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Outstanding TV Unit Designs for Living Room Space

Published On: Jan 19, 2022

The entertainment unit has become an important part of any home. However, the placement and styling of the unit is a constant hassle between the designers and homeowners. The TV wall doesn't only have to be an element to beautify the nook but it can be a place of storage specifically for receivers, gaming consoles, remotes and stacking decorative knick-knacks. Come on board with the Interior Company to know more about TV Unit Designs.

Mount-It on the Wall 

Mount-It on the Wall 

Mounting your television on the wall gives you a lot of space and increases functionality.   

The finish looks clean as the TV stand or hanging wires are not visible. Placing them against a dark backdrop complements the entire aesthetic.

It is better to affix the TV on the wall so that it is intact. You can install a movable mounting that allows a 180-degree movement so that one can adjust the TV as per their requirement.

Wooden Panelling 

Wooden Panelling 

In the middle of the tech influx that is available in the market to modernise our homes, creating a TV unit design is the most alluring option. Timber panelling is one of the best ways to incorporate an earthy feel into a home. 

Wooden Panelling 2

The wooden TV showcase over a canary yellow wall elevates the decor of the entire room. It brings out the element of warmth and comfort in interior design. 

Investing in the Samsung QLed The Frame TV is a great option if you want to opt for a luxurious look for your home. The TV provides a nice touch to any room - just turn the frame off and let your favourite artwork set the mood. 

Source: Samsung Source: Samsung - https://www.samsung.com/levant/frametv/content/

Floating Finesse

Floating Finesse

Floating shelves are an excellent choice if the room has little or no space for a huge TV unit. The shelving can go below or on the sides of the TV unit and have a lot of space in the room. Suggest the designer to place the television at any standpoint that works for you; the centre, below the cabinet or on either side. A floating TV unit designs has a big advantage to it, they make any space very easy to clean, uncluttered and tidy. The image below is a great example of how this idea may play out. 

Floating Finesse 2

Light it up!

Light it up!

One can play around when designing cabinets by adding a cosy glow behind your TV showcase. The backlight and the colour combinations take your eyes off the big black box and make you focus on what all is there to admire.  

Light it up! 2

One can use strip LED lighting to illuminate the showcase. A beautiful traditional-style backlit TV cabinet is the best accent wall that you can create in your residence, which will be both functional and captivating.  

A Touch of Greenery

Plants make every place better, isn't it?  If you can't decide on how to decorate your TV cabinet, surround it with plants in a handsome manner to make your nook an eye-catching element of the room.

A Touch of Greenery

Potted plants are a perfect way to incorporate greenery into your living room because laying them on the floor is too ancient. 

Pet-Friendly TV Wall

Pet-Friendly TV Wall

Keeping pets entertained is an important factor for their owners. Here are some ideas which will be a part of not only your entertainment but also of your cats. 

This is an opportunity to incorporate a cat highway or build feline ladders. Cleverly construct shelves and cabinets that will give your pet their own space to walk around.  

Coloured Cabinets 

Coloured Cabinets 

Incorporating some colour in your TV showcase will add elements of surprise. You can either add an accent wall behind your television or opt for coloured furniture to top it up. Here is the representation of how you can build coloured cabinets around your television to add both storage and design. 

Coloured Cabinets 2

How Would You Do It?

TV unit designs are an integral part of the focal point of any room. Hence, it is essential to merge your personal mood board with the correct inspiration for the best outcomes. Whilst designing the TV units for your home, keep in mind the functionality, efficiency and viability of the layouts for optimal results. For more interior decor ideas, visit the Interior Company.

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Q. What do you store in a TV cabinet? 

A TV unit is the perfect hiding place for your remotes, gaming consoles and cords which normally clutter around your entertainment box. 

Q. What colour should a TV unit be? 

The cabinet should be in a similar colour to the room decor generally. If you are going for a bolder look contrasting combination of colours is also a great option. 

Q. Which type of wood be used in a TV cabinet? 

The best wood types are commercial ply and BWR ply due to their water resistance qualities. They are also resistant to termites, are sturdy and long-lasting.
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