List of Best Office Plants for a Greener Workstation

Published On: Sep 29, 2021

Long working and exhausting hours of the day need an ample amount of soothing ambiance for better mental and personnel wellbeing. In this case not only keeping the surrounding aesthetic becomes important but adding a little bit of green color on the desk might help one improve concentration and feel rejuvenated. Office plants are not only psychological but have a scientific explanation to them. These beautiful indoor desk plants release oxygen, remove toxins, and help in the purification of the air. Many small plants for office desks can be set up on the desk with minimal foliage, fulfilling multiple purposes at the same time. These days where life is confined indoors mostly, people need better air quality and a soothing environment around themselves. Let’s browse some of the best indoor desk plant ideas for more productive workstations:

Indoor Office Plants

 As happy and lively it looks when you notice a dash of green around yourself the proper care is also that much mandatory to keep thriving for those beauties. And when it comes to indoor plants, maintenance becomes one of the most basic requirements. Preferably such office table plants require less light and water. Hence, maintaining them in a busy environment like an office sounds more practical and sustainable. Some of the best office desk plants are mentioned below: 

  1. Snake plant
  2. ZZ plant
  3. Peace Lily
  4. Modern Bamboo
  5. Peacock Plant

All the above-listed plants not only help in cleaning and purifying the air around but helps in mood upliftment while you are drained with work pressures. Without much intense care, these decorative office plants add a touch of lively and vibrant aesthetic value to your workplace. Also, scientifically it is advisable to look towards greenery to relax your eyes as it keeps them healthy and prevents complications.

Types of Office Plants

One can find several types of office plants depending upon the desirability as some prefer flowerings ones while others opt for the leafy office plants, but the below-mentioned ones are the best indoor office plants or desk plants that can be set up on office desks and workspaces accordingly. Some of the primary properties of these best office plants are benefitting the air quality apart from fulfilling just the purpose of aesthetics. There are some other specific qualities of such best office plants that are considered significantly while choosing office plants. But then generally, all sorts of indoor plants require minimal maintenance, which includes keeping them in low/medium sunlight along with watering them once in 2-3 weeks.  

Some Small Plants For Office Desks In India

Space crunch is one of the biggest issues when it comes to incorporate a few kinds of stuff around your workstation, but this doesn’t mean one has to comprise in terms of some soothing greenery. Therefore, some examples of these lively and mini desk plants for office desks are popular these days in India which are mentioned below for your reference:

1. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

The plant also goes by the name, Sansevieria/ Bowstring Hemp/ Snake Tongue/ or Devil’s Tongue. Easy to grow and low maintenance plant with the texture of the leaves embodies dark lines with often featuring yellow borders- hence resembling snake-like skin varying in 6 to 8inches in height. Apart from the texture of the leaves, this plant also helps in the purification of the air, which can be an added benefit. The plant doesn’t require much care, except for watering once in 2-3 weeks during summer, and can stretch to approx. two months in the cold breezy months with positioning can range from moderate/low light.

2. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

This office desk plant is also called or addressed as Zamioculcas and is dense in foliage. Apart from the leaves being waxy in texture, the plant also helps in mood enhancement. This indoor office plant flourishes well in low light conditions, and watering can be done once every 2-3 weeks. Hence if installed in a location with a high amount of sunlight, the leaves might coil up and turn yellow.

3. Modern Bamboo

Modren Bamboo

This indoor plant for office desk is considered to be a good feng shui plant and is quite a hit these days among everyone. As Feng Shui is all about good energy and positive vibes the category of plants comes under it imparts warm energy, peace, harmony, success, good health, and good luck. This indoor office plant also becomes an ideal decor for the decorative office desk, not only because of its characteristics of modern aesthetics but also because of its green appeal with the fact that it can be displayed and kept in a container. This makes it more propelling, as compared to other indoor office table plants. The maintenance of such lucky plants for the office not only requires watering the soil, when it feels dry but should excess watering, which might result in root rotting.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

This is one of those plants that require less maintenance and helps infiltration of indoor air, increases humidity ultimately leading to breathing you better. Adding these will not only benefit the better sleep but would also add to the attractive decor around the indoor office desk. With one of the most classy and gorgeous plants to place for decorative office plants, it has the pristine, white-colored flowers that it comes with. Peace lilies can be one of the smallest plants to be used in the office premises for a stunning makeover of your office desk with being the best office flowers. The average growth rate can be 24” in height, while others might reach 40”. The fact of them being natural air purifiers, they cater to overall well-being, healthy sleep, peace, prosperity, and a dash of beautiful ambiance. This is among the best office plants which can be gifted to someone who just needs a gesture of sympathy or has suffered any personnel loss. This indoor office plant often tends to shed its leaves, especially during the summer season.

