Dark Green Living Room - India

Dark Green Living Room

This stylish pink pastel modern couch with emerald pillows adds visual interest to the dark green living room. The pink and green combination can be the total game-changer in your decor. Here, the metal accents such as lamps and side tables accentuate the whole space.

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Modern Living Room Design with Dark Colours - Living Room Designs

Modern Living Room Design with Dark Colours

A modern living room design is a mirror of your personality. Design the room according to your colour preferences like the dominating green here. One accent green wall merges flawlessly with the grey wall, cushion, and wooden flooring. Green hued throw blanket, cushions, and other stylish accessories accentuate the space.
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Nature Inspired Living Room Wallpaper - Living Room Designs

Nature Inspired Living Room Wallpaper

The evergreen living room wallpaper has been designed inspired by the elements of nature. The green leaves on the white surface enhance the light in this already illuminated living room. The colours of the wallpaper are in complete harmony with the pastel hues of the room, including the sofas and a throw rug. This wallpaper becomes the focal point of the room.
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Pristine White Couch in a Living Room - Living Room Designs

Pristine White Couch in a Living Room

Imagine lounging in a pristine white living room where the sundowner would be to die for! Especially with the floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in all the aesthetic and natural light. A white couch in a living room would only appear more elaborative with the exposed beam ceiling, the addition of minimal greens and warm lighting accents.
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Unconventional Coffee Tables for Living Room - Living Room Designs

Unconventional Coffee Tables for Living Room

From smart storage and technologies to visual aesthetics, the industry has been brimming with coffee table for living room. This table is yet another example of the groundbreaking introduced interior characters. The wooden texture only elaborates the entire story of the interiors.
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Small Living Room Furniture - Living Room Designs

Small Living Room Furniture

Small interior spaces can be elaborated with the use of a light colour palette. Using tones like off-white, ivory and white, especially on the ceiling can escalate the visual space. Using sleek furniture legs and specific rug spaces also gives you more carpet area to work with. Using minimal focal points in the room also gives a sense of character to the interior story.
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Abstract Wall Painting Designs for Living Room - Living Room Designs

Abstract Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

Abstract wall painting designs for living room become the focal point for this space. Thus it becomes essential to let your personality shine through. The abstract wall paintings blend smoothly with the pastel colours of the room. The matter in the painting becomes even more prominent owing to the white walls. You can also experiment with different shades and designs based on your style.
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Modish Living Room Divider - Living Room Designs

Modish Living Room Divider

This modish living room divider in beige is an avant garde rendition of the traditional dividers. Neutral colours dominate the colour palette of the living room. The beige sofa with designer cushions are accented with wooden centre tables and a petite side table. Natural plants and voguish accessories complement the room beautifully.
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Serene Green and Grey Living Room - Living Room Designs

Serene Green and Grey Living Room

This serene green and grey living room renders a sense of tranquillity in the ambience. The grey sofa, adjoining chair, and the floor rug looks classy with the green wall in the background. The natural plant adds another layer to the hue. Light seeping in from the window illuminates the area and brightens up the space. The wooden flooring concludes the look.
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Black Walled Living Room - Living Room Designs

Black Walled Living Room

The Matte black walled living room create a dark, mature vibe, while the light beige wooden floor brings brightness to the otherwise obscure room. The wooden design is amplified by the warm brown couch, bringing a more pleasant feel to the room. The silver cushions and gold planter with dark green indoor plant add to the mature, sophisticated energy of the living room.
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Beautiful Living Room with a Clean Finish - Living Room Designs

Beautiful Living Room with a Clean Finish

The grey sectional sofa is the focal point of this beautiful living room. It is graced with white cushions and a throw blanket. Embellished with numerous natural plants and a chic centre table, this living room merges beautifully with the kitchen space. Designer LED lights and pendant lights render a sleek finish to the entire area.
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Folding Living Room Mirrors - Living Room Designs

Folding Living Room Mirrors

These folding living room mirrors and the experimental wall mirror create a stunning facade. The metallic centre table with hints of glass adds to this beautiful design. The colour palette of the room is dominated by shades of grey. The light hues make the room even more reflective, adding a futuristic vibe to the overall look.
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