Sleek Master Bedroom Royal Design - India

Sleek Master Bedroom Royal Design

The combination of pinks and neutrals is beautifully imbued in this master bedroom royal design. The antique mirrors on either side of the bed add a twist of grandeur to this subtle bedroom theme. A large window layered with white and pink curtains invites ample natural light into the room whereas the wooden flooring and nightstands inject cosiness within the decor. A classic chandelier and traditional bedding augment the royalty of this room.

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Neutral Master Bedroom Traditional Design - Master Bedroom Designs

Neutral Master Bedroom Traditional Design

Subtle yet glamorous, this master bedroom traditional design is beautified with neutrals all around. The cream walls and wooden flooring make an ideal combination to imbue cosiness within the decor whereas an elegant printed area rug and vintage furniture pieces infuse royalty. The classic chandelier, table lamp and huge window invite ample lighting in this bedroom design.
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Unique Elegant Master Bedroom Ideas - Master Bedroom Designs

Unique Elegant Master Bedroom Ideas

While seeking unique elegant master bedroom ideas, you would fall in love with this luxury bedroom interior that blends glamour and subtlety. The beige walls and dark wooden flooring complement each other, whereas recessed lighting and a classic chandelier provide soft illumination. A fireplace area with a royal screen and antique decorative pieces is a beautiful addition to this master bedroom design.
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Girls Bathroom Design in Neutral Colours - Master Bedroom Designs

Girls Bathroom Design in Neutral Colours

Vintage elements dominate this girls bathroom design. From the classic chandelier to the draped curtains around the freestanding bathtub with gold-accented feet, every aspect of the room screams grandeur. A wooden vanity with a marble countertop complements the wallpaper and beige flooring. A neutral palette binds the room together to perfection.
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Southwestern Bathroom with Alluring Interiors - Master Bedroom Designs

Southwestern Bathroom with Alluring Interiors

This Southwestern bathroom is a merger of different shapes and designs, executed to perfection in its roots. There is a separate area for the luxurious alcove bathtub fitted in a dome-like shape. A huge shower area is curated with tiles and a glass separation. An antique-style wooden vanity is installed with the mirror and other accessories.
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Craftsman Bathroom with Gold Accents - Master Bedroom Designs

Craftsman Bathroom with Gold Accents

This craftsman bathroom is adorned in a neutral colour palette which makes it a regal affair. A standard built-in bathtub is covered with veined marble. A similar pattern can be seen in the flooring and some parts of the wall. A wooden vanity painted in white is accompanied by a mirror with task lights. The entire room is highlighted by gold accents.
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Beautiful Big Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Beautiful Big Master Bedroom

This beautifully designed big master bedroom boasts everything that you’ll need for a comfortable living. The sliding door makes a perfect entryway to the dressing room. The classic chandelier and side-lights inside the dressing room invite adequate lighting, making this room design look royal.
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Fancy Traditional master bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Fancy Traditional master bedroom

Every traditional master bedroom design is incomplete without a fancy chandelier. This primary bedroom features a comfortable bed with an upholstered headboard. Pristine creamy walls and well-polished flooring offer this room an airy and light feel. The bedroom is further intensified by ample natural light brimming in from the curtained window. The royal dressing table complements the corner of the room.
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Simple Mid-century master bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Simple Mid-century master bedroom

The modern furnishings in this mid-century master bedroom play with the contemporary architecture of the living space. The hanging shelf on the circular-patterned wall makes room for small items, as shown here. Accessories like pillows, table lamps, and modern flower pot knit the bedroom together. The heavy velvet curtains in a contrasting colour add a lot of character to this otherwise simple space.
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Classic Victorian master bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Classic Victorian master bedroom

This classic Victorian master bedroom combines functionality and form with a dash of everlasting, old-world glamour. The room features a royal wooden bed with side tables of the same texture. The multiple windows invite plenty of light, making the small room shine bright during the day. With accessories and decor being the least-focal points, the bed is the showstopper of this Victorian-style room.
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Beautiful Royal Master Bedroom - Master Bedroom Designs

Beautiful Royal Master Bedroom

This beautiful royal master bedroom design in the neoclassical style shows off everything that’s needed for a comfortable living. Sophisticated interiors in a sandy brown colour palette with black and Indian yellow accents make this room stand out. The bedside lamps and ceiling lights highlight the details of the room. The royal-looking divan sofa and chair with printed curtains perfectly complement the wooden flooring.
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Simple Master Bedroom Design - Master Bedroom Designs

Simple Master Bedroom Design

A modern and noble space makes up for a simple master bedroom design. The bedroom features antique and classic furniture which adds class and grandeur to the master bedroom. The all off-white and beige bedroom is calm and composed. The dark wooden bed and fireplace add contrast and depth. The lamps bring warmth and cosiness to the room while the woollen rug snuggles up the room.
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