Small Wooden Wardrobe - India

Small Wooden Wardrobe

The design of this textured small wooden wardrobe is a perfect fit for traditional homes. The wardrobe is small in height, but the impressive width allows it to offer homeowners plenty of interior space. The hinged wardrobe opens smoothly enough that even little hands can open it with minimum effort. This wooden wardrobe will surely make a difference to a master bedroom.

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Traditional German sliding wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Traditional German sliding wardrobe

Some traditional German sliding wardrobes are best for someone who aspires to achieve an antique look for their room. A timed out item adds a focal point to any space, whereas wood textures promote a very warm and homely feel to the space.
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Solid Wood Wardrobe with 6 Doors - Wardrobe Designs

Solid Wood Wardrobe with 6 Doors

The design of this solid wood wardrobe is implemented through engineering wood only. This six-door wardrobe looks amazing with the wooden texture and the white frames in the middle doors give a modern touch and make this wardrobe look more attractive. The wooden wardrobe with drawers at the bottom is a perfect option for storing clothes and other necessary items. This brown-coloured wardrobe is unique and is suitable for large bedrooms.
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Traditional-Style Walnut Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Traditional-Style Walnut Wardrobe

If you want to add a touch of vintage elements to your home, then this walnut wardrobe design is a perfect choice. It is one of the best storage units that features multiple partitions and drawers. Displaying rustic style, this wooden wardrobe is apt for homeowners who prefer simple yet elegant home decor.
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Japanese-style Wardrobe Sliding Doors Price - Wardrobe Designs

Japanese-style Wardrobe Sliding Doors Price

Japanese style wardrobe sliding doors are a popular choice for a traditional yet elegant look. These wardrobe sliding doors price ranges around INR 10,000 to INR 19,000 for a Columbian walnut finish door, and the price goes up to INR 48,000 for a Magellan teakwood wardrobe. The cost of a good sliding door closet varies on its quality and type of wood.
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3 Door Mirror Wardrobe with a Modern Design - Wardrobe Designs

3 Door Mirror Wardrobe with a Modern Design

This 3-door mirror wardrobe has a wooden design with a glass finish. Grey borders add a metallic touch to the layout. Overhead recessed lighting not only illuminates the area but also adds an element of chic in the overall look. The interiors of the wardrobe have been divided into drawers, and cabinets to provide enough storage space.
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Lime Single sliding door wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Lime Single sliding door wardrobe

This lime coloured room showcases a wooden and white single sliding door wardrobe. An overall simple layout, the wall paint along with the sublime finish on the cupboard creates a very relaxing and therapeutic aura in this room.
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White PVC Wardrobe Doors - Wardrobe Designs

White PVC Wardrobe Doors

PVC wardrobe doors are an ideal choice for a rented home or outdoors, as they are easy to install and take down. These closets are also durable for the long run as they are termite and waterproof. This selection of parallel wardrobe doors can fit into any home easily, the light weight material makes it more comfortable for children to handle as well.
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Ambient Double mirror Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Ambient Double mirror Wardrobe

A cosy room setting design like this is a great option for your home. Place a beautiful looking double mirrored wardrobe like this against a mute coloured wall. This closet is both functional and attractive that pulls the room’s interior together.
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Rustic Wooden sliding wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Rustic Wooden sliding wardrobe

This straight hinged closet comes in a multi-tone brown and beige wooden finish. These two sets of wooden sliding wardrobes are perfect for organising and storage, it is not only functional but a modern-rustic marvel.
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Traditional Frameless Wardrobe Sliding Doors - Wardrobe Designs

Traditional Frameless Wardrobe Sliding Doors

"This simple and elegant blast from the past allows you to make a grand statement while still being tethered to its traditional roots.This dreamy interior is an ideal choice for a girls bedroom, the antique wardrobe creates a focal point for the space that fits perfectly alongside the interior, creating a very dreamy atmosphere. "
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Traditional 2 Door Wardrobe With Classic Appeal - Wardrobe Designs

Traditional 2 Door Wardrobe With Classic Appeal

This black 2-door wardrobe design gives traditional as well as classic appeal. With ergonomic functional fittings, the user-centric design of this 2-door wardrobe fits flawlessly into any master bedroom layout. The wardrobe is beautifully crafted to match the rest of the bedroom’s furniture and can be used for hanging clothes.
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