Best Interior Design Ideas for Bathroom in a Modern Home

Published On: Apr 20, 2022

Bathrooms are the unsung heroes when it comes to the interior decor of a home. They’re the spaces that give you a much-needed break from life and offer you a space to be vulnerable. Hence, the design ideas for bathroom, need to reflect who you are as a person and should contain elements that help you feel at peace.

Here are a few simple designs for Indian homes that you can consider to up your bathroom's style and comfort level by a few notches.

1. Open It Up

Open It up

Open plans are becoming the preferred style for bathrooms today – even in densely inhabited spaces. Such bathrooms use one-way visibility glass to let you enjoy candlelight wines in your bathtub while looking at the world outside, without worrying about peeping toms. Better yet, if the size of your plot allows planting trees around the periphery, open-plan bathrooms can turn out to be quite the meditative spaces.

Another interesting aspect about this home washroom design is that they open up not only towards the outside but inwards also – you may have noticed in various hotels. This is quite an intimate bathroom interior style, giving you the versatility of putting partitions or blinds in place while still leaving in the element of openness.

2. Two is Better Than One

Two is Better Than One

Today, many homes have master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms with double sinks. They make so much sense for the Mister and Missus of the home! Imagine having to wait for your partner to vacate the space so you could get ready for the day on time. Twin sinks placed side-by-side are a functional addition to every bathroom today, helping the power couple save those precious grooming minutes.

To add more chicness to this modern bathroom design, the sinks could be designed as mirror images of each other or exactly symmetrical with slight markers for Hers and His.

3. Experiment with Lighting

Experiment with Lighting

A well-lit bathroom has the potential to become a positive, transforming space. Darkness and dinginess in bathroom spaces tend to make them appear dull and unsuitable for use. Experiment with different types of lights:

  • Bathroom chandeliers
  • Concealed lighting
  • Cove lighting
  • Diffused lighting
  • Defining, sharp lighting
  • Colour changing lights on makeup console to switch between yellow/white light

A mix and match of various lights placed intelligently in various bathroom areas make the space more appealing. For example, if you have a large rectangular mirror installed over the sink and countertop, it makes sense to provide a cove light behind it to emit a diffused, diverging “glow” from behind the mirror. Not only does it highlight the monolithic mirror slab, but it also provides a softer light on your face. This is a very good interior design idea for bathroom.

4. Antique Vanities

Antique Vanities

There is definite value in reusing and upcycling antiques in your bathroom. For one, the wood of old is immaculately cured and long-lasting. The deeper colour tones it takes on naturally – the patina look – can’t be created artificially to that detail. Antique vanities in bathrooms completely change the interior decor of the space, making them look retro and automatically well-kept.

This is one of the best interior design ideas for bathroom ; it is quite popular in boutique properties that upcycle antique-style furniture and fittings. The charm of using antiques in your bathroom interiors rests in the rustic look they give to the space, as shown in the image. Apart from the plumbing, the bathroom looks much like any other room of the house, thanks to the antique vanity.

6. Creating Niches

Creating Niches

Modern bathroom designs for homes are all about utilising the available spaces to create the maximum function and the most efficient form of elements possible. One way to capitalise on the limited area available is to introduce niches in the bathroom. Niches are cut-outs in the wall that allow the storing of various items like body care products, bath linen, decoration and other items of use.

Instead of installing cupboards or wasting space on shelving, create more space by carving various shapes of niches at strategic locations in the bathroom – above the bathtub to store bath bombs and candles, inside the shower walls to store body washes and shampoos, by the sinks for toothbrushes and bath linen, etc.

7. Angular Designs

Angular Designs

This small washroom design takes the prize by creating immensely appealing visuals when done right. Tight spaces often include dealing with angular corners or niches that aren’t quite symmetrical. These can be utilised to install shower or bath stalls completely cordoned off from the rest of the bathroom – by creating angles around the edges.

This design ideas for bathroom is best used in spaces where an attached bathroom is needed, but space is heavily compromised. Though this design may give the luxury of an attached washroom for smaller homes, it may not be very spacious. Vanities and storage would still need to be housed outside the bathroom. The benefit, though, is still there in that the occupants get a full bathroom right inside the bedroom.

8. No-Tile Business

No-Tile Business

Tiles do require heavy upkeep and cleaning. If you aren’t in the mood to invest time in maintaining the tiles in your bathroom, another more chic, stylish and ultra-futuristic option awaits you. The concrete finish on walls solves many problems that tiles create – little to no maintenance required, can be painted and repainted to change the interiors as desired, can be carved or refilled as desired, etc.

Additionally, if you feel like the concrete walls are becoming grimy in the damper months, just give them a little scrub-down once a year, and they’ll spring back to their glorious selves. Concrete finishes on bathroom walls are also a more economical interior design idea than tiling.

9. Introduce a Feature Wall

Introduce a Feature Wall

Feature walls create a statement impact in bathrooms by giving the eyes a place to rest and ponder on their intricate designs. Good interior designers typically place feature walls inside showers or behind bathtubs. In some popular bathrooms, you may even find feature backsplashes instead of an entire wall – probably carved behind niches or introduced subtly on floating features.

Feature walls are quite popular in bedrooms, and you can create great cohesion in your interiors by extending the same design to your bathroom to make it seem like a natural part of your room.

In Conclusion

Design ideas for bathroom are a matter of personal preference, utility, availability of space and taste in the choice of material and elements. You can visit the Interior Company for more ideas on modern bedrooms with an attached bathroom.

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Q. Can I get a modern small washroom design for my home in very limited space?

Yes, by planning all the elements carefully and utilising space optimisation storage and fixtures, you can get a modern bathroom in a small space.

Q. What kind of tiling is best for modern bathrooms?

Many modern interior designers apply no-slip tiles to the wet area, while some also provide textured stone flooring options.

Q. Is wood suitable for use in bathroom design?

Yes, well-seasoned and polished wood work brilliantly to raise the elegance of a bathroom.

Q. Is it possible to install a shower in tight spaces?

Yes, a good interior design allows for optimum use of space even when there isn't much available. There may be a compromise in storage, though.

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