Grand Double Height Living Room - India

Grand Double Height Living Room

If you are looking for a grand experience in your residence, then going for a double height ceiling is your answer. A double height living room also gives you the advantage to use elaborate chandeliers. Using meticulous light ventilation and furniture placement also adds to your room’s visual space.

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Wooden Wall Piece for Living Room - Living Room Designs

Wooden Wall Piece for Living Room

Inspired by the Scandinavian style of decor, this wall piece for the living room is minimalistic wall decor. Coloured in warm orange and brown, the wall piece blends beautifully with the rooms neutral colour palette. Tints of orange are visible in the rest of the living room, uplifting the wall pieces aesthetic.
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Understated Brown Living Room - Living Room Designs

Understated Brown Living Room

This brown living room has its elements inspired by the understated hues of brown. From the sofa, wooden coffee table, and wall frames to the handwoven ottoman, every little detail of this space oozes beauty and grace. The natural light seeping in from the windows highlights the layout and colours of the room. Antique style accessories ace the look.
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Sectional Living Room with Neutral Colours - Living Room Designs

Sectional Living Room with Neutral Colours

This sectional living room has a large beige coloured sofa, perfect for a family gathering. A colourful wall art creates an eye-catching focal point. The space is adorned with stunning antique accessories and a huge rug, in sync with the room’s neutral palette. A beautiful chandelier and recessed lighting illuminates this regal place.
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State-of the-art Luxury Living Room - Living Room Designs

State-of the-art Luxury Living Room

This luxury living room is undoubtedly synonymous with the words grand and majestic. The gold chandelier is the centre of attraction after which the eyes fall on the beige sofa set. The avant-garde painting on the back wall makes it a focal point of the room. The colour blue is highlighted in every element of the room from the floor rug, the sofa and the painting.
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Luxurious Living Room Bar - Living Room Designs

Luxurious Living Room Bar

A bar is a place where you would find luxury amalgamated with a sense of zen. Using a colour scheme in black and beiges along with some warm lighting would elaborate your living room bar area. However, the design of a space like so is completely subjective, but incorporating the element of luxury is a given.
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Minimal Sofa Design for Living Room - Living Room Designs

Minimal Sofa Design for Living Room

On the basis of your living room design, you can opt for a sofa layout. The seating capacity is subjective of the interior planning, and the user. Make sure to pre-plan the entire sofa layout, along with the placement of the coffee table and the centerpiece. A beige or off-white would complement a minimalist interior story.
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Modish Living Room Divider - Living Room Designs

Modish Living Room Divider

This modish living room divider in beige is an avant garde rendition of the traditional dividers. Neutral colours dominate the colour palette of the living room. The beige sofa with designer cushions are accented with wooden centre tables and a petite side table. Natural plants and voguish accessories complement the room beautifully.
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Grey And Beige Living Room In Bohemian Style - Living Room Designs

Grey And Beige Living Room In Bohemian Style

This grey and beige living room in Bohemian style really takes the ambiance up a notch. The grey walls, floor tiles, and throw blanket have been paired with a beige sofa, floor rug, and wall accessories. These pastel hues are in trend and strike a harmonious balance in the room. You can throw in a natural plant or modern accessories like the floor lamp to accentuate the look.
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Big Living Room in Neutral Colours - Living Room Designs

Big Living Room in Neutral Colours

The trick in ornamenting big living rooms in neutral colours is to keep a balanced colour palette. Here, the beige l-shaped sofa looks stunning with the neutral coloured floor rug and blinds. Hints of wooden accents like the flooring add the required rustic touch. A glass finish center table and a flambe trolley are the posh accessories for this magnanimous layou
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Best Living Room Design - Living Room Designs

Best Living Room Design

The neutrals excellently incorporated in this space make it the best living room design. The combination of a neutral modular sofa and rattan armchair with wooden flooring brings in an ideal contemporary feel. The mockup poster frames, dried flowers in a vase and a rustic tree branch-like coffee table put the entire decor together in this modern living room.
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Storage Solutions With Wooden Cabinet Designs For Living Room - Living Room Designs

Storage Solutions With Wooden Cabinet Designs For Living Room

Storage is the key element to keep in mind while planning a space-efficient interior. Wooden cabinet designs for living room have grown to be an essential component of any room, with the motive of creating elaborative decor layouts. In a contrasting and ethereal colour palette like greys and browns, using a wooden textured cabinet caters to a comprehensive character.
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