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15 Cool Storage Under Stairs Design Ideas for Your Home

Published On: Feb 10, 2024

An efficiently planned under-stair design can transform the trickiest nook of your house into a functional and visually aesthetic spot. From multifunctional storage cabinets to petite lounging spots, you can opt for an under-stair design that best suits your home's layout.

If you are looking for some inspiration about maximising your storage options and floor space, here is a handpicked list of the top 15 best under-stairs design ideas for you to explore.

Set Up a Reading Nook with Built-in Bookshelves

Built in Bookshelves - Under Stairs Ideas In Living Room

Make the most of the space under your staircase by stacking up your prized collection of books in a snug and comfortable reading nook with built-in bookshelves, a sleek upholstered sofa, and cushions. The bookshelves are an effective space-saving design but accentuate the overall beauty of the sleek wooden stairs.

You need to ensure this space is well-lit to enable hassle-free reading. If the reading nook does not have access to ample natural light, you can attach built-in lights or sconces that do not take up any additional floor space.

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Build a Minimal and Chic Vanity Unit

Chic Vanity Unit - Under The Stairs Design Ideas

A vanity unit combines style and functionality to provide extra room in tight spaces. It is an excellent choice for houses without additional floor space for a guest bathroom.

Design a contemporary vanity unit tucked under the stairs featuring a timeless sink and bespoke mirror. You can choose a bright and clean colour scheme to avoid the tiny corner looking cluttered.

Opt for a Luxe Bar Stashed Under the Stairs

Luxury Bar - How To Use Space Under Stairs

While large cellars embody extravagancy, they take up a large area of your house. You can rather opt for a luxe bar under the staircase design that optimises the space to store and showcase your exquisite wine collection.

All you require is a sturdy countertop for preparing your drink, open cabinet shelves for storing the bottles, and a mini refrigerator. Brownie points to well-edited bar chairs and opulent lighting fixtures to enhance the ambience.

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Incorporate a Well-Designed Closet

Well Designed Closet - Staircase Under Design

It’s time for more room if your closets feel crowded and messy. You can transform the vacant space beneath the stairs into a closet, even though it has a lot of corners and angles. Divide the open wardrobe space by arranging some things high on the rack and others'like off-season clothing'into the closet’s lowest shelves.

Construct a Personalised Home Office

Home Office - Under Stair Design Ideas

Give the awkward space under your stairs a complete makeover. Build a highly functional, chic, and modern home office furnished with a comfortable large desk with in-built cabinets, a trestle chair, and open shelving.

It’s convenient to store necessities like files, documents, and office equipment on a desk with built-in cabinets. If your workstation lacks space for cabinets, don’t panic; you can build wall-mounted shelves above the desk. To add more character to the nook, personalise the space with opulent table lamps, elegant photo frames, and succulents of your choice.


Create an Adorable Play Area for Kids

Kids Play Zone - Under Staircase Design

An under-the-stairs play zone is an ideal choice if you want your kids to have a magical space all to themselves! This alcove design under stairs can not only turn into the perfect retreat, but it also gives your children a creative and imaginative environment right in your house.

You can design chic, wall-mounted open shelves with playful patterns under the stairs to showcase a wide range of games, toys and puzzles your kids own. Opt for a vibrant colour scheme and bright lighting for a lively mood.

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Stow a Stylish Dog Crate

Stylish Dog Crate - Design Under Stairs

Get innovative by choosing the best spot in the house for stowing your dog crate. Yes, it is right under your staircase! Make sure the crate size is appropriate to fit in the understair available space.

This ensures a safe and secure spot for your pet while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the floor space. Customise the dimensions of the crate tailored specifically for your pet’s breed. Add petite storage cabinets for toys and treats.

Set Up a Laundry Zone

Laundry Zone - Below Staircase Design

You can refrain from making your washing machine appear out of place in an otherwise well-organised floor space. The empty nook under your staircase is just the perfect spot to get to use!

An understair laundry can be open or hidden depending on your preference. However, an open laundry area with a washing machine and dryer placed under the staircase makes the nook highly functional. Additional cabinets provide ample options for storing clothes and other types of equipment required for washing.

Introduce Space-Savy Drawers and Cabinets

Space-Savy Drawers and Cabinets - Under Stair Design

Installing under-stairs storage drawers is a simple task that can yield ample room for organising a variety of items. Purchasing storage bins or drawer dividers will help you substantially boost the amount of space under your stairs for storage.

