5 Modern TV Unit Designs to Organise Your Home

Published On: Apr 19, 2022

Everyone wants a living room that is properly organised, but is adding shelves and cabinets the only solution? Not anymore. Combining aesthetics and functionality, TV stands and wall units are the new way of ensuring a spacious and de-cluttered home. Keep reading for 5 modern TV unit designs idea to revamp your home decor.

Managing Your Home Using TV Stands and Wall Units

If properly installed and utilised, the latest and modern TV unit designs can brighten even the most monotonous living room. They will also give you space to store your PlayStation, DTH box, remote controllers and your precious DVDs and albums.

Invest in an industrial TV stand or wall unit that blends seamlessly into any decoration and complements your drawing room's TV panel design. You can even install your TV unit under the stairs to get the most out of your space. It looks trendy, offers excellent functionality and gives you additional storage space.

What is the Suitable Height for a TV Stand?

A wall-mounted TV should be approximately 56 inches from the floor. However, for the best viewing experience, aim to place your TV at eye level. This means you don't have to stretch your neck or sit in an awkward position on the couch while watching the TV.

What is the Suitable Height for a TV Stand?

How to Select an Appropriate TV Cabinet?

TV cabinets can make or break the beauty of your room. They are multi-functional and manage to hide unwanted clutter. Choose a cabinet that fits your screen effectively. When placing a TV in the room, check if the unit is displayed or hidden. If you can't put your TV in a particular location, you need to purchase a TV stand or a cabinet. A built-in unit would be ideal instead of a free-standing TV stand to make the room more spacious.

1. Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity

You can have fixed cabinets next to the TV stand to store undesirable wires, or you could keep your DVDs and other articles in the cabinets. This would allow the room to have an elegant and minimalistic vibe.

2. Multifunctionality


If you have a tabletop TV, the open shelves below can be converted to hold a music system, thus giving you a home entertainment system. You can use the unit as a study table, a place to display your exquisite home decor and even use it as a bookshelf.

3. A Sprawling Wall Unit

A Sprawling Wall Unit

Install your unit near a decorative storage shelf backlit with warm LED lights. It is then perfect for displaying precious art and decorative objects. The low storage cupboard at the base is ideal for keeping various utility items out of sight. The sprawling TV gives a rich look to your living area and accessorising it well with shelves, cabinets and showpieces can make it quite pleasing to the eye.

4. A Harmonious TV Showcase 

A Harmonious TV Showcase 

It's even better if your modern TV unit or stand has matching furniture, including the sideboards. You could even use it to complement a bright-coloured rug, a pink sofa, a teal cushion, etc. These TV units can work with your interior design to make the room more attractive for your guests.

Trending Modern TV Unit Design Ideas

Here are some latest and modern TV unit designs idea and how they can help you organise your home:

1. TV Units with Laminated Wood

TV Units with Laminated Wood

Wooden laminates are a great addition to your modern tv unit designs for the main hall, polishing the look of your entertainment unit.

Besides the look, this unit hides the clutter of the cables and gives you ample storage to keep away your remotes, gaming devices and even books and magazines. It brings an elegant aesthetic to your living room and eliminates monotony. Make sure the walls are in neutral tones, and accessories in white and grey complement the entire look.

2. Floating Cabinet TV Units 

Floating Cabinet TV Units 

Floating cabinets add a unique element to your entertainment unit and are an excellent way to incorporate a TV unit into a small bedroom. Keep showpieces, picture cases and family portraits on the shelves built on your TV unit. The important thing here is to ensure that the cabinets complement your interior decor.

3. Modern Stone Cladding TV Units

Modern Stone Cladding TV Units

This design is ideal for the hall as it gives the room a spacious vibe. Place your sound surround system or speakers on the floor and let the TV space look neat and tidy. This sophisticated stone is a mix of vintage and contemporary styles, which is trending this year.

4. Pristine White TV Units

Pristine White TV Units

White gives you a touch of peace in your living room while also making you feel like royalty. This is a minimalistic unit design that will only allow you to keep those elements that will add to the aesthetic appeal room. You can cleverly hide the colourful wires behind the unit. Additionally, brown curtains offer a striking contrast, ensuring that the focus is solely on the TV unit.

5. PVC Modern TV Units


PVC panel backgrounds are a great way to enhance the design of your TV unit. This is a much more affordable option than wood and perfectly contrasts any coloured wall. If you are looking for an experimental design, you can choose from the latest PVC TV unit ideas to add a whimsical touch to the overall look. They usually come with a shelf and small cabinets to store your essentials.

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Having an in-built TV cabinet or a TV stand is often overlooked. But, when you are given a plethora of options to display that fantastic flat screen, you will undoubtedly consider a durable stand or a modern unit to place your TV in. These add a finishing touch and a certain sophistication to your home. Whether you choose to mount your TV on the wall or leave it on the stand, the TV console provides you with additional space by hiding away any unsightly clutter. If you're looking for more ideas, you can visit Interior Company for expert guidance.


Q. Is it possible to have wall-mounted TV units for the living room if there is insufficient space?

Certainly, there are many design options for small spaces, such as floating cabinets.

Q. What should you consider when choosing furniture design for TVs?

Irrespective of the theme - minimalistic, luxurious or modern, the best TV furniture design should always ensure that it blends easily with other interior decor, wall textures or paints, fixtures, etc., while preserving the elegance of your room.

Q. Can TV units be built under the stairs?

Of course, they can. It is a great way to enhance storage space and make your house look stylish and modern.

Q. Why should you choose a wooden TV stand?

Wooden TV units and stands are timeless and elegant. In addition, they look great with all types of decoration.

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