Attractive Grey and White Wardrobe - India

Attractive Grey and White Wardrobe

The design of this sleek grey and white wardrobe is perfect for any small master bedroom with limited space. This wardrobe design is totally bespoke to your lifestyle and needs. The elegant design and glossy finish of this wardrobe are a win if you are willing to add a contemporary touch to your master bedroom.

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Wooden High Gloss Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Wooden High Gloss Wardrobe

This high-gloss wardrobe is a great space-saving option for every contemporary home. The design of the wardrobe has a niche in the middle that can be easily converted into a study table. The icy white glossy finish of the wardrobe makes it a great choice. Classy and refined, this high-gloss wardrobe delivers a luxurious look.
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Modern White Wooden Wardrobe with Eight Doors - Wardrobe Designs

Modern White Wooden Wardrobe with Eight Doors

The design of this short-heightened white wooden wardrobe looks elegant in this contemporary master bedroom. This multiple-door wardrobe has plenty of space to store your small as well as large items. The best thing about this wardrobe design is that it has been built into a niche in this master bedroom without wasting much space. Offering beauty and functionality, this wardrobe is a perfect choice for every homeowner.
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Glossy Grey Double Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Glossy Grey Double Wardrobe

The design of this glossy grey double wardrobe makes it look glamorous and luxurious. The glossy finish of this floor to ceiling wardrobe in the master bedroom gives a lovely glimpse of the environment. The construction of the dual wardrobe economises space, especially for a small master bedroom like this. The hinged wardrobe has plenty of interior space and opens smoothly.
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Hinged White Corner Wardrobe with Mirror - Wardrobe Designs

Hinged White Corner Wardrobe with Mirror

This white corner wardrobe is a luxe addition to the corner of every home as it delivers contemporary vibes. This L-shaped wardrobe design boasts five small cupboards at the top with a wooden handle. The mirrors on the wardrobe make the room look more spacious and bright as they reflect light. The shelves, adjacent to the bed, can be used to display home decor items.
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Luxurious Dark Grey Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Luxurious Dark Grey Wardrobe

Nothing is better than this dark grey wardrobe with ample storage space. All your additional storage needs will be duly met with this dark grey wardrobe design. This contemporary matte finished wardrobe design allows you to customise the number of wardrobes to match your unique requirements. The sleek and big silver handles on the door add a touch of modernity.
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Premium Black Gloss Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Premium Black Gloss Wardrobe

If you have a luxurious room with a white colour scheme, consider buying a black gloss wardrobe that is both multi functional and wide. This black gloss wardrobe takes much of the wall space in the master bedroom and has a contemporary style. The best part about this wardrobe design is that it offers a space in the centre that can easily accommodate a TV, making it a perfect addition to every contemporary home.
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Hinged White 2 Door Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Hinged White 2 Door Wardrobe

This white 2 door wardrobe adds serene vibes to every modern master bedroom. This wooden wardrobe features contrasting textures, plenty of storage space, and a base made of wood in a trendy finish. The doors of this hinged wardrobe open to expose ample space, which can be used to stack everything from folded bedding and clothes to seasonal items. The sleek handles on the doors match the wardrobe perfectly.
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Glamourous Bedside Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Glamourous Bedside Wardrobe

The design of this mirrored bedside wardrobe looks glamorous and opulent. With such a magnificent design, the wardrobe adds luxury to any rooms interior decor. The wardrobe covers much of the side wall and offers ample storage space to stack your belongings. The colour of the wardrobe contrasts perfectly with the wooden flooring of the master bedroom.
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Dark Panelled Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Dark Panelled Wardrobe

This dark grey panelled wardrobe looks amazing with the contrasting white colour inside. The wardrobe features shelf like structure that can be used to hold folded clothes and accessories like hang bags, daily essentials, and much more. The sleek door handles allow you to open the hinged wardrobe easily. The ceiling lights in the master bedroom are making this otherwise dark wardrobe look shiny and bright.
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Glossy Fancy Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

Glossy Fancy Wardrobe

The glossy design of this fancy wardrobe creates a visual interest in the master bedroom. The hinged wardrobe comes with ample storage space to hold plenty of items like clothes, documents, vanity boxes, handbags, and other accessories. The glossy finish of the wardrobe reflects the environment, making the room look more roomier.
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The Modern White High Gloss Sliding Wardrobe - Wardrobe Designs

The Modern White High Gloss Sliding Wardrobe

A high gloss sliding wardrobe would add just the right amount of illumination and lux to your interiors. If your interiors hold a pristine white decor, this wardrobe would make for an ideal accompaniment to your room. The aluminum frame adds the required structure to the closet and also underlines subtlety in the outline.
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