Modern and Luxurious Living Room Designs

Published On: Apr 29, 2022

Having a luxurious living room designs is a dream for many people and many think that it comes at a great price. However, that’s not completely true. A luxe velvet sofa, warming fireplace, high ceilings, elegant furniture with a luxe themes like a white and blue toned interior layout can add stars to your living room. 

One might think what's the most important factor whilst incorporating a touch on luxury in their design. Well, it is your home decor, design layout and personal aesthetic. If your home design is what you desire it becomes easy for you to have a tremendous impact on your guests. Luxury can also be felt by cleverly incorporating elegant elements to the interior design.

In this article, we shed light on jaw-dropping modern and luxurious living room designs idea. These ideas have everything from a country rustic look to a metallic accent. 

Metallic Fusion


A combination of black and gold is a perfect version of a metallic accent. Selecting classic items to transform your living room and make it lavish with a perfect tone of neutral shades renders an elegant finish. Further, the black and gold combination will dominate the room in terms of design and illumination. These golden glitters will shine to make even the small place look sharp and grand. The final look exudes royalty and provides a rich contrast in interior design.

Hues of White and Blue


Shades of blue are always radiate calmness. Moreover, the best combination for your living room is white and blue. This combination is considered a classic interior design. The duo of white amd blue provide a refreshing palette to incorporate a luxurious yet minimal look. While, blue is classic and versatile colour, white is the epitome of peace and harmony.

Make a Statement


One statement chandelier can make any common room full of brightness and luxury. Chandeliers are important in the living room as they are always the most attractive element present there. It is true that they can transform a drab into a fab room. Placing it at the centre will lighten up your living room with bright illumination. Chandeliers are a piece of art and add a sense of luxury as they transform into the focal point of the room.

Add Class with Glass


Imagine sitting in your living room and looking out from those big glass walls covered with grand curtains! 

You can apply the same in your living room and instantly transform it into an opulent space with other luxuries. While you go with glass walls make sure to go with grand curtains. They will highlight the beauty of your room and regulate the natural sunlight coming from the glass walls.

Artistic Rugs


If you don't have enough space in your living room, you make it cosy with a hint a luxury and style. Adding a luxurious embrown leather sofa, a shaggy rug and an art piece can make your living room aesthetic. You can even use lots of light shade cushions on your exotic leather sofa. Further, a shag rug is quite comfortable for you to lie down and enjoy the earth in the summers.

A grand art piece on the wall of your living room looks captivating and enchanting. Adding a painting that is a timeless piece and centre of attraction can add a lot of beauty to your living room.

Living Corner


Utilising empty spaces in your house to create an efficient design layout is a wise idea. With the right pieces, you can make a little corner of your house posh, attractive and unique. 

You can add elements in this corner room like a small sofa, chandelier and circular ceiling. If there is enough space you can even place some standing lamps, coffee tables and so on.

Two-Storey Living Room


If you have vast space to cover for your living room, then creating a two-storey living room is a perfect idea! The two levels of your living room will add a style statement. Two storey living room will accentuate the space and interior decor whilst highlighting the height and beauty of the ceiling.

Marble Topped Coffee Table


Furniture plays a crucial role when it comes to creating a luxurious living room. If you invest in a classic piece of furniture they will last for a lifetime and look great over the years. One of the furnishing you can add to your collection is a marble-topped coffee table. 

A marble-topped coffee table will add fineness and the gold outlining will add a sleek finish to the furniture piece. The top of the marble can be white or black or any colour that suits another set of your furniture.

Velvet Means Luxury


Velvet has always been known as a fabric of luxury. It is because it is hard to produce, woven of silk and lustrous with perfect textures. Due to its richness, you can add a luxe velvet sofa in your living room, to induce a touch of striking charm and opulence .

Coffered Ceiling


Coffered ceilings are prefered by several people as they are the only decorative design that hides the imperfections and makes the ceiling look stunning at the same time. It also helps in creating an altitude illusion, ultimately making your ceiling appear at a great height. Further, these coffered ceilings add charm and elegance to your luxurious living room designs.

Modern And Rustic


The country rustic look is a style that showcases a perfect blend of vintage and nature. The natural look includes the elements like earthy colours, wood, bricks and plants. This combination can add a refreshing charm to your living space. In simple terms, a rustic country design induces luxury through its marvellous blend of earthy and antique elements.

Circular Pit


Having your living room in the pit will make it look modern, exquisite and stylish. The pit is not a regular design that can be found in every household. It is a statement of being rich, classy and prosperous. Previously, this kind of design was mainly found out of India but not anymore.

In Conclusion

We all know that living rooms are the centre of our homes and represent our sense of comfort and luxury. You can use expensive art pieces, coffered ceilings, shag rugs, huge glass walls, or curtains as discussed above. It entirely depends on how you represent your living room or how intricate details are present. For more such design inspiration, follow the Interior Company.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How can I make my living room more luxurious?

You can use a shag rug or large rug, grand curtains, glass walls, an art piece, luxe velvet sofa, statement chandelier, metallic accents, marble-topped coffee table, a combination of white and blue or black and gold. There are many small details that you can add to make your living room luxurious.

Q. Describe a luxurious living room?

A2. A luxurious living room designs can be described with a selection of rich textures, perfect curves and lines, use of uncommon decor items, large chandelier, big rug, and comfy leather or velvety sofa sets. Further, a luxurious living room is easy as it differs from others in terms of modesty and commonness. 

Q. How will you define modern and luxury interior designing?

A3. The modern and luxury home interior design mostly has straight and clear cut lines, intricate details, and fewer curves. In simple words, a perfectly modern and luxury interior design is like geometric shapes but with a sleek design. One thing you must remember is that while choosing your furniture make sure to select simple and functional items. This type of furniture adds excellence to your living room.

Q. What is a modern living room?

A4. The simplest factor that makes a modern living room in today's world is having an open floor connecting to either your kitchen or dining area. This type of modern architecture also helps freshen the surrounding, is brighter, and looks more spacious.