Eclectic Living Room: 8 Tips to Give Your Home an Upgrade

Published On: Jun 23, 2022

There are multiple design options to choose from for interior decor. You might be familiar with themes like mid-century modern style, minimalist style, maximalist style or farmhouse style. The eclectic living room interior design style falls under the catch-all category. Here, we talk about the eclectic style and a few tips on how to achieve it.

What is an Eclectic Style? 

Eclecticism has been derived from the Greek word 'eklektikos', meaning 'to choose the best.’ Here, rather than sticking to one architectural movement, architects and homeowners work with selected elements of multiple styles and motifs along with a more saturated and rich colour palette. 

Characteristics of Eclectic Style 

There are some characteristics of the eclectic decor style that pop up regularly:

  • The eclectic style is not homogeneous. It involves taking a few risks with colours, patterns and textures.
  • It involves a combination of the old and the new. An old vintage coffee table can be paired with a modern minimal sofa.
  • It often involves the incorporation of some cultural and global elements. Furniture and decor styles of different cultures can be placed together.
  • A collage of pop art or impressionist art can be hung on the walls to create a gallery display. The eclectic style does not have a lot of limitations.

8 Tips to Ace the Eclectic Design Style 

Now that you're familiar with eclecticism, you can easily make some changes around the house. We have come up with 8 tips to help you create the perfect eclectic style living room.

1. Always Consider the Layout

Keep the layout very casual - the eclectic style is about embracing diversity and organisation. Before planning the design, always consider the layout first. It is easy to get caught up in the designing process while looking at colours, textures and patterns. The layout of the furniture and other objects should be decided before you start purchasing eclectic decor pieces.

Figure out the points where each piece of furniture will stand. A painting above the sofa, flower pots on the side table or a pair of bean bags can help to accentuate the look of the living room. You might realise that there is not enough space for that quirky tall lamp or a pair of pouffes you intended to buy. 

Always Consider the Layout

2. Bring Nature Inside with Some Houseplants 

Plants add a lot of texture and essence to a space; set up some plants around the living room to achieve a boho, eclectic style. While real plants are a preference of many homeowners, some people might not have the time to take care of the plants. In that case, you can go for some carefully crafted artificial plants. If you're a plant lover, find some rare plants and build a plant wall. This will act as a focal point for the room. Some common houseplants include Areca Palm, Monstera Deliciosa and Aloe Vera.

Using different kinds of planters, you can add both the elements of design and nature. 

Bring Nature Inside with Some Houseplants 

3. Play Around with Patterns and Textures

Eclectic interiors are incomplete without patterns. Apart from colour-blocked walls, there are multiple ways to add patterns to an attractive living room. Choose some patterned rugs or carpets and place multiple cushions to add a subtle contrast effect. When choosing a throw pillow or carpet, go for geometric shapes, flower prints or polka dots. These vibrant patterns will add fun and intrigue to your space.

The key element of eclectic-style interior decor is texture. Use different textures like marble, smooth leather, steel or wood, woven rug and more to add a different aesthetic narrative.

Play Around with Patterns and Textures

4. Mix Some Contrasting Colors 

The walls act as a backdrop for your curated interior style. So keep it simple with a palette of your choice. Dark colours usually deepen the mood, whereas light colours create a calm tone. Before painting your living room walls, always consider the amount of natural light the room receives. 

Bring in the bold hues and bright colour tones once you're done with the walls. Mix and match contrasting colours that will pop. To create visual harmony, colour combinations like black and yellow, pink and green or blue and purple can be used throughout the rooms. 

Mix Some Contrasting Colors 

5. Add a Touch of Personality

Every interior design style is incomplete without a touch of personal elements. Set up a gallery wall and let your imagination run wild. Showcase your favourite art pieces to add some character to an empty wall. Instead of a photo gallery, you can also use records as wall art. Include some actual globes or vintage art into the space for a boho-inspired look.

If you love ceilings, a fun way to bring a change would be wallpapered ceilings. Choose a cute print like vintage flowers or geometric shapes. You might need some professional help to stick these wallpapers, but it will create a fascinating contemporary style for your living room. 

Add a Touch of Personality

6. Introduce Multiple Style Genres 

Eclectic spaces include elements of different style genres. Experiment with styles, combinations, collectables and statement pieces to understand which works better. A Victorian coffee table might go well in a living room showcasing big canvas art pieces. For a Memphis-design-themed dining space, a photo gallery wall might look interesting. This is how you can find out how certain styles complement each other and create a chic eclectic design space.

Introduce Multiple Style Genres 

7. Mix up Some Furniture in the Room

Every piece of furniture usually has a story to tell. Choose some eclecticism-based furniture pieces like a wavy sofa or an antic coffee table and give them a special place in your room. Some eclecticism-based furniture pieces like polka dot bean bags or a single oval sofa can easily change the room's decor. A corner table near the couch with an abstract statue can help draw a lot of focus.

Mix up Some Furniture in the Room

8. Don't Forget to Keep Some Negative Space

While designing your living room, don't get too carried away with the eclectic decor. Whether you're trying to create an eclectic bedroom or an eclectic living room, it is important to keep some negative space. Negative space gives the viewer's eye a break. Make sure to create a blend of neutral and bold colours and a blank space.

Too many objects in one room can overwhelm the eye and make the room look cluttered. While placing all the objects in the room, leave one side of the wall or floor empty to bring some balance into the composition. 

Don't Forget to Keep Some Negative Space

In a Nutshell

To sum it up, the eclectic style of interior design has a lot to do with the unexpected. Non-traditional layouts, bold colours and quirky furniture are some of the key elements of this interior design style. To build an eclectic living room design the right way, follow these 8 tips and start curating. For some added help or consultation, book a session with the Interior Company and learn about more design options!

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Q. What makes a living room eclectic? 

Unlike other interior design styles, eclectic design is a combination of different aesthetics into one. It involves mixing different furniture and design pieces from diverse time periods.

Q. What is a modern eclectic style interior? 

The modern eclectic style involves a blend of vintage or antique pieces along with new, contemporary styles. Many designers believe that almost anything can be paired with a vintage furniture piece.

Q. What is the difference between Bohemian and Eclectic design styles? 

Bohemian design style does not follow any rules and favours personal taste over design principles. On the other hand, eclectic design bends the design principles but never breaks them. It depends on elements like balance, rhythm, proportion and scale.