5. Peacock Plant

Peacock Plant 

This unique green and purplish-colored indoor plant grow in low and medium sunlight, hence would be best to install somewhere close to the office desk with no windows or light. Too much light exposure can make the plant appear dull and pale hindering the interiors. The peacock plants (Calathea Makoyana) act helps to remove chemical vapors from the air while contributing respiration healthy, hence can be healthy to put up on an office desk. The facet of it is flourishing in variant colors including pale green, brighter green, and a darker green, along with the texture and the delicate leaves that it grows, resembling the feathers just like of a beautiful peacock, hence justifying the name. 

Lucky Plants For Office Desk 

We can all be honest here and agree to the fact that prosperity and growth are an eminent part when it comes to a desirable growth-centered working life. And we all try to attract those happy, vibrant and positive energy by every means that is possible. Incorporating lucky plants for the office is thus a vital aspect that not only attracts warm energies but adds a soothing ambiance around your workplace. These plants are not just for the purpose to bring luck instead if we look at it the other way around, it will help one to feel inspired to work. 

Feng Shui plants are considered to be one of the best when it comes to lucky plants and there are a wide variety of plants that are sub-headed under this category. According to office Architecture, Vaastu also plays an important role in the placing of plants around the premises in the right position and direction. The plants listed below are considered to be lucky and prosperous in every aspect and are among the best ones in their respective category.

1. Modern Bamboo

Bamboo staircase

This feng shui plant not only brings prosperity and luck to the surroundings but also acts as an ideal decoration piece on an office desk. With the busy days and line-ups, taking care of a desk plant can be tricky and this is where this indoor plant becomes more apt because of its low maintenance and being able to be installed in a container. The texture and the shape of the plant would also bring a unique sense of aesthetics to your desk. So, get ready to attract all the good luck coming your way and collecting all those inspiring compliments! 

2. Money Plant

Money Plant

The money plant is another plant that brings prosperity, luck, and wealth to one’s life. It radiates a lot of positive energy, especially if kept in the northern or eastern direction of your desk. Keeping the plant on the office desk would help people reflect the same energy, psychologically too leading to overall holistic wellbeing. The full foliage of the money plant also adds up to the interior aesthetic of the furniture makes it a focal point and who doesn’t like a little color around them? 

List of Colorful Office Plants in India 

Adding a little natural color around the desk would not only add to the overall appeal but would cater to the element of leisure giving it an opulent theme. With colorful office plants like peace lily, peacock plant, African violets, etc. doesn’t need much of your attention. In fact, out of these, African Violets are also not as toxic but anyways should be kept away from children and pets. Some plants might bring some sort of toxicity with them and their surroundings so before getting any plant the proper information should be gathered to avoid any future complications. Since the place of installation is an office workspace, so this is the last thing that we need. These plants might include Coleus, Rex Begonia, and many more too. 

1. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is one of the plants that not only cater to the filtration of indoor air but would also add to the interior of the office. After the flowering stage of the plant, the little white buds and flowers would enlighten the surrounding appearance and would give a nice touch to it. The white flowers against the green glossy leaves make the desk more appealing, exquisite, and gorgeous with one of the most desirable flowers- pot for office.

2. Peacock Plant

Peacock Plant

Adding to the workspace backdrop, are the vivid and colorful leaves of the peacock plant. This plant is another natural air purifier and requires minimal maintenance. It comes in a variety of colors with its leaves being pale, bright, or dark green, and purplish leaves. The leaves are themselves alluring, because of the texture that they come with, representing just like the feathers of a peacock. This one would sure add to the interiors of the office and make one’s office desk look more appealing. Watch your colleagues go by and ask about what plant you have on your desk!

Best Office Indoor Plants for Air Purification 

After the onset of the Covid pandemic that has hit us, air purification and pure inhalation are some of the key points that are being looked after. Indoor plants that can cater to the same are not only beneficial but are also one of the prime requirements. Best indoor plants that can clean the air do not require much maintenance. Most of them require low/minimum sunlight and watering every 2-3 weeks. These plants are mostly sustainable and cater to everyone’s basic needs such as good health, positivity, and a hint of beautiful ambiance to surround. The green foliage of the plant adds up to the charm of the surroundings. 

