Opulent Living Room Fireplace - India

Opulent Living Room Fireplace

The addition of a fireplace immediately dramatises the entire plan of a living room. A living room fireplace must be designed meticulously and placed with precautions. Going for a raw fireplace structure should be the way to proceed. Make sure that the planning of the living room compliments the zoning of the fireplace.

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Pastel Living Room Stand - Living Room Designs

Pastel Living Room Stand

Adding a minimal pastel shade living room stand in a bohemian or modern theme would immediately escalate the interiors of the your room. Playing in subtle undertones or pastels gives you the appeal of using visually lightweight furniture with sleek legs. Incorporating subtle or smart storage would definitely make for an ideal addition to the space.
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Sleek Modern Centre Table Designs For Living Room - Living Room Designs

Sleek Modern Centre Table Designs For Living Room

A center table design is where it all comes down to. From becoming the focal point of a room and catering to basic functional needs, it is worth adding this piece of furniture to your space. When incorporating modern center table designs for living room, one can opt for sleek and seamless designs that are easy on the eye and complement the overall interior decor.
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Scandinavian Glass Living Room Furniture - Living Room Designs

Scandinavian Glass Living Room Furniture

Glass living room furniture walks along with themes like Scandinavian, Minimalistic seamlessly. In a minimal scape, using glass furniture only caters to the theme of appearing breezier. Soothing to the eye, the addition of glass furniture elaborates the visual layout of the room, making it appear spacious. Adding some planters can also elaborate the entire space.
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Sectional Living Room with Neutral Colours - Living Room Designs

Sectional Living Room with Neutral Colours

This sectional living room has a large beige coloured sofa, perfect for a family gathering. A colourful wall art creates an eye-catching focal point. The space is adorned with stunning antique accessories and a huge rug, in sync with the room’s neutral palette. A beautiful chandelier and recessed lighting illuminates this regal place.
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Sunken Living Room - Living Room Designs

Sunken Living Room

A sunken living room is a new way to upgrade your modern living space. It also promotes open space and makes it even more inviting. A sunken living room balances the cosiness of a kitchen and dining room beautifully. It is ideal for new parents, that will keep their children inside the pool of cushions and safe from the sharp edges.
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Living Room Sideboard - Living Room Designs

Living Room Sideboard

Living room sideboards not only add to the storage but also elaborate the visual aesthetic of your interiorscape. The contrasts in the frame not only romance the colour palette but also cater to the Contemporary theme. The addition of the subtle green pot brings focus to the balanced amalgamation of the colour scheme. The lighting accents conclude the interior frame.
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Contrasting Grey and Yellow Living Room - Living Room Designs

Contrasting Grey and Yellow Living Room

Although the room embraces the contrasting theme of grey and yellow, the focus on providing extensive carpet area adds more visual character to the room. The grey and yellow living room can be seen being summed up with the use of a globe lamp and pampas grass. The yellow throw adds that final touch of vibrancy to the interior story.
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Minimal Sofa Design for Living Room - Living Room Designs

Minimal Sofa Design for Living Room

On the basis of your living room design, you can opt for a sofa layout. The seating capacity is subjective of the interior planning, and the user. Make sure to pre-plan the entire sofa layout, along with the placement of the coffee table and the centerpiece. A beige or off-white would complement a minimalist interior story.
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Abstract Wall Painting Designs for Living Room - Living Room Designs

Abstract Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

Abstract wall painting designs for living room become the focal point for this space. Thus it becomes essential to let your personality shine through. The abstract wall paintings blend smoothly with the pastel colours of the room. The matter in the painting becomes even more prominent owing to the white walls. You can also experiment with different shades and designs based on your style.
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Grey And Beige Living Room In Bohemian Style - Living Room Designs

Grey And Beige Living Room In Bohemian Style

This grey and beige living room in Bohemian style really takes the ambiance up a notch. The grey walls, floor tiles, and throw blanket have been paired with a beige sofa, floor rug, and wall accessories. These pastel hues are in trend and strike a harmonious balance in the room. You can throw in a natural plant or modern accessories like the floor lamp to accentuate the look.
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spacious living room - Living Room Designs

spacious living room

The sheer space in spacious living speaks volumes that this living room is fit for the kings! The lavish, commodious room with high ceilings, white couches, rustic wooden floors, and a homely carpet makes the living room inviting and intimate despite its big size. White cabinets against beige walls give off a chic yet comfortable feel to the room.
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