Chestnut Bedroom Wardrobe Doors - India

Chestnut Bedroom Wardrobe Doors

This bedroom has a relaxing feel to it, the wooden elements in this room create an ambiance of comfort and warmth. The chestnut wood used for these bedroom wardrobe doors helps achieve the look that will fulfil your desire for a simple yet soothing interior design.

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Thin Wardrobe Mirror With Sliding Door - Wardrobe Designs

Thin Wardrobe Mirror With Sliding Door

The thin wardrobe mirror plays a vital role in creating easy and manageable space. The lacquered glass adds pattern and design to the wardrobe, making it a suitable choice for any home. This closet space comprises of adequate storage space to achieve an organised and clutter free interior.
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Wooden Rakkestad Wardrobe with Sliding Doors - Wardrobe Designs

Wooden Rakkestad Wardrobe with Sliding Doors

The rakkestad wardrobe with sliding doors is a simple design usually executed in a wooden finish. The natural brown hue of this wardrobe strikes a perfect balance with the neutral palette of the room. The additional feature of sliding doors accentuates the whole look of this modern-styled closet.
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Light Modern Double wardrobe sliding doors - Wardrobe Designs

Light Modern Double wardrobe sliding doors

Double wardrobe sliding doors are a great choice for a compact home, the white glossy finish attracts more light to it and makes the space look more ambient. The yellow couch and the white flowy curtains pull the whole room together. Choosing plain closet doors makes it easier to design as they blend in with any interior type.
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Ultra-Modern Bedroom Sliding Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Ultra-Modern Bedroom Sliding Wardrobe

This bedroom sliding wardrobe has its base in wood with reflective glass on the exterior. The black borders create a modern frame around it. In terms of interiors, there is enough space for storage purproses. The warm lighting and polished timber flooring adds a luxurious vibe.
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Luxury Sliding Wardrobes With Lights - Wardrobe Designs

Luxury Sliding Wardrobes With Lights

These sliding wardrobes with lights can be the perfect definition of luxury. The addition of this element would not only escalate the interior scale, but is also make for an ideal addition to your room. Recessed lighting on the top of this closet adds a voguish charm to the space. The wooden flooring along with light hue furniture complements the area very well.
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Sleek and Simple Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Sleek and Simple Wardrobe

This simple wardrobe is a fine example of what could be achieved with wood. The wardrobe has been made voguish with a sliding door and metal accents. The beige and brown colour is in symphony with the neutral palette of the room. Two big cupboards provide ample storage space and also provide an aesthetic effect on the wall.
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Japanese-style Wardrobe Sliding Doors Price - Wardrobe Designs

Japanese-style Wardrobe Sliding Doors Price

Japanese style wardrobe sliding doors are a popular choice for a traditional yet elegant look. These wardrobe sliding doors price ranges around INR 10,000 to INR 19,000 for a Columbian walnut finish door, and the price goes up to INR 48,000 for a Magellan teakwood wardrobe. The cost of a good sliding door closet varies on its quality and type of wood.
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Modern Oak Wardrobe Door - Wardrobe Designs

Modern Oak Wardrobe Door

The rich and lustrous sheen of an oak wardrobe door is an ideal choice for your home not only for its beauty, but also because of it’s durability and sustainability. Hardwood is ideal as it is resistant to water and does not loose it’s finish or quality under direct sunlight. Elegant and classy, this cupboard layout amplifies luxury in it’s own way.
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Wooden Sliding Wardrobe Doors - Wardrobe Designs

Wooden Sliding Wardrobe Doors

This dark brown wooden sliding wardrobe door ensures durability, functionality and impeccably complements the plaid interiors of this room. The cupboard features ample storage space for apparel and accessories.
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3 Door Mirror Wardrobe with a Modern Design - Wardrobe Designs

3 Door Mirror Wardrobe with a Modern Design

This 3-door mirror wardrobe has a wooden design with a glass finish. Grey borders add a metallic touch to the layout. Overhead recessed lighting not only illuminates the area but also adds an element of chic in the overall look. The interiors of the wardrobe have been divided into drawers, and cabinets to provide enough storage space.
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Modern luxury white gloss sliding wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Modern luxury white gloss sliding wardrobe

A pearly laminated white gloss sliding wardrobe is a great way to elevate a bedroom. This wardrobe along with a set of beautiful sofas against the wall-sized windows further adds flair to this space. With ample storage options, this closet is certain to keep your belongings organised and clutter-free.
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