Simple Rustic Balcony Design with Wicker Furniture - India

Simple Rustic Balcony Design with Wicker Furniture

Soft and subtle, this simple rustic balcony design with wicker furniture is the perfect place to read your favourite book under the sun. The dark green plant wall and the soft muted yellow wall contrast with each other creating a multitextured space. The wicker furniture brings a rustic and traditional feel to the space making it welcoming. The foldable chairs with blue seats add a pop of colour to the balcony.

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Modern Balcony Design

Narrow and long, this modern balcony design makes for a nice place to sit and have afternoon tea. The light beige wall makes the space cosy and soft. The rattan furniture introduces a natural touch making the balcony lively and inviting. The plant adds some greenery and colour, and the steel rails bring an industrial feel giving a great view of the city.
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Contemporary Balcony Design

Spacious and open, this outer space with tall walls and minimalist decor makes for a chic contemporary balcony design. The wooden floors introduce a warm essence into the area making it friendly and cosy. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows make the balcony extravagant and grand. The plants infuse life into the balcony creating a cosy atmosphere. The lounge chairs are a great place to chat and chill.
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Spacious Balcony Design

Outdoorsy and charming, this spacious balcony design is the place to be during the winter to soak in all sunlight and sunbathe. The wooden swing makes for a spacious and comfortable seating spot. The rattan sofa adds a casual tone to the balcony making it inviting. The fruits on the table add a fun element to the space making it vibrant and colourful.
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Elegant Scandinavian Balcony Design

This elegant Scandinavian balcony design infuses a calm and relaxing atmosphere with its pastel blue wall and white fence. The pool life ring on the wall complements the balcony’s exterior colour palette. The lounge chairs with the coffee table can be your go to place to chill and feel the sea breeze. The wooden floors add warmth and a homey vibe to the balcony.
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Simple Modern Balcony Design with Rustic Chairs and Tables

This simple modern balcony design with rustic chairs and tables reminds you of a place far away from modern cities and towns where life is simple. The cane chairs with blue cushions and glass top table add an element of simplicity and elegance to the balcony. The grey and black floors introduce an industrial touch adding texture and character. The swing adds a friendly and casual feel to the balcony space.
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Cosy Balcony Design with Rugs

Sunny and warm, this cosy balcony design with rugs is an ideal place to spend your evenings just pondering about life. The bamboo thatched walls add a simple nature touch to the space making it casual and friendly. The duotone carpet introduces some dimensions and textures to the balcony. The white stringed lights infuse a fun element giving the balcony a whimsical feel.
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Elegant Balcony Design

This space surrounded by plants and cosy furniture is an elegant balcony design. The black and white wall creates a clean and dynamic look making the space serene and calm. The L shaped sectional sofa is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the view. The plants add a natural element to the balcony making it casual and homey.
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Cosy Balcony Design

This neutral tone outer space with multiple seating areas is a cosy balcony design. The flexible louvred roof allows you to enjoy the sunshine and is rainproof when closed. The pine tree adds a coastal vibe to the space bringing some greenery. The black beams infuse an industrial aesthetic into the space making it bold and dynamic.
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This frontal view of a traditional balcony design transports you to a place of peace and serenity. The tan brown exterior gives the balcony a vintage look. The hanging plants and flowers add a cottage aesthetic to the whole look. The antique outdoor lights bring an essence of old worldly charm. The white exposed wall tie in the whole appearance of the space.
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Minimalist Balcony Design

Clean and sleek, this minimalist balcony design is an ideal outdoor space to relax and chill. The white wall and ceiling with the glass details add a contemporary touch to the space. The black armchair with cushions on it adds depth and contrast to the balcony. The glass reflects light making it bigger and larger. The green plants bring some life and colour to the balcony.
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Bohemian Balcony Design

This bohemian balcony design has an eclectic mix of traditional and rustic designs with a casual tone. The thatched bamboo wall adds warmth to the place making it noble and welcoming. The bamboo chair and glass table are simple and comfortable. The sectional sofa lightens up the balcony giving a comfortable and snuggly feeling.
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