Fashionable Navy Blue Wardrobe - India

Fashionable Navy Blue Wardrobe

The design of this textured navy blue wardrobe will definitely fit your taste, especially if you are hunting for a storage unit that can add to the interior decor element of your master bedroom. The pair of this hinged wardrobe features a sleek handle that makes it easy to open and close. The wooden finish wardrobe is spacious enough to hold much of your belongings.

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3 Door Sliding Wardrobe in Classic White - Wardrobe Designs

3 Door Sliding Wardrobe in Classic White

The 3 door sliding wardrobe in classic white is a flawless fit in this white-hued room. Opening on two sides, this wardrobe provides ample storage for all your belongings. Two brown lines on the doors create a subtle design to match the look. The flow of white in this room is awe-inspiring and matches the wooden flooring and ceiling beams.
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White Sliding Door Wardrobe for Kids Room - Wardrobe Designs

White Sliding Door Wardrobe for Kids Room

This white sliding door wardrobe with ample space is perfect for a kid's room. It is a practical accessory to store your kid's belongs. The compartments and drawers provide ample storage space. The classic white colour complements the room's neutral hues.
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3 Door Mirror Wardrobe with a Modern Design - Wardrobe Designs

3 Door Mirror Wardrobe with a Modern Design

This 3-door mirror wardrobe has a wooden design with a glass finish. Grey borders add a metallic touch to the layout. Overhead recessed lighting not only illuminates the area but also adds an element of chic in the overall look. The interiors of the wardrobe have been divided into drawers, and cabinets to provide enough storage space.
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Grey Korbach Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Grey Korbach Wardrobe

Modern and functional, this Korbach wardrobe makes it a distinctive choice for a bedroom. This grey 6-door closet with generous storage holds a trendy and industrial style that will go perfectly in any modern industrial home interior.
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Rustic Wooden sliding wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Rustic Wooden sliding wardrobe

This straight hinged closet comes in a multi-tone brown and beige wooden finish. These two sets of wooden sliding wardrobes are perfect for organising and storage, it is not only functional but a modern-rustic marvel.
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Small Sliding Wardrobe with a White Finish - Wardrobe Designs

Small Sliding Wardrobe with a White Finish

This small sliding wardrobe is ideal for those who desire their space to be organised and clutter-free. This wardrobe would occupy a small portion of your room with little storage space, making it apt for a minimalistic design. The closet has been made of wood and painted with a classic white finish.
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Highly-functional Black Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Highly-functional Black Wardrobe

This high-functional black wardrobe will surely leave you at a loss for words. The design simply can’t let any homeowner down, especially when it is a hinged wardrobe. The extended shelves attached to the wardrobe make it even more appealing, in addition to saving plenty of space in the room. The hanging rod inside the wardrobe makes it easy for you to hang long clothes, and the space above is best for storing vanity boxes or any other stuff.
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Minimalist Three Door Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Minimalist Three Door Wardrobe

This contrasting three-door wardrobe is crafted from engineered wood, making it ultra-modern in its form. The finish of the wardrobe gives it an elegant touch, with features that are user-centric. The wardrobe has hinged doors, and the depth of the same is suitable for storing a plethora of items. The top space can be used for storing items that are not regularly used.
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Plain White Two Door Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Plain White Two Door Wardrobe

This two-door wardrobe design is a perfect solution to solve all your storage problems in an urban apartment. This wardrobe closet design is made of wood, making it easy to maintain. With such a subtle colour and finish, this two-door wardrobe is a great option for every contemporary home. The door of the wardrobe has a grill-like structure, giving off charming retro vibes.
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Wooden Textured Bamboo Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Wooden Textured Bamboo Wardrobe

If you are tired of the same old generic bedroom wardrobe, then this bamboo wardrobe is for you! The design of this bamboo wardrobe is sustainable and blends perfectly with every home decor. This hinged bamboo wardrobe has multiple shelves, small cubical racks, and two hanging rods to hold plenty of items. The finish of the wardrobe looks as if it is made of wood and will be a great addition to every urban home.
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Elegant Bathroom Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Elegant Bathroom Wardrobe

In the lavish marble flooring bathroom, this wooden bathroom wardrobe design looks perfect. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is spacious enough to accommodate small-sized washing machines. The top three shelves in this bathroom wardrobe can be used to store bathing items like shampoo, body wash, towels, etc. This hinged wardrobe does not occupy much floor space and can easily be fitted into a small as well as a large bathroom, making every space look attractive.
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