Additionally, sliding drawers are a compact way to store unattractive goods. This ensures small homes which lack enough space for closets look clutter-free. You can also store hand towels, washcloths, linen and guest towels so you don't have to compromise any of your bedroom or bathroom wardrobe space.

Build a Mudroom with Cubbies for Shoe Storage

Build a Shoe storage - Decorating Ideas For Under Stairs

Shoes lying in the entryway or living room make the space look unpleasant. The space under your staircase comes in handy when designing a mudroom with built-in cubbies for organised shoe storage.

You can opt for both hidden and open shelves at your convenience. However, open shelves account for an exotic display of your unique shoe collection.

Curate a Cosy Lounging Spot

Plush Sofa - Under Stairs Design Ideas

Place a plushy sofa below the staircase and add multiple cushions to provide a relaxing spot. You can curl up in this cosy hygge reading your favourite book or sipping your early morning coffee. Add brass planters with succulents and opulent lighting to ensure a serene ambience.

Extend Your Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry - Decoration Under Stairs

You can use the space below your stairs to store additional food items and equipment in your extended kitchen pantry. This under-staircase design enables you to make your dining area or kitchen more spacious and comfortable.

From additional upper and lower floating shelves for stashing up spices to bottles and extra counter space for using appliances, there are so many creative ways to customise your pantry area. However, make sure that the staircase is close to your main kitchen area to avoid unwanted hustle.

Showcase Your Artefacts - Under Stair Decoration

Once you unveil the area under your stairs, you’ll have more space to showcase some of your favourite artefacts that would otherwise be collecting dust in a box.

This under-stair decoration provides a space to enjoy your most cherished possessions and collection, whether you choose to incorporate handmade portraits or stunning memorabilia from your travel expeditions. You can deck up well-edited tables or adorn the wall in a visually appealing colour palette.
Add some canister lights as an extra design element to lend your work of art an opportunity to shine out.

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Build a Phone Booth and Charging Station

Phone Booth and Charging Station - Under Stairs Decor Ideas

Do you require a separate place in your house to attend phone calls without any distractions? Transform the area under the stairs into a private phone booth for audio calls or video conferences.
This area can also be utilised as your dedicated charging station for mobile devices, smartwatches, and other electronic gadgets. Bring in a dynamic work table and opt for bright lighting to uplift your work mode.

Customise the Space for a Mini Home Gym

Mini Home Gym - Staircase Below Design

Convert the space beneath the stairs into a personal exercise area. Designate appropriate lighting for an inspiring workout ambience. Set up racks on the wall to hold yoga mats, resistance strips, and weights. You can place a treadmill and a fitness bike depending on the availability of floor space.

Get Creative to Upscale the Trickiest Nook of Your Abode!

Storage is frequently essential to a beautiful home as it helps to reduce clutter, maximise organisation, and improve aesthetics. A survey of 1,001 homeowners revealed that 67% of respondents listed an absence of storage as one of their top five home inconveniences.

Implementing these highly functional and effective under-stairs design ideas is a great way to solve storage issues and maximise floor space. However, you need to consider your staircase size and house layout to opt for the most suitable design under stairs.

Looking for more effective under-the-stair design ideas for your dream abode? Get in touch with the experts at Square Yards for complete floor planning and execution tips.

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    How to use space under stairs?

    Some of the decorating ideas for under stairs that also solve your storage issues are building cabinets, shelves, racks, drawers and closets.

    What are the under-stairs decor ideas to avoid?

    You should refrain from designing an aquarium or fountain in the space beneath the stairs as they are unsafe for children.

    How to lend a minimalist look to your under-the-stairs design ideas?

    Embrace simplicity to build an elegant storage unit that complements your hall and entryway flawlessly. Here are a few tips for a minimal look:

    • Choosing neutral colour schemes: To keep things looking tidy and uncluttered, go with hues like white, grey, or beige.
    • Including concealed hinges: When it comes to creating an appealing layout, hidden hardware elements make all the difference. 
    Is it feasible to remove the wall under the stairs to make more room?

    This wall is probably made of plasterboard and is not structurally significant. It shouldn’t be too hard to remove unless you have to move any metres or fuse boxes.

    Can I install a toilet under the stairs?

    If the right structural work is done, adequate ventilation is provided, and the fixtures have smaller-than-average dimensions, you can efficiently install a toilet beneath the stairs in your house.