Wonderful Kitchen Cabinet Ideas in 2021

Published On: Sep 21, 2021

The best food is the food that has been cooked with love. But how can you infuse love into what you are creating, when you don’t like the place you are creating it in? Out of all the appliances, the kitchen cabinets and kitchen paint colours are what make or break your kitchen. We’re talking both aesthetically and functionally. Your kitchen should also reflect your personality and vibe. Whether you are into something traditional or modern, boho or quaint; whether you like pastels or gothic colours, block colours or prints; whether your kitchen is more about aesthetics or about functionality, we got you. We bring to you 40+ ideas you could implement in your kitchen cabinet to create a cooking space that you truly love and resonate with. 

  • Metallic Cabinets

Install metallic shelves and cupboards over every bare inch of your kitchen wall,  like above the refrigerator for instance. If done in a standard kitchen colour, your cabinets won’t look cluttered at all but you'll have all the extra space you need, while still managing to get that gorgeous metallic finish you will absolutely adore. But an absolute essential to keep in your kitchen is a step stool, which you will inevitably need multiple times a day. 

  • Grate Patterned Cabinets

Cabinets with silver grates instead of see-through glass doors are the way to go if you can’t be bothered to align all your containers on the shelves in a pretty way. With metal grate cabinets, people can’t peek inside your shelves, so you don’t have to worry about the contents of your shelf being colour coordinated or arranged size-wise. 

  • Blue Island Cabinets

This is a great kitchen colour combination for those with an open kitchen. Build blue cabinets into the island so as to keep your walls clear of any shelves or cupboards. You can use the space instead for growing a vertical kitchen garden or you can simply decorate it with art. Any island donning these colours simply change the whole outlook. The ombre high stools complement the island.

  • Skirted Cabinets

If you have open cabinets and can’t afford a makeover right now, here is how you can turn around the way they look. Add in a rod and attach a curtain over the shelves in the best kitchen colour. Skirted cabinets can even be very easily re-done every once in a while to keep things fresh. The ease of changing them is for you minimalists. The kitchen comes alive with the addition of the checked tiles

  • Soft Pastel Cabinets

If you don’t like the loud ways you can always opt for a soft colour like baby blue, blush pink or pistachio green on your cupboards. They are neutral but at the same time inject some personality into space. They keep things basic and make work in the kitchen an enjoyable process.

  • Wine Red Cabinets

If you have a kitchen that flows into your dining area or living space, use the same paint colours in your kitchen as you have for the rest of the room. This way, your kitchen maintains consistency and won't look like a fish out of water. The soft wooden finish along with the cosy chairs gives it a very rustic feel.

  • Clear White Display Cabinets

If you have beautiful kitchenware and cutlery you want to show off, display cabinets with glass doors are the way to go. The glass also gives the illusion of a bigger kitchen. It is the best way to cover up a blank wall if you don't know what to do with it. With these cabinets, one can redefine extravaganza.

  • Cream Colour Cabinets

If you have a really fancy chimney on display, you may want to forego the clutter on your upper wall so as to not steal focus from your luxurious hood. You may just insert some beige or cream cabinets on the lower wall just below the kitchen platform. Do up the walls in a rich brown or red.

  • Glossy Cabinets

If you are an unabashed maximalist, you will love this one. Go glossy all the way with marbles, tiles and metallic kitchen paint colours. Choose a colour that corresponds to your kitchen island or chimney or go contrast. Redo the floor with some luxurious tiles and paint the cabinets with some metallic paint for that glamorous finish. 

  • Corner Cabinet 

Dedicate one corner of your kitchen to cabinets. Use the adjacent wall for some plants or decorate it with some warming lamps. This way, you will have a nice L shaped cabinet and you can make sure that your entire kitchen is not cluttered with cabinets either. 

  • Whitewashed Cabinets

You could opt for a soft ash grey colour to serve as a nice balance between white and black to go for a whitewashed look.  Grey also compliments all your stainless steel kitchenware and appliances beautifully. You could also just whitewash your existing wooden cabinets in an ash wood colour. 

