Modular Storage Solutions

Published On: Sep 17, 2021

“I have far too much storage space.” Said no one ever!!!

As the world becomes more and more practical and our homes became a refuge, multi-functional items quickly took the centre stage. The hero in most homes is not the one who can excel in one thing but is the one who has the ability to perform multiple tasks. Same goes for interior, timeless furniture and accent pieces have one job but modular cupboards, drawers, storage, shelves, and cabinets hold certain secrets like no place other.

bed box in a bed room

Modular storage furniture is a way to ensure that all things that otherwise lie around the house find a specific place to rest as not all of us are blessed with abundant space for walk-in closets and built-in storage. But fret not, we are here to help you manage your space in the easiest way possible, so whether it is modular shoe rack, modular bookshelf, modular plastic drawers, modular storage drawers, modular drawer organiser, modular storage containers, modular drawer system, or modular storage rack, nothing will be left out in the open to hamper with your everyday routine.

So what are we waiting for, grab your notepads and get started on decluttering, organising and storing using modular storage!

1. Wall Mounted Modular Storage System

If you wish to maximise your living space and not compromise on style and storage as well, then have a look at these modular shelving systems that are modern, exceptionally cool and bring out the creative side in you.

1.1. Sectional Bookcase

bookcase with books photo frames

If you love to read and collect books but have no place to store and flaunt them, then this is the kind of shelf that can store not just your books but also pictures, souvenirs, little collectibles, etc. It stands out on the wall and gives the look of an accent wall piece in itself.

1.2. Jointed Wall Unit

Jointed Wall Unit

Rectangular shelves collectively put together in black metal frame with wooden base in an abstract manner makes this kind of unit a work of art. Put up a classic lamp on one of the shelves and see the magic come alive when the sun goes down.

1.3. Industrial Pipe Shelf

industrial pipe shelf

One of the recent trends in modular storage systems is the industrial theme where a solid metal pipe frame holds up to four shelves with the base suspended Fromm the ceiling giving you plenty of options to customise.

1.4. Sticotti Bookshelf

Sticotti bookshelf

Named after an award-winning architect, Alejandro Sticotti, who perfected modular wall shelving system where you can hang the entire system from a single wall mount bracket, all screwed together and is completely customisable, all it uses is an inter-lockable system of wooden planks and you get yourself a good looking storage hanging on the wall.

1.5. Contemporary Cube Floating Shelves

contemporary cube floating shelf

Made with solid iron and rubber-wood, each of these shelves is crafted with precision to create a striking display that will make you fall in love with modular shelving system. Decorate the wall, create a focal point, store your knick knacks or just let them be, cube floating shelves are a good way to go about.

2. Modular Storage Cube System Details

Since we started talking about cube system in modular storage, let us dive in a little deeper. A geometric shape that gives fire to creativity and visual appeal, cube has been a part of our lives ever since we were kids, those colourful building blocks, remember? So why not make them a part of everyday life, it is just like how Erno Rubik said, “we turn the cube and it twists us”, similarly modular storage cubes stackable should always be an answer to all storage related problems. Let us see a few cubic options now, shall we?

2.1. 2/3 - Tier Stackable Modular Storage Cubes

2 and 3 stackable modular storage cubes

If you believe in a budget-friendly storage solution then these kind of modular storage boxes are the right option, with cubic compartments, it is far more stronger and spacious than it looks. With materials like waterproof sheet and iron rods to hold it, such a storage unit is the perfect option for a small space.

2.2. Basic Eco-Storage Cube

basic eco-storage cube

Nothing speaks clean lines like basic storage cubes, a simple way to add a modular storage unit in any room. You can easily stack it up one on top of the other and add a zing element on top of it using it like a table top. The best part is that you can add any colour, any finish to it.

2.3. Interconnected Cube Shelves

Interconnected cube shelves

Create a unique design each time a requirement comes up with this one-of-a-kind storage unit that allows you to place each cube the way you wish as each unit is independent and can be put together using a unique locking system creating a different design each time you want.

2.4. Wire Storage Units

wire storage units

Made of durable black-lacquered steel attached with plastic connectors that makes multiple stacking possible. These easy-to-assemble storage are popular in dorm rooms, kids’ bedroom due to its availability and affordability.

2.5. Palaset Modular Storage Cubes

Palaset modular storage cubes

Created first in the year 1972 by Ristomatti Ratia, these Palaset cubes create space for every kind of home, with cheerful and bright colours, this series has been a staple for smaller households to store little items, around the world.

