Traditional Frameless Wardrobe Sliding Doors - India

Traditional Frameless Wardrobe Sliding Doors

"This simple and elegant blast from the past allows you to make a grand statement while still being tethered to its traditional roots.This dreamy interior is an ideal choice for a girls bedroom, the antique wardrobe creates a focal point for the space that fits perfectly alongside the interior, creating a very dreamy atmosphere. "

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White PVC Wardrobe Doors - Wardrobe Designs

White PVC Wardrobe Doors

PVC wardrobe doors are an ideal choice for a rented home or outdoors, as they are easy to install and take down. These closets are also durable for the long run as they are termite and waterproof. This selection of parallel wardrobe doors can fit into any home easily, the light weight material makes it more comfortable for children to handle as well.
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Ambient Double mirror Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Ambient Double mirror Wardrobe

A cosy room setting design like this is a great option for your home. Place a beautiful looking double mirrored wardrobe like this against a mute coloured wall. This closet is both functional and attractive that pulls the room’s interior together.
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Simple 4 Door Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Simple 4 Door Wardrobe

Beautify and maximise the storage space in your home with this simple 4-door wardrobe. The white wardrobe with a wooden finish is highly functional and goes well with traditional home decor. The wardrobe design is best suited for homeowners who have a handful of things and find it challenging to store. With this spacious wardrobe, every homeowner can upgrade their storage game.
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Traditional Single White Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Traditional Single White Wardrobe

A perfect blend of classic and retro style, this vintage look single white wardrobe with a drawer at the bottom would decorate any modern home and give it a traditional touch. This all white wardrobe design works well for compact as well as big houses and is highly recommended for flats and apartments. The wardrobe with a simple look will be a joy for homeowners who prefer the concept of minimalist design.
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Simple Double Door Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Simple Double Door Wardrobe

The design of this simple double door wardrobe takes you back to the vintage era. The curved design of the wardrobe’s top gives this traditional wardrobe a distinctive appearance. The wood carving on the doors transforms a classic white wardrobe into an elegant piece of furniture. The colour of the wardrobe symbolises purity and enables light to spread around the master bedroom.
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3 Door Sliding Wardrobe in Classic White - Wardrobe Designs

3 Door Sliding Wardrobe in Classic White

The 3 door sliding wardrobe in classic white is a flawless fit in this white-hued room. Opening on two sides, this wardrobe provides ample storage for all your belongings. Two brown lines on the doors create a subtle design to match the look. The flow of white in this room is awe-inspiring and matches the wooden flooring and ceiling beams.
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White Sliding Door Wardrobe for Kids Room - Wardrobe Designs

White Sliding Door Wardrobe for Kids Room

This white sliding door wardrobe with ample space is perfect for a kid's room. It is a practical accessory to store your kid's belongs. The compartments and drawers provide ample storage space. The classic white colour complements the room's neutral hues.
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Japanese-style Wardrobe Sliding Doors Price - Wardrobe Designs

Japanese-style Wardrobe Sliding Doors Price

Japanese style wardrobe sliding doors are a popular choice for a traditional yet elegant look. These wardrobe sliding doors price ranges around INR 10,000 to INR 19,000 for a Columbian walnut finish door, and the price goes up to INR 48,000 for a Magellan teakwood wardrobe. The cost of a good sliding door closet varies on its quality and type of wood.
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Traditional German sliding wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Traditional German sliding wardrobe

Some traditional German sliding wardrobes are best for someone who aspires to achieve an antique look for their room. A timed out item adds a focal point to any space, whereas wood textures promote a very warm and homely feel to the space.
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Lime Single sliding door wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Lime Single sliding door wardrobe

This lime coloured room showcases a wooden and white single sliding door wardrobe. An overall simple layout, the wall paint along with the sublime finish on the cupboard creates a very relaxing and therapeutic aura in this room.
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Small Sliding Wardrobe with a White Finish - Wardrobe Designs

Small Sliding Wardrobe with a White Finish

This small sliding wardrobe is ideal for those who desire their space to be organised and clutter-free. This wardrobe would occupy a small portion of your room with little storage space, making it apt for a minimalistic design. The closet has been made of wood and painted with a classic white finish.
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