideas from interior magazines and websites. 

To help make the best decision, we’ve compiled the list of our favourite modern bedroom designs to inspire you for your next remodelling project:

1. Greys are Always in Trend

Create a partition in the room with an accent wall painted half in black and half in grey. Make a combination of sleek modern and rattan furniture to for an enticing appeal. Adding some indoor plants and trendy pendant lights will complete the chic look in this space.

Greys are Always in Trend

2. Ocean Wave Splash

Throw soothing and serene splashes of blue on the accent wall or in the form of furnishings to suffuse in a refreshing feel. Take inspiration from this modern bedroom design where the patterns and textures blend perfectly with the sleek furniture. Include some indoor plants to add to the cheerful vibe of the interior.

Ocean Wave Splash

3. Velvet Glam

Got a compact space and are seeking modern bedroom design ideas? Play with velvet textures to invite a perfect glam in the decor. Opt for a suede headboard in a forest green hue to give your modern bedroom design an earthy touch. Do not place ample accessories in the room since it will give it a congested feel. Wooden flooring and large lamps on either side of the bed will add a rustic feel in the room. 

Velvet Glam

4. Prettify with Pink and Purple

Pink and purple finishes give a luxurious vibe to any decor. Work with a fine blend of rich plum and purple shades on the wall and bedding to incorporate a lavish touch. Keep it minimal with white tiled flooring and some fresh potted plants.

Prettify with Pink and Purple

5. Flower Power

Aren’t flowers an instant mood-uplifter? Think floral when it comes to designing the accent wall of your bedroom. Give this cosy space a rejuvenating makeover with a moody floral wallpaper. Go with a dark tone for an opulent touch and create a perfect contrast with light-hued throws and pillows.

Flower Power

6. Neutrals Never Disappoint

Subtle yet classy, neutrals are a way to induce a lavish touch in all decors. Create a perfect contrast with wooden flooring and a headboard with a geometric pattern in soft shade. Beige curtains, throws and soft ambient lighting will add to the modern appeal of this space. 

Neutrals Never Disappoint

7. Art Attack

You can never go wrong with artwork, especially when it comes to beautifying your own niche. A huge display of abstract artwork on the accent wall works best in a modern bedroom design. Suffuse in an ideal mid-century touch with a heavily patterned jute carpet and hanging lights to add detailed layers.

Art Attack

8. Reflections are Real

Mirrors symbolise luxury in home decor and enhance the volume of spaces. Consider styling up your bedroom with symmetrically placed mirrors and long drapes to add some texture and a pop of colour to the space. Paint the accent wall black to match up with the curtains and install a classic chandelier for a grandiose vibe. 

Reflections are Real

9. Think Traditional

Traditional bedroom design ideas can often be spotted in modern homes as there is something regal about this theme. Create your own royal haven with a velvet upholstered and scalloped headboard that injects an art deco-inspired vibe in home decors. Keep the background white and bring in an antique nightstand to add to the splendour of the room.

Think Traditional

10. Go Smart with Lighting

Let lights do the talking in your beautiful boudoir. Make an ideal combination with pendant lights and minimal elements to achieve a Scandinavian look. Work with grey and black in the entire decor and place low-height furniture to enhance the volume of the space. 

Go Smart with Lighting

11. The Gold Glam

If antique themes conquer your heart, you must choose them for your personal space. Create a perfectly-lit royal vibe with the charm of gold that is sure to grab the eyeballs of visitors. Work with golden furniture details, classy drapes, beige touches and a huge antique vase promising a fine traditional twist in your modern bedroom decor. 

The Gold Glam

12. Canopy of Dreams

Create your own dreamy world with a bed that has a canopy. Sleek, simple and contemporary, four-poster beds infuse a tranquil feel in bedroom spaces. A big TV unit, dark ceiling, a few soft chairs and a wood-panelled accent wall invite an elegant vibe in spacious bedrooms. If you did not know, dark ceilings are a popular modern bedroom design idea.

Canopy of Dreams

13. Wonders of Wood

Modern or traditional, you will see wood spreading its magic in most home decors. Work with wood in your next bedroom remodelling project to make the space feel less chaotic and more peaceful. A wooden bed, cabinet and floor paired with rattan furniture pieces can give your room a rustic look. Hang two or three small graphics in wooden frames over the cabinet to create a strong visual statement in the milieu.

Wonders of Wood

14. Bohemian Blast

Since bedrooms are the cosiest spaces in our homes, a bohemian theme is one of the most preferred among home decorators. Think white and grey when it comes to furniture, throw some fresh indoor plants, design the accent wall with posters and hang a hammock for that perfect bohemian vibe.

Bohemian Blast

15. Unusual Colour Schemes

Hues are the essence of home decor and colourful modern bedroom designs are one of the most popular choices. Despite opting for a single tone, consider using an unusual colour scheme to achieve a unique look in your bedroom. White walls complemented by a bold red accent wall, blue drapes and bedding, and classic furniture pieces will create an ideal American theme in your cosy space.

Unusual Colour Schemes

16. Loud Accents and Textures

If your bedroom features simple and plaid interiors and you do not want to start from scratch while renovating the space, inject a dash of accents and textures to give the decor a cheerful touch. Design the accent wall with a trendy golden-white leaves theme wallpaper and pair it up with a bright blue headboard and neutral pillows to create a perfect balance of luxury and simplicity in the decor. 

Loud Accents and Textures

17. Huge Headboards 

A headboard is the most eye-catching element in a bedroom. Consider placing a tall headboard in rich colour and texture to give a definition to your modern bedroom space. Hang a massive, classic chandelier, throw drapes and rugs in brown colour and keep the rest of the decor minimal with luxury furniture pieces. 

Huge Headboards 

18. Pink Plush

Though pink is a less preferred hue for bedroom decors, it is one of the most luxurious colour themes you will find in those interior design magazines. A pink panel accent wall complemented with subtle white floor, dark drapes and fresh plants up the luxe factor in modern bedroom decor. 

Pink Plush


Every room has a story that is reflected by the theme and elements incorporated in the decor. Most people are looking for unique modern bedroom ideas that carry splashes of personality and outstanding aesthetics. 

If you are planning to give your space a makeover anytime soon, contact the team of interior design professionals at Interior Company by Square Yards. They will guide you through ample modern bedroom designs and suggest feasible solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How to make my bedroom more stylish?

It doesn’t take much to give your rooms’ interior a stylish uplift. Simple and creative hacks can do the trick without any dramatic changes to the bedroom arrangement. Accessories are the best way forward. Add a bit of drama with wallpapers, create space illusion with mirrors, add throw pillows, change the window drapes, bring in accent lighting or statement light fixtures, the possibilities are endless.

Q. What is the best way to design a bedroom?

You can renovate your personal sanctuary that reflects your style by keeping the arrangement simple, choosing a wallpaper that suits your personality and adding a rich blend of bedding, curtains and lighting.

Q. What layout can be the best for a bedroom?

There is no right or wrong layout. Considering bedrooms are highly personal spaces, the layout would depend greatly on how you would like to use the space. You can also let concepts of Vastu or Feng shui guide you. The key task would be to place the bed right and balance the rest around it. If your room features wardrobes and dressers, the space required for these will also greatly influence the layout of the room.