Beige Living Room - India

Beige Living Room

This beige living room stands apart from the display of creative furniture, art objects, and plaid fabrics that brings in the feelings of warmth, cosiness and a sense of tranquillity. Expressive pieces such as a wooden coffee table, mock-up poster, and sculptural and stone objects look stunning in this modern boho living room.

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Modern Open Kitchen Living Room - Living Room Designs

Modern Open Kitchen Living Room

Establishing a modern, Bohemian theme in an open kitchen living room would come to life with the use of a neutral colour palette. Make sure to keep the background of the room in the subtle romances of whites, off-white and beiges. The furniture and the foreground can settle in warmer tones or browns, along with the greens drawing the boundary.
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Pastel Living Room Stand - Living Room Designs

Pastel Living Room Stand

Adding a minimal pastel shade living room stand in a bohemian or modern theme would immediately escalate the interiors of the your room. Playing in subtle undertones or pastels gives you the appeal of using visually lightweight furniture with sleek legs. Incorporating subtle or smart storage would definitely make for an ideal addition to the space.
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Bohemian But Grey Living Room Decor 2021 - Living Room Designs

Bohemian But Grey Living Room Decor 2021

The colour grey in living room decor 2021 spread like any other trend in the world of interior design. Incorporating greys in a bohemian theme is as intriguing as it sounds. With furniture accessories in beige and white and well organised storage space, the grey wall appears accentuated in an interesting way.
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Understated Brown Living Room - Living Room Designs

Understated Brown Living Room

This brown living room has its elements inspired by the understated hues of brown. From the sofa, wooden coffee table, and wall frames to the handwoven ottoman, every little detail of this space oozes beauty and grace. The natural light seeping in from the windows highlights the layout and colours of the room. Antique style accessories ace the look.
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Sectional Living Room with Neutral Colours - Living Room Designs

Sectional Living Room with Neutral Colours

This sectional living room has a large beige coloured sofa, perfect for a family gathering. A colourful wall art creates an eye-catching focal point. The space is adorned with stunning antique accessories and a huge rug, in sync with the room’s neutral palette. A beautiful chandelier and recessed lighting illuminates this regal place.
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White living room interior design - Living Room Designs

White living room interior design

This white living room interior design is an ideal choice for a family. The L-shaped beige sofa in front of the flatscreen creates an ideal household room. The white walls help make the room look spacious and grand. The adjoining open dining space creates a well-organised living room interior design.
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Subtle Side Tables for Living Room - Living Room Designs

Subtle Side Tables for Living Room

Side tables for the living room are as necessary as a sofa. A modern and organised space like this one will look great with a simple four-legged table of your choice that is classic and versatile in nature. Wooden side tables with marble tops are the best option for any living room space, they set well with any interior design.
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Sunken Living Room - Living Room Designs

Sunken Living Room

A sunken living room is a new way to upgrade your modern living space. It also promotes open space and makes it even more inviting. A sunken living room balances the cosiness of a kitchen and dining room beautifully. It is ideal for new parents, that will keep their children inside the pool of cushions and safe from the sharp edges.
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Opulent Living Room Fireplace - Living Room Designs

Opulent Living Room Fireplace

The addition of a fireplace immediately dramatises the entire plan of a living room. A living room fireplace must be designed meticulously and placed with precautions. Going for a raw fireplace structure should be the way to proceed. Make sure that the planning of the living room compliments the zoning of the fireplace.
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Contrasting Grey and Yellow Living Room - Living Room Designs

Contrasting Grey and Yellow Living Room

Although the room embraces the contrasting theme of grey and yellow, the focus on providing extensive carpet area adds more visual character to the room. The grey and yellow living room can be seen being summed up with the use of a globe lamp and pampas grass. The yellow throw adds that final touch of vibrancy to the interior story.
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Luxurious Living Room Bar - Living Room Designs

Luxurious Living Room Bar

A bar is a place where you would find luxury amalgamated with a sense of zen. Using a colour scheme in black and beiges along with some warm lighting would elaborate your living room bar area. However, the design of a space like so is completely subjective, but incorporating the element of luxury is a given.
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