Voguish Master Bedroom Interior - India

Voguish Master Bedroom Interior

The master bedroom interiors have been designed in a quirky way. Dominated by dark hues, this room is an epitome of a paradise. The black globe, chair, and table complement the handwoven basket and rug. The interiors are a blend of eccentric elements like a modern chandelier and an antique radio, accentuating the space.

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Master Bedroom Luxury of Grace - Master Bedroom Designs

Master Bedroom Luxury of Grace

This master bedroom luxury oozes richness with a neutral colour palette. The avant-garde wall piece on the black tile behind the bed is a sophisticated focal point. The ceilings, cupboards, and the floor have been made with wood which sets the theme for the bedroom. An antique chandelier, table lamps, and ambient lighting make up for the perfect accessories.
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Subtle POP Design for Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Subtle POP Design for Master Bedroom

POP designs offer you an extensive bandwidth of designs to choose from that can elaborate a simple bedroom in no time. This POP design for master bedroom pins a tray-type false ceiling that adds drama to your bedroom with simplicity and subtlety.
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Beautiful Big Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Beautiful Big Master Bedroom

This beautifully designed big master bedroom boasts everything that you’ll need for a comfortable living. The sliding door makes a perfect entryway to the dressing room. The classic chandelier and side-lights inside the dressing room invite adequate lighting, making this room design look royal.
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Opulent and Dark Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Opulent and Dark Master Bedroom

The blend of modern sensibility and dark tones makes this dark master bedroom design opulent. The floral wallpaper on the side walls matches seamlessly with the floral-printed bedsheet. The different tones of black and grey in the master bedroom prove that a space can be both sophisticated and casual. The ceiling is installed with lights, making the dark room look glossy.
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Panoramic Biggest Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Panoramic Biggest Master Bedroom

There is something mesmerising about this biggest master bedroom. This bedroom design has got a solid wooden bed and a well-arranged floating shelf on the wall. It also has two big, comfy sofas that are a great fit for modern homeowners. The living space, with its hut-shaped roof and glass windows, is an ideal retreat that amplifies the lush green views outside the home.
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Chic 12x12 Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Chic 12x12 Master Bedroom

Who said the 12 x 12 master bedroom doesn’t look good? The bedroom is small in size, but the fancy decor makes it look contemporary and unique. The combination of six abstract artworks on the wall pulls the entire living space together. To keep the master bedroom from looking too busy, subtle colour schemes have been used. The small bedside lamps and the black chandelier are worth noticing. The contrasting area rug adds to the beauty of the space.
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Modern Mansion Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Modern Mansion Master Bedroom

The design of this modern mansion master bedroom bears a limited colour palette, but it still reflects luxury. The huge floor-to-ceiling wooden shelf behind the bed offers ample space to place necessary as well as home decor items. The wooden flooring, bed, and back wall blend perfectly with the white-painted walls and ceiling. The grey area rug and the white frame in the room give it character.
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Contemporary 12x15 Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Contemporary 12x15 Master Bedroom

This 12x15 master bedroom design is embracing today’s trend and is all about clean lines. With illusionary art prints and colourful bedside lamps, the space looks more inviting and chic. The grey-white chandelier goes well with the charcoal grey walls and wooden flooring. The olive green bed with white bedding and a patterned bedspread attracts attention. The grilled glass window invites ample natural light into the room and offers magnificent lush green views.
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Minimalist and Trendy Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Minimalist and Trendy Master Bedroom

There is something beautiful about this trendy master bedroom. Every element in this room demonstrates a compelling sense of personal style. The frames on the wall and the bedding in a similar colour tone look perfect together. The floating wooden shelf, net curtains, and floor rug have flawlessly matched the walls. The ceiling lights and the lamps beside the bed make the room look more gloomy and attractive.
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Simple 20x20 Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Simple 20x20 Master Bedroom

This 20x20 master bedroom design features a wooden bed with striped pillows. The vanilla-coloured ceiling and the tile flooring combine to give this living room an airy and light feel. The room is further enhanced by adequate natural light streaming in from the framed door of the balcony. The dark wood furnishings create a stunning contrast with every element of the room. The art pieces on the wall complete the look and feel of this master bedroom.
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Classic 14x15 Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Classic 14x15 Master Bedroom

Classic yet elegant, this 14X15 master bedroom design is effortless and offers traditional vibes. The matt-finished black walls with a floral print act as a perfect backdrop for the upholstered headboard. The wooden-textured ceiling looks perfect with the marble flooring. The white night lamps on the wall are an attractive element in this bedroom. The beige-toned bedding with beige and grey pillows makes a perfect place to unwind.
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