  • Painted Cool Cabinets

If you want to experiment with bold colours but don’t want to go all the way, painting the inside of your cabinets is a brilliant way to do so. It's one of the best kitchen painting ideas of 2021. Choose an accent piece in your kitchen like the kitchen island, carpet or chimney and choose a completely different colour to do your cabinets in. A few examples are teal and fuchsia, blue and orange, white and red etc. 

  • Stylish Metallic cabinets

Introducing some metallic colours on your kitchen cabinets can really make it pop. Opt for a nice gold or silver finish so that it looks rich and sophisticated. Make sure to use more grounded items to do the rest of your kitchen -  like a white wall, jute carpet and some potted plants so as to not come off as tacky. 

  • Small Cabinets Decor

If your kitchen is a little on the smaller side you could opt for corner cabinets. Customize your kitchen in such a way that your cabinets fit in one corner of the space.  This could come in handy when you're looking for something in a hurry as all your items are localised in one corner.

  • Open Storage Cabinets

If you do not live in a heavily concentrated urban area, where there’s always dust you could shed the doors and go all out. This way, you can always grab anything you need quickly and can also keep in display all your cutlery and heirloom ornaments. 

  • Formal Feel

If you are looking to design a kitchen in a more formal setting like an office or a co-working space, go sleek and slender. You could opt for slim and sensible shelves that also compliment the colour scheme of the attached dining area. 

  • Lacquer Cabinets

This one is for those who like to be fancy both on the inside and outside. Get your cupboards all lacquered up in a glossy and dramatic kitchen colour like a Prussian blue or a wine red. Add some black and white geometric tiles to elevate the glam and the drama. 

  • Light and Dark Combo

If you have an open kitchen that’s bright and airy you might want to complement it with a neutral beige or brown on your upper cabinets. But what works best with this style is doing up your lower cabinets and your kitchen island in a darker shade like brown or jet black.

  • Mixed Decor

If you like to be slightly disorganized and different from the crowd, you could use a unique material or even opt for two separate materials to do up your cabinets in. You can bring in a grounded earthy tone onto your floor to balance the pop. 

  • Groovy Cabinets

To make your kitchen sophisticated and elegant, opt for some smart grooved doors for your cabinets in a bold colour. Grooved cabinets give you a nice texture and of course, doesn’t compromise on the aesthetics. 

  • Wood Brown Cabinets

If you want to have a rustic and vintage charm to your kitchen just add some weathered wood cabinets and beams. Add in some succulents and indoor plants to keep the rustic vibe going. 

  • Colourful Cabinets

If you want to add some pop and pizazz into your kitchen go bold and paint multiple colours into your kitchen cupboards. Just make sure to build all the colours into a pleasing kitchen colour combination

  • Tall Standalone Cabinets

Use a unifying colour combination and invest in a large cabinet that holds good on its own like a large cupboard. Store all your kitchenware in this cupboard and free up the remaining space in your kitchen.

  • Accessorized Stylish Cabinets

If you want to jazz up the whole look and kitchen cupboards of your cooking space on a budget, here's an idea. Just dress up the knobs and swap them out for bigger and glossier ones instead of working on the whole train of cabinets. 

  • Earthy Look Cabinets

Keep it simple and bring in a comforting earthy vibe into your kitchen by doing your cabinets in solid wood. This is a neutral theme and is something that everyone would love. If you want a more formal set up, just replace the handles with leather ones.

  • Red and Green Combo Look

Are you a fan of Modern Art? Go all out and do up your kitchen wall paintings with some modern green and red hues. It infuses a unique, different and modern edge into your space. 

  • Pristine White Cabinets 

Renovate to impress by infusing some glamorous white kitchen paint colours. To brighten up a modern kitchen, all you have to add is some sheen. The gloss over the kitchen cabinets can bounce off the natural light into the rest of the room. 

  • Green Shine

If you’re a fan of vintage and Victorian styles, you could give your cabinets a nice distressed wash with popular colours like green or blue. You could also do this to sober down a really bright colour.  Make the handles all black and your kitchen will be good to go!

  • Baby Blue Look

If you like all your stuff to be uniform and matching, well make it matching in baby blue! To make your modern kitchen more quaint and sophisticated, match all your cabinets to the kitchen island and the lamps. It is a safe and neutral option. 

  • Black Campaign Decor 

You could go loud and do up your Island cabinets campaign style with cabinets and shelves. You could fill up the cabinets with your kitchenware and appliances while you store your books, ornaments and succulents on the open shelves. It’ll look really different from the regular kitchen. This will give your kitchen a cosy, homelike feeling. 

  • Strong Oak Decor 

For a look that’s part formal and part farmhouse, you could choose wire-brushed Oak cabinets. They give a rustic and woody vibe to your kitchen.

  • Striking Brown Look 

Opt for a soft and cool toned colour to give your cooking space a Belgian makeover. This could be the kitchen paint for you if you like a rustic, traditional and farmhouse-like feel in your kitchen.

  • Rose Gold Hardware 

This soft-toned pretty colour is a new favourite for kitchen paint colours.  Do up your kitchen in this rosier version of brass to bring in a sophisticated and elegant vibe. 

  • Opaque Cabinet Doors 

We know that glass doors offer a sort of elegance to your kitchen but at the same time, they don’t really conceal what’s behind those doors. Well, you can get the best of both worlds by installing opaque, cloudy glass on your cabinets. You get the glass you want while saving some privacy for the contents in the cabinets. 

  • Red and blue Combination 

Get some French country inspiration for new kitchen room colours. Cool colours like grey and blue are pleasing to the eye and extremely complementary. Try to do up your Island and cabinets in colours like red. Add some brightly coloured kitchenware to bring in a pop of colour into your kitchen cabinets.

  • Glossy Black Cabinets

You can never go wrong with black. Do your ebony kitchen cabinets with just a slight gloss to achieve a rich and sophisticated look into your kitchen furniture. This works great especially if you have plenty of natural light in your kitchen. 

  • Coral Colour Cabinets

Do you wish you could live at your beach house all the time? You could do up your in a similar beachy fashion. Use some light kitchen colours preferably blue or green on your cabinets along with an Oakwood floor to infuse light and airy vibe to your kitchen. 

  • Cream and Peach Cabinets

Bring in a clean and no-nonsense look into your kitchen by making over your cabinetry. Go for a creamy colour like white, beige, ochre or peach. Make sure to use stainless steel for your kitchen appliances and kitchenware to keep up the neat and fresh vibe. It's a great colour combination. 

  • Unique Pine Cabinets

This washed out and unique look works for anything from a rustic setting to a formal space. Use stainless appliances to complement the grey undertones of the cabinets. 

  • Deep Blue Cabinets

Choose a dramatic colour such as deep blue or Prussian blue for your bar area. It’s a cool and passionate colour but at the same time, it will not overshadow your kitchen wall colours.

  • Wood Finish Cabinets

Reclaimed wood is always in the now. We will never truly get tired of it. It is the perfect option for a beachy or country kitchen. 

  • Bright Orange Cabinets

Even though orange seems like too bold of paint to use in your kitchen, it can be really chic especially if you use patterned tiles and black kitchenware with the dramatic cabinets.

It is suggested that you give your kitchen room a makeover every ten or fifteen years because that is how long it takes for the kitchen colours to wear off and the trends to become obsolete. If you are planning to sell your house in the near future it is always a good idea to redo the kitchen along with the rest of the house. It can increase your home value. To makeover your home you could simply change the cabinet colours, upgrade the hardware on your cabinets, change the flooring, wall paints and replace your kitchenware. You could use any of the ideas we have presented or you could mix up two or three looks to come up with something entirely new! 

Let's look at some Frequently asked questions to gain a deeper insight into kitchen paint colours and cabinet colours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What is the most popular colour for a kitchen in recent days?

White, ivory, cream, red and grey are some popular kitchen colours. However, it is more important to know how to use these colours.

Q2. What are the best paint colours for a kitchen that is in trend now?

There are various shades of white and grey to choose from to paint your kitchen walls and cabinets in. You could also opt for dark colours if they please you.

Q3. What are kitchen colours for 2021?

Popular colours for 2021 are wood washed tones, sea green, blue and black.

Q4. What are modern kitchen colours that are popular now?

Some colours to use in a modern kitchen are white, coral, fuchsia, cream, leather and red.