Beautiful Living Room - India

Beautiful Living Room

White colour is pristine, elegant and timeless. This beautiful living room basking in the sunlight brings the charm of the outdoor to the inside. Additionally, the layers of greenery paired with the touch of pink create an alluring space.

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Bright Small Space Living Room - Living Room Designs

Bright Small Space Living Room

This design layout demonstrates why the colour choice has such a large impact on a small room. The pop of colour in blue adds brightness to the neutral walls and draws attention. This small space living room seems bigger as the natural light streams through the windows. The neutral rugs make a room look light and spacious, regardless of the size.
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Simple Studio Type Living Room - Living Room Designs

Simple Studio Type Living Room

This minimalistic studio type living room features decor with all elements perfectly incorporated. The plain white walls, grey couch, a simple white TV unit and an elegant pendant light make an ideal style statement in this living space. A dark abstract wall painting acts as an eye-catching feature in this room.
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Elegant Modern Living Room - Living Room Designs

Elegant Modern Living Room

Simple yet elegant, this modern living room displays a wonderful combination of colours. The subtle grey walls and sofa perfectly complement the white flooring and the sleek pendant lights. A centre table with a white top and wooden legs adds an ideal contrast. The inclusion of fresh plants and an orange blanket with cushions infuses a splash of colour in this neutral colour theme.
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Understated Brown Living Room - Living Room Designs

Understated Brown Living Room

This brown living room has its elements inspired by the understated hues of brown. From the sofa, wooden coffee table, and wall frames to the handwoven ottoman, every little detail of this space oozes beauty and grace. The natural light seeping in from the windows highlights the layout and colours of the room. Antique style accessories ace the look.
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Sectional Living Room with Neutral Colours - Living Room Designs

Sectional Living Room with Neutral Colours

This sectional living room has a large beige coloured sofa, perfect for a family gathering. A colourful wall art creates an eye-catching focal point. The space is adorned with stunning antique accessories and a huge rug, in sync with the room’s neutral palette. A beautiful chandelier and recessed lighting illuminates this regal place.
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Sunny Living Room Furniture - Living Room Designs

Sunny Living Room Furniture

This sunny living room furniture is not only attractive but also very functional. The grey couch, timber cocktail table, and console table add up to the cosy feel of this space. Keeping the walls and flooring simple allows the decor to speak for itself. The perfectly sunlit space’s beauty is sweetened by the yellow pop of colour elements added to the interior.
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Stylish Modern Living Room - Living Room Designs

Stylish Modern Living Room

This stylish modern living room decor creates an aesthetically pleasing interior that is a great way to amp up any space. The cream couch is an excellent option for achieving a simple yet elegant look. Pair it with some wooden log stools, a cane end stool and a macrame lampshade to complete this bohemian layout.
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Flawless Living Room Decor - Living Room Designs

Flawless Living Room Decor

The serene beauty of this flawless living room decor will make anyone fall in love with it. The different shades of grey create a perfect accent wall creating a layout for yours to glance upon. The set of orange armchairs in contrast with the ivory couch and two modern paintings complete the look of this cosy layout.
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White living room interior design - Living Room Designs

White living room interior design

This white living room interior design is an ideal choice for a family. The L-shaped beige sofa in front of the flatscreen creates an ideal household room. The white walls help make the room look spacious and grand. The adjoining open dining space creates a well-organised living room interior design.
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Wooden end tables for living room - Living Room Designs

Wooden end tables for living room

This is a prime example of the perfect Bohemian decor. Choose pearly white furniture to go with your wooden end tables for the living room, along with some beautiful plants to add a texture of greenery to your interior. The framed window makes the room look capacious.
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Extravagant Living Room Lounge - Living Room Designs

Extravagant Living Room Lounge

This living room lounge is a dream come true for any homeowner, the space speaks grandeur and luxury. A clever way to create a spacious interior is by inserting wall-size windows that will also allow ample sunlight inside your home, making it brighter and bigger. Create a monochrome design, Add precious metals, reflective surfaces and some silk textiles to the furniture to achieve a luxe interior.
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Wooden Ceiling Design for Living Room - Living Room Designs

Wooden Ceiling Design for Living Room

This ceiling design for living room is a modern rendition of the traditional wooden ceilings. Simple yet sleek, this space exudes opulence. The natural wooden coloured ceiling blends flawlessly with the white wall and light grey sofa set. The spacious living room is made to appear even larger with the help of large windows which give a peek of nature.
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