Indoor plants and their characteristics would align more closely with an office without windows. Some of the best indoor plants catering to the same are:

  1. Snake Plant
  2. ZZ plant
  3. Peace Lily
  4. Peacock Plants

Some Other Examples of Plants That Help In Air Purification, But Might Be Tricky To Install In An Office Are:

  1. Aloe Vera 
  2. Indian Basil
  3. Spider Plant
  4. Areca palm
  5. Aloe Vera
  6. Syngonium plant
  7. Dracaenas 
  8. Gerbera Daisy

Taller Plants That Can Grow In An Office Space 

Taller plants in an office space can be placed in exaggerative corners, near the entrance, or maybe on a balcony. With tall plants, the height constraint becomes replaceable, but the factor of maintenance remains intact. In an office space, we can go for plants that can give enough foliage to compliment the interiors of the space but are sustainable enough to handle some sort of negligence.

Some tall plants based on aligning that not only satisfy the above but would add up to the air purification factor are:

1. Dracaenas


This air purifying plant not only removes toxins but also acts as an amazing interior decor element because of its availability in variant colors and sizes. This plant puts forth the best ornamental and air purification values.  

Dracaena’s plant is also an absorbent of Lead (Pb) metal that causes serious health problems and ultimately leads to chemical-free pure air to breathe. One of the significant factors of this indoor plant is that it also caters to increasing humidity. Like any other indoor plant, this plant doesn’t require much care and excessive watering can lead to the death of the plant. 

2. Areca Palm

Areca Palm

Areca palm is one with the foliage and the one that would lighten up the interiors of any office space. The plant can be dreamy-green all year round with minimal effort and justifies its name by giving that tropical vibe to any space where it sets in. This would also help create an interesting atmosphere in the office and would work great with any sort of furniture around. 

NASA recommends that Areca palm helps in the reduction of toxins and also contributes to the humidity of the air. Ideally, two Areca palms can be provided in an area of 100sqft to increase the oxygen levels inside the house. 

3. Umbrella Tree

Umbrella Tree

Looking for a statement plant inside the workplace as an office tree? An umbrella tree might just be something you are looking for. The green and dense foliage of the plant fills the interiors with a tropical essence. This plant doesn’t require much maintenance and can survive in low/minimum sunlight. The height of the plant can go up to 2m, which again adds up to the appealing appearance of the plant.

4. Corn Plant

Corn Plant

The corn plant is considered to be one of the best plants when it comes to being decorative indoor plants, especially because of the foliage and the texture that it comes with. The plant has this green palm-like outline along with a yellow stripe-like texture. The plant is pretty sustainable and can thrive on minimal maintenance like low sunlight and watering once in a while.

5. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm

As they call it the best indoor palms out there, this particular indoor plant can be a very smart addition to the interiors of an office area, not just because of the functional benefits that it adds including air purification, and so as scientifically recommended by NASA for the same. The foliage and the physical aspects of the plant are just the cherries on the cake!

List of Modern Office Desk Plants in India 

Nowadays, people are starting to not only pay attention to the functionality of an element but also the appearance and appeal of the same. The element that sits on the desk becomes a focal point and would help to accentuate the space. Modern-day interiors focus a lot on minimalistic spaces, green areas, and elements. Hence, using indoor plants like Snake plant, ZZ plant, Peace Lily, Peacock plant, and modern Bamboo would be one of the best options to go ahead with. 

Wall-Hanging Plants For Offices

Wall hanging plants are yet another aspect when it comes to interior decor and styling. Many people nowadays prefer planters on shelves, or additional suction pots along with the window, etc. Indoor plants would not be smart ornamentation to the interiors but would also act as a focal point. Some of them include:

1. Air Plant

Air Plant

Paired with a complimenting accent lighting, the air plant can be used as one of the wall plants. This one doesn’t require soil to survive but just only good air and light ventilation would do the needful.

2. Boston Fern

Boston Fern

These plants are presented in hanging pots and their unique foliage caters to the functional and the physical requirement of interior space.

3. Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant

This plant is another one that fits into the category of hanging office plants for walls. As the name suggests, the shape of the leaves is in the shape of an arrowhead and they eventually grow into a long vine. So, this one does require minimal maintenance including cutting and trimming of leaves. 

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Plants are one of the basic and prominent decor elements and not just that the incorporation of good plants, which help functionally as well also benefits the environment in multiple ways. Placing indoor office plants is not a necessity but would sure be a larger benefit and an added aesthetic but apart from an original plant a vibrant artificial office plant also does its work significantly adding a lively atmosphere around.