3. Modular racks and stands for clothes and display

You may or may not have enough space to stop your clothes or put the ones which are the gorgeous ones on display. With the changing weathers in our country, we need to store certain clothes till winter comes and revive them once the cold hits the floor. Let’s see a few ideas to store clothes when that happens.

3.1. Shelf It

modern shelves and baskets in the wardrobe

If you believe in inexpensive yet modern way to store clothes them add some shelves in your cupboard, pick up storage baskets and use them to keep the little items which are usually tucked away and get misplaced.

3.2. Built-in corner

storage baskets with labels in an open wardrobe

Sometimes you have space but don’t know how to use it, same goes for such a style and if you are an organising freak, then an open closet with storage baskets and labels is a big win for you and a hit in your circle.

3.3. Mix and Match

wardrobe with open shelves, hanging rods, drawers

Let us face it, most of us like to hoard things when it comes to clothes, shoes, jewellery and bags and when it comes to storing, we end up creating a mess that is beyond possible to clean so in such a case, along with your closet space, add a mix of floating shelves, racks, modular storage drawers and create your own DIY space that only you know your way through.

3.4. Space Under the Bed

storage under the bed

There are no monsters there, we promise, just some hidden space that comes handy when it comes to storing things that are otherwise not needed and too precious to throw away. You can even store your seasonal shoes there to protect them from dirt and moisture, those once-in-a-blue-moon dresses that only come out to play when there is a party in town and clothes that you know your summer body will ‘definitely’ fit into. The space under the bed is a vast voyage that sometimes takes you on a journey, it sure does take time to clean that mess up when the sun is in full bloom and you need your comfy college tee shirts which have now faded.

3.5. Up, Up, and Away

two hanging rods in a wardrobe at different placements

Another way to add more space in your wardrobe is by hanging clothes from the top of the wardrobe in layers. Tie a rope along the hanging rod and then add another rod to it for those jeans or trousers that couldn’t make way in the first lot and were put on a wait-list in to make way into the closet.

3.6. Modular Pegboard

Modular Pegboard

This is a more unconventional way to store little trinkets like earrings, hats, bags, bracelets, and some headbands. With a little paint on the pegboard, a few screws you can hang it anywhere and create your own flair around.

3.7. The S-Hook

The S-Hook

A parlour trick, if you may, you can hang your jeans, trousers, tank tops and even tee shirts using a simple S-hook on the hanging rod in your wardrobe. It saves the trouble of a wooden hanger and easily suspends all things visibly and conveniently in your cupboard.

3.8. No Tension with Tension Rods

displaying shoes on a tension rod

The easiest way to hang just about any lightweight item under the sun, tension rods can hold your shoes, shirts, decoration items, craft supplies and whatnot.

4. Modular Storage Desk

The past one year our home has been our office as well which leads to a lot of time on the home work desk. For most people, a cluttered work station creates a cluttered mind and demotivates them, having a organised desk is more appealing and increases the will to work from home. So let us look at a few organisation ideas for your work station so that you can take care of business at hand, efficiently.

4.1. Wall-Mounted Modular Storage System for Office

wall mounted modular storage for office

This is essential so that your desk is clear for you to function. A wall-mounted storage system not only helps in storing your files, stationery, important documents, laptop wires, etc., but also looks aesthetically pleasing as it is only appropriate to put all things in place.

4.2. Ditch the Chunky Shelf

floating shelves above the desk

Instead of a heavy storage system, you can even place floating shelves in front of your desk to keep the minimal theme in place. It can properly store your supplies without feeling heavy on your eyes.

4.3. A Storage Caddy

A Storage Caddy

If you are a firm believer in sleek design language then stick to a basic small storage caddy basket that can house all your work essentials right under your table.

4.4. Pegboard wall

pegboard wall above or next to the office desk.

Why not use a functional pegboard wall and mix business and fun. With important meeting alerts in the calendar, add a quirky display of art made by your kids to remind you to head back to them once work is off the table.

4.5. Plastic Modular storage cabinets with drawers

plastic storage cabinets with drawers

Plastic modular storage cabinets that come with drawers are a very affordable and efficient way to store you files, office supplies, etc. They don’t take up much space, tucked away in one corner, they look sleek.

4.6. Built-in Plywood Storage shelves with Top drawer

Built-in Plywood Storage shelves with Top drawer

One of the more conventional way is to add a built-in storage inside your desk with top drawers, the shelves can contain things that you can keep in the open like dustbins, handy items like pen, pencils, etc.

