Glass Closet Wardrobe - India

Glass Closet Wardrobe

Choosing the right functional closet for your home is very important to achieve the most out of it. This glass-covered closet wardrobe is an ideal choice for a modern-luxury home. The wall-size windows make the space lively and ambient with natural lighting. The enclosure installed spotlights inside the glass doors make it easy for you to spot your everyday outfits.

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Contemporary Design Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Contemporary Design Wardrobe

An open design wardrobe is a trailblazer trend that top designers swear by. Also called the ‘walk-in’ closet, this design helps in achieving more within a constricted space. With numerous cabinets, drawers, and open spaces, the wardrobe resolves the storage requirements without an effort. It is also illuminated by recessed lighting.
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Grey Wardrobe with a Simple Design - Wardrobe Designs

Grey Wardrobe with a Simple Design

This grey wardrobe has been designed in a minimalistic way, executed to perfection. The layout is simple yet sleek, flawlessly positioned in this small space. The white chair and the ottoman are in complete contrast to the grey wardrobe, rendering a beautiful aesthetic to the space
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Subtle Corner Wardrobe Design - Wardrobe Designs

Subtle Corner Wardrobe Design

Corner wardrobes makes the most of empty space in small as well as large bedroom spaces. The grey and yellow walls in this bedroom lend a perfect contrast to the corner white closet. The cupboard snugly fits into this space and turns that corner into a prime storage space. The glass doors and floating shelves infuse a dose of sophistication into this sleek bedroom design.
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Fitted Sliding Wardrobes with a Wooden Touch - Wardrobe Designs

Fitted Sliding Wardrobes with a Wooden Touch

This fitted sliding wardrobe is magnificent in natural and dark brown hues. The metal accents and glass panels accentuate the look of the closet. With various openings, this wardrobe is spacious and serves a practical purpose. The wooden borders around the wardrobe render a fine finishing touch.
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Cashmere Sliding Wardrobe Doors - Wardrobe Designs

Cashmere Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Cashmere is a warm and light shade colour that belongs to the family of whites. These cashmere sliding wardrobe doors are a terrific addition to any space when paired up with solid wood to achieve a traditional look. The bright tones of the walk-in wardrobe levitate light and help create an organised look.
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Wondrous Wooden Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Wondrous Wooden Wardrobe

This open wooden wardrobe is a regal choice for those who prefer classic designs. Polished with the original ‘teak wood’ colour, this wardrobe has numerous drawers and open spaces for storage. The design of this wardrobe is sleek and has been perfected to execution.
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Modern Slide-out Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Modern Slide-out Wardrobe

"This beautiful space is the slide-out wardrobe of your dreams. This horizontal closet comes with extra storage and a chest of drawers for a clutter-free and organised layout. The wooden interiors of this wardrobe gives it a regal look, and can be an ideal fit for anyone's liking. "
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Master Bedroom Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Master Bedroom Wardrobe

This brown compact wardrobe is very ideal for your bedroom, a well-designed closet allows you to store all your clothing items with ease. Open shelves provide much more space along with extra room for hanging your outfits. Cover this master bedroom wardrobe with a shutter to add a more distinctive appeal.
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Spectacular Modern Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Spectacular Modern Wardrobe

This glass modern wardrobe has a transparent allure to it. The wooden wardrobe has recessed lighting which highlights the precise design. The L-shape wardrobe has a sliding door with gold-tinted borders. The colours radiated by the closet matches the neutral palette of the bedroom
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Luxury Wardrobe with Ample Lighting - Wardrobe Designs

Luxury Wardrobe with Ample Lighting

This luxury wardrobe has been segregated into various cabinets, providing ample space for storage purposes. The recessed lighting highlights the various elements of the room, while also shedding light on the clothing. The natural polish of the cabinets blend seamlessly with the wooden flooring and centre island. This design is the epitome of sophistication and class.
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Spacious Fitted Wardrobes - Wardrobe Designs

Spacious Fitted Wardrobes

The design of this spacious fitted wardrobe looks straight out of a movie or magazine. Even if you have a small bedroom, this wardrobe design can easily accommodate you and will add a touch of seamless beauty to the entire space. The wooden texture on the back wall displays a high style quotient. The beam of light in this black matte-finish wardrobe is making it look more contemporary than it actually is.
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