Playful Sliding Door Wardrobe with Drawers - India

Playful Sliding Door Wardrobe with Drawers

Stylish and playful, this sliding door wardrobe with drawers is perfect to add a lively twist to your bedroom decor. The subtle orange coloured doors with grey borders is an eye-catching visual treat This cupboard is designed with various partitions and drawers ensuring ample storage space and functionality.

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The Modern White High Gloss Sliding Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

The Modern White High Gloss Sliding Wardrobe

A high gloss sliding wardrobe would add just the right amount of illumination and lux to your interiors. If your interiors hold a pristine white decor, this wardrobe would make for an ideal accompaniment to your room. The aluminum frame adds the required structure to the closet and also underlines subtlety in the outline.
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Stylish Sliding Wardrobe with Drawer - Wardrobe Designs

Stylish Sliding Wardrobe with Drawer

A sliding wardrobe with drawers is a practical approach if storage is your primary concern. This sleek and stylish wardrobe with wooden shelves and drawers offers ample space for all your apparel and accessories. Whereas, the sliding doors bind the rooms character and add ease to functionality. The cupboard perfectly matches the wooden flooring and subtle white walls.
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Relaxing slim sliding door wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Relaxing slim sliding door wardrobe

The slim sliding door wardrobe in this standard size bedroom compliments the look of this simple room well. The reflective gloss laminated closet adds a clean and clutter-free look to this space. A Chestnut timber bed and matching side tables are a great addition to achieve a relaxed and warm interior design.
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The Warm Poetry Of Your Mirrored Wardrobe With LED Lights - Wardrobe Designs

The Warm Poetry Of Your Mirrored Wardrobe With LED Lights

A mirrored wardrobe with LED lights can be the perfect tinge of luxury that you need for your closet. Not only do cupboards like this add more grandeur, but they are practically more operative as well. Catering more to the visual aspect, a mirrored wardrobe would reflect more discernible space, adding more value to the rest of the room’s interiors.
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The White Laminate Sliding Wardrobe Doors - Wardrobe Designs

The White Laminate Sliding Wardrobe Doors

These laminate sliding wardrobe doors have come a long way with their unconventional usage in almost every interior decor. Incorporating white wardrobe doors not only works aesthetically but also adds a lot of visual texture. This closet design perfectly defines the minimalism that you look for in a composed space.
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Sleek Fitted Mirrored Wardrobes - Wardrobe Designs

Sleek Fitted Mirrored Wardrobes

Fitted mirrored wardrobes provide luxury and glamour to any rooms interior decor. This floor-to-ceiling wardrobe design with mirrored doors is straight from those interior design magazines. The white frame of the closet injects a classic twist into this contemporary design The cupboard covers the entire sidewall and features various partitions and drawers which provide ample space for storage.
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The Space-Efficient Aluminium Glass Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

The Space-Efficient Aluminium Glass Wardrobe

If subtlety had to be communicated through a wardrobe design, aluminum glass wardrobes could’ve been the way to go. The addition of these wardrobes not only cater to smart storages, but can also be installed in small spaces. Not taking too much visual and physical focus, this closet blends in with the room decor well.
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Sleek Glass Wardrobe Design - Wardrobe Designs

Sleek Glass Wardrobe Design

High on style and practicality, this glass wardrobe design is a major draw to this contemporary bedroom theme. The mirrored doors take up less visual space and bring functionality. There are several partitions within the wardrobe, each designated for different types of apparel and accessories. The glass doors reflect light and make the room appear spacious.
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Radiant Full Mirror Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Radiant Full Mirror Wardrobe

A radiant shine permeates through this room, the reflective full mirror wardrobe accentuates the beauty and makes it appear much more spacious. Amp your style further with a matching dressing table and leather stools. Well positioned ceiling lights add a layer of glam and sophistication to this closet.
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Pearl Sliding Wardrobe with Dressing Table - Wardrobe Designs

Pearl Sliding Wardrobe with Dressing Table

A regal looking design, this dreamy sliding wardrobe with a dressing table adds a dash of a new-age character. While keeping the grandeur design intact, the white interiors add up to the clean and organised look. It's best to pair up with similar minimalist decor pieces that suit the white and grey walls to compliment this cupboard layout.
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V-shaped Black Mirror Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

V-shaped Black Mirror Wardrobe

Black is definitely the yielding colour choice, but this black mirrored wardrobe will not let anyone ignore its beauty and simplicity. The black frame provides structure to the room while the V-shaped mirror wardrobe design not only creates the illusion of a larger room but also saves a lot of additional space.
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