5. Multi-functional Furniture

You can live a clutter-free life on budget as well by using furniture that can be repurposed around the house. A multifunctional furniture not only helps in storing the unappealing items in the house but also look stylish as these pieces work really hard to mix looks with purpose and excel wonderfully at it. So let us look at a few of such heroes of our home.

5.1. Two-tiered Coffee Table

two-tiered coffee table

A living room can be a happening place to meet with friends, call in relatives, or simply sit idly and have a cup of tea, meandering. You can utilise the second half of the coffee table to stack latest magazines, interesting books or even some potpourri, for that fresh aroma of a hotel lobby but the upper half of the table can hold functional and stylish items like flower vase and coasters.

5.2. Console Table

console table in the foyer or drawing room

A stylish way to add a chic vibe to your space is by placing a console table in the foyer, behind the sofa or even next to your dining table. It can hold two or three drawers and yet have a lot of space under it where you can put baskets for umbrellas or other occasionally used items.

5.3. Console Cabinet

console cabinet next to the dining table

The elder brother of the console table, this cabinet offers a lot of space and storage to place your cups, glasses, older issues of magazines and newspapers, and on the top you can decorate it with photo frames and curios.

5.4. Nesting Tables

nesting tables

A simple but effective idea, nesting tables come in set of two or three when stacked together become a single unit but when expanded can be put to use either as a table or even a sitting stool. It is an effective way to hold extra items in the living area, bedroom or even the study room.

5.5. Ottomans with Storage

ottoman with storage

This has been one of the best designs in the furniture world, it becomes your regular seating place but when in need of storage, just lift up the top and and store all that is necessary but needs to be out of sight. With the availability of different colours, materials, designs and textures, this is a hit in each and every household and should be a must as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What is modular storage system?

A modular storage system usually comprises of different units, doors, components, shelves which are put together in a customised way as per your space. This is a way to store items in an organised manner so that when required they can be pulled out anytime.

Q2: What are modular storage drawers?

Modular storage drawers are usually put in modular storage cabinets when each and every piece can be customised as per your need and you can also pick the material as per your requirement.

Q3: What are the types of modular furnitures?

Modular furniture is all the rage in the post-COVID era. For eg., multi-functional bed which also acts as a sofa, foldable desk which you can carry wherever you wish to sit and work, even if it is with a scenic view. Foldable beds for kids to add that extra space in the room has been a very popular furniture piece amongst parents so that the kids can get more room to sit comfortably during their online schooling.

Q4: What are the accessories of modular storage cabinets?

Storage accessories are those items which help in storing items within an enclosed space, whether it is a wardrobe, cabinet, desk drawer or a console. Plastic organisers, multiple loop hangers, zipped storage baskets, wicker baskets, dividers, and tension rods.

Q5: Which interior furniture is better, modular or regular?

It is not an easy choice as a regular furniture or a carpenter made furniture is always more approachable as it can be customised just the way you wish but it lacks a finished touch, is more ergonomically flawed, modular furniture is machine made so there is precision whereas regular furniture can lack that. So modular furniture is a more practical choice to give life to your furniture as it can last longer, has warranty, you can always count on it that if a piece goes missing there will always be a replacement for the same.

Q6: What are some ideas for storage in a very small room?

Always remember to make most of your room when it is small, utilise each and every inch of space in the room. Multipurpose furniture does wonders in such a space, using a desk as a nightstand, vertical shelving, utilising space behind the door, under the bed baskets (if you don’t have a bed box), and try hanging a long mirror on either the shutter of your wardrobe or one of the walls so that the room looks bigger.

Q7. Which are the best storage racks for the warehouse?

Certain racks which are best for a warehouse are push-back racks, cantilever racks, wire partition racks, mezzanines and if you have space then mobile racks.

Q8. Why is important to have modular storage solutions?

It is important to have modular storage solutions so that you can keep your extra belongings well in place and not worry about them rotting. Storage and organisation of items in a household is important so that you don’t have to run to the market every time something runs out, whether it is grocery in the kitchen or a muffler in the winters.

Hope we have covered all our bases and helped you get a clearer picture as to what all goes into modular storage. So put your thinking caps on and visit our website to book an appointment with our space organisations experts today and see how can you make your home, kitchen, work-station more organised and ensure there there is plenty of storage available for all your